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    Colebra reacted to Rainman in How much traffic should you be getting before putting an affiliate link in there?   
    It would be good to place your links on the site as soon as possible even before you start getting traffic. Some people claim that for a micro-niche site that laser-targets a specific group of people even with as little as 100 visitors a day, you can be able to make sales. I can't vouch the veracity of that statement but the moral of the story is the amount of traffic you get doesn't count. It's the conversions that do.
    Work on that.
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    Colebra reacted to Rainman in General questions regarding SEO...   
    I'll only add a little something to your question about the optimal size of articles you post. Well if I were you, I wouldn't concern myself too much with the number of words in an article. Most readers definitely prefer shorter articles but Google likes longer articles because they feel length and the quality of an article are directly related. You see for any piece of writing to be really good, only the precise number of words needed to provide the information you want to get across should be used.
    So, right naturally. Don't count you words. Some articles will be short. Others longer. Just make sure it's crammed with useful information and no one will care about its length.
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    Colebra reacted to retraction in General questions regarding SEO...   
    1. 500 word for a blog post. Although these days, its the longer the better. But it really depends on your niche. I don't seen anyone writing a 2000 word essay on banana milkshakes. Sometimes, the more pages your site has, the better it will rank overall. But if you want to rank a particular page, a lot of good content will help
    2. I think the general formula is 2% keyword density.
    3. Yes, keyword research is the most important part of building a niche site. An extra hour of keyword research could mean an extra $50 a month. 
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    Colebra reacted to themonk3y in General questions regarding SEO...   
    As @retraction has already said a minimum of 500 words for a blog post. I usually try to make my blog posts around 800 words. If your post goes over a 1000 words you should try to break it down in to pages or two smaller posts.
    I am not sure about the keyword density. I have seen articles where the exact keyword density was zero but the individual words in the keyword were present more than 40 times each. For instance the keyword that I searched for on google was wordpress plguins 2014 and I did not found the exact matched keyword on the articles that were on the top but the words "wordpress" and "plugins" and "2014" were mentioned on the page a number of times.
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