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  1. I'm building a site for a client who only has a few products for sale but each product has quite a few options and customizations. What would be the cheapest e-commerce cart you guys could recommend? Here are the requirements: 1. Had to be able to be purchased flat out. No leasing of cart. 2. Has to be able to handle at least 100 products as well as nearly unlimited addons, options, and customizations. 3. Has to be reasonably priced.
  2. I was about to say that your scratch disk might be the problem. I would also like to suggest that something else might be going on. I have a similar computer but with 32 gig of memory rather than 16 gig. I also have a SSD which does speed things up but I still think that the times you were seeing is a big problem. Your computer should not have been taking that long to open a 300 meg file nor should it cause choppiness on your screen.
  3. Does anyone here use Godaddy? I've used them for over five years and have never had any problems with the service although I really hate their backend website. Its horrible and some parts seem to overlap others in the most annoying ways. Godaddy is a little on the expensive side but they have always been reliable in my book.
  4. What type of rig are you running this java app on? I was under the impression that gene expression apps ran way better under something like Fortran rather than such a language as Java. If your running this on a desktop, how many graphics cards do you have in your rig and are you taking advantage of them to speed up processing?
  5. Photoshop is the standard in graphics manipulation programs. I tried GIMP before Photoshop and I liked it. I then downloaded a copy of Photoshop and now I only use GIMP to do minor alterations and when my systems memory is overflowing. I can burn through 32 gig when I am using multiple graphics programs at once and GIMP has a small footprint in my opinion.
  6. I prefer Chromium for that very reason. I'm not fond of Google knowing my every move and I'm even hotter since they took my ability to install third-party extensions away. Three of those extensions are private company IP and cannot be listed on the chrome app store. My company actually made a move backwards and switched back to Firefox because of this policy.
  7. Yes I know it was considered the worst security loophole that Microsoft ever released, but I liked it. Want to know what I liked about it the most? I liked that I could put animated graphics on my desktop and use them as program launchers. There are a couple ways you can do that now on some versions of Windows but none of them work or operate the same as Active Desktop. Anyone have any idea of some software that could duplicate this function in Windows 7?
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