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  1. Ranteers.com

  2. I only ever use godaddy and have had excellent service from them. On top of this they always run some good promotions.
  3. I haven't flipped anything yet but have some I will be. A few friends have flipped some domain names and made some good profit.
  4. $1 hosting stay well away. For that amount of money don't expect anything and to be honest don't put anything critical on it as your asking for trouble.
  5. I would stay away from godaddy hosting they are terrible. Godaddy is good for domain names but anything after that I wouldn't risk. Just my 2 cents.
  6. While they both may seem the same I would of thought that the wordpress hosting will be much higher spec server and will be optimised for wordpress like normal hosting isnt.
  7. And weak passwords ( sometimes )
  8. It isnt good when you are hacked. Always make sure you have backups and that all software on the server is up to date. Some people don't seem to update their software and is it is suprising how sometimes when people are hacked that it's down to the software.
  9. Using a hosting provider outways hosting a server at home. Not only that but most ISP's won't allow a user to use their connection to host a server and usually the upload isnt as good.
  10. I learned Linux by trial and error. Vps's are so cheap to buy one and make a mess of it. ( yes, a mess ). Anyway, using a vps to learn and google to help works wonders. If you are like me I only learn by making mistakes which i used to do alot back when i first started with Linux. Now it's just natural I guess.
  11. I post on my forum daily and to be honest quite a few times a day. Keeping fresh content and quality content on a forum is a must to bring in new or potential new members.
  12. I currently own and manage a new online forum community and my daily jobs is basically monitor the forums. I also like to tweak my server for best optimisation to keep it running smoothly. I do post on other forums alot but i won't go offtopic eh.
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