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  1. I'm trying to figure this one out... Websites like Imgserve.net I've been hearing about how people make money off of this but I can't quite put all the pieces together yet... Little help?
  2. I've read the basic description, but I still feel kind of confused... I know it's cost per action. And I know this means anything from signing up with your e-mail, clicking on an ad, providing a credit card number, whatever. But is it basically just selling ad space on my website like normally?
  3. Who cares? How can we make money off of it? No doubt opportunities will present themselves with this new platform...
  4. Makes sense... People will find my old articles anyway once they get to the website. Won't the affiliate programs be against having me as a member without getting many clicks to their links?
  5. Organic traffic I mean. I'm sure there's no written in stone rule, but what's your opinion on this?
  6. At this point I couldn't imagine paying for articles. But if you're running a big operation and your time is better spend elsewhere I guess that makes sense... Do you rely on writing for other people as a source of income? I was trying to get into it so I could stay at home and study SEO hard, but the websites I've looked into don't really make me too comfortable about putting the time in...
  7. 12% comission is a great deal! Usually I see 5 to 8%... By the way, what's the average costing value of the products you promote? You mind sharing? I mostly promote things between 10 and 30 $.... 5% to 8 % on that is between 0,5 $ and 2,5 $, so I really need to stack them comissions up But I'm more focused on learning at this point...
  8. I think there's probably a good way to use paid-traffic. I haven't messed around with it at all. But I do think it depends on the type of offer you are promoting... Must work great for the "make money online niche" but no so great for other niches. That's what I think at least. But I might be talking out of my ass As far as organic traffic goes, it's a never ending long process... I almost pissed myself with joy when I got my first organic traffic I also had a 100% bounce rate.... You mind sharing how much organic traffic you get?
  9. Thanks man! So, 500 word article, 2% keyword density means writing "banana milkshakes" in there 10 times right? Thanks dude! I always to break it down into "chunks of information" with individual sub-headlines. Regarding keyword density, that's kind of what I meant... Imagine my targetted niche is "health recipes", and I'm writing an article for the keywords "banana milkshakes"... Should I do a very broad keyword study for my niche, so that in the article for the keywords "banana milkshakes" I can include other keywords like "digestion problems" "potassium" and other
  10. Affiliate marketing and Ads are all I know. You could sell e-books or premium services if you're an expert at something.... But if you're not getting decent traffic, don't worry your pretty head with this for now
  11. I didn't get it... I must really be a dummie... Can you please explain?
  12. Yeah... It isn't really something you can half ass. If you're looking to be successful at least... Really 48h a day was your best answer. Nobody said it was easy though...
  13. I think your best bet, especially when you are learning is getting traffic organically. Meaning, people would find your website through a search engine like Google... You need to select keywords that people are searching on Google and write your articles around them. Then learn how to make your website and articles easy for Google to find it... And pump a lot of content to get a good rank. It's quite a long process. Just get going and learn along the way...
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