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  1. My favorite video editing software, and the one I've been using for 3 years now, is Sony Vegas. It has a lot of basic as well as advanced features you may find in other editors, but it also allows for various plugins you can download online (or buy) for additional features, like transitions and effects. It's also much more user friendly as compared to Adobe Premiere, in my opinion.
  2. Web layouts and advertisement banners are my favorite things to do. I'm not into business web designs though - I'm more into elegant, fancy themes that you'd usually see in a portfolio and whatnot. The same for the banners.
  3. Back in 2004, I believe I started off with CuteNews. CuteNews had a lot of problems with handling spam from commentors, so I had to move to a different CMS. Then I moved to FusionNews, but as of 2008-ish I think, its developer abandoned the project and just let it die. I then moved to a bigger CMS, namely WordPress. No regrets. For forums, believe it or not, I started out with ProBoards. Right now, I'm using XenForo.
  4. I... actually don't, at all. Haha. My site forums are mainly run by my forum moderators. I'm too caught up with working with the main websites/blogs that I barely have time to even work on the forums. I just browse it from time to time to check if there's anything new or if there are issues to be handled. Usually, the mods will just tell me if there are problems, anyway.
  5. Ohh, awesome! I didn't even know that there's an Adblock app for iOS 7. Definitely been running 7 since last month, so I'll have to check this out. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone. The name's raz and I'm somewhere from the East (specifically, Asia). I've been running sites since 5 years ago, mostly micro niche ones, and can say that I've been having a great (and fruitful) time with them. I also design a few layouts here and there during my spare time, and am also into graphic design (I sell some shirts with designs I've made, and also provide logos and banners via commissions). I hope to get along with everyone!
  7. I've been swearing off against small CMS/scripts for sites mainly because there's the small (small, but still there) chance that it might get abandoned by the developer somewhere along the run. With Wordpress and Joomla however, you're pretty sure it'll stay for decades to come because of the extensive number of users and the size of its development team working on it. I was an avid fan of a small script before called Fusion News which was, undoubtedly, intimately better than CuteNews, but alas, the developer had to move on to the bigger things in his life and abandoned the script. I had to mo
  8. For blogs, I've seen that affiliate programs make the most dough, with a little ads on the side. I agree with Nathan - Adsense starts off great but they're notorious for banning people, even without proper reasoning. They're Google - you really can't say much against them. For blogs, though, in my opinion, affiliate programs from specific shops instead of going for the bigger ones (i.e. CJ) work best, since they usually offer much better deals. There's this one affiliate program I'm in that offers 5-12% of sales, depending on what it is that got sold. That's pretty big already in my opini
  9. I hate pop-up ads, but then, we have ad blocker for that for PCs and laptops. What I hate though are the mobile ads that literally direct you to some place on the App Store when I'm using my iPad. I've been looking for an app to block those but still no luck. It's really, really annoying when I'm browsing the net on my iPad and suddenly it just whizzes me off to the App Store.
  10. I run three websites, all of which are micro niches with very little competition. And even if there is competition, we tend to crush them in our path hahahaha -cough- Um, anyway, what I like about micro niches though is that your focus is also on that single micro niche, so you don't really have to research so extensively as compared as to when you have a wide range site. It'd also be great to pick a micro niche that actually has a big following but does not have an actual website that specifically gathers it. This usually applies well to video game niches that have no fansites but has a s
  11. Don't most CMS these days offer gallery plugins? Though the problem with most of them is that very few of them offer the ability to post photos from visitors. Personally, I've tried Coppermine myself, but I've been having problems integrating it seamlessly with WordPress. What I like about Coppermine though is that support is really active, and the staff behind it is still very active. Granted, the last update was April this year, but whenever I have problems, they're always a forum post away. Its users also have a lot of plugins and modifications that they do to the script that allows vi
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