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  1. I've heard that Java is the easiest to go from program to program regardless of what you are working on you won't be stuck because you only know that. And it's always rather basic and doesn't stray too much from the other languages making it quite easy to build upon once you have already learned.
  2. It is very possible to learn the basics for programming from the net. Now the question is how much are you willing to search and how much are you willing to pay. You won't have to search too hard for tutorials if you have willing to pay. Lynda.com offers on hand example downloads with videos. As for just searching many artists are just trying to get their name out there and by doing tutorials they are able to do so. Vimeo is the best place for professional tutorials.
  3. I first interacted with HTML. Later in high school I messed around with JavaScript. In college I got versed in Python and MEL languages. Mostly I use these languages in Maya Autodesk.
  4. If you find enjoyment in cropping people out of pictures you should try to see if you like to get into compositing. Its a lot like that just for moving frames. You would of course work a frame at a time maybe do some rotoscoping but I find compositing to be really fulfilling, talk about feeling like a God!
  5. I think that's what the demo is for so you can see and tutorial teach yourself. If all else fails yes people do get pushed to the point of just good ol' fashioned pirating. In my personal opinion the price shouldn't be so extreme you shouldn't have to destroy your credit to create amazing works of art in Adobe.
  6. I'm interested in starting to use Illustrator in conjunction with Flash for some animation designs that I have in mind. Not too many frames but at the moment I'm not too versed in Flash just yet.
  7. I like to use Vimeo for my professional and tutorial purposes. Versus YouTube I use for sound clips and quick reference videos where I know there will be a lot to choose from regardless of the quality.
  8. I learned the basics for coding and programming from tutorials for free and when I got serious and had some extra money set aside I bought Lynda.com classes. They offer project example files and show your progression and have an entire section dedicated to coding and programming.
  9. Wacom is such an amazing company for tablets! This definitely excites me for what else this company has in store for the future.
  10. I love the entire Adobe CS6 Suite, my favorite program of it though would be Illustrator, besides the foundational Photoshop which no graphic artist can live without. I just find the control that I have to design in this program is phenomenal and really easy to use, I've never gotten lost in a software so easily. Plus the hotkey's are much similar to Photoshop making it simple to toggle back and forth.
  11. My favorite kind of graphic work is stylized photograph logos. Taking a traditional idea and working in Illustrator to pull it all together, then choosing a color palette to make the entire design pop. The best part of it all is seeing your design on the side of company trucks and tee shirts, knowing it's just everyday advertising to most people but it's apart of your portfolio.
  12. It depends on how far you want to take your editing. I feel like the Adobe Suite is all a like in it's programs so being well versed in Premiere will come in handy if you ever decided to go further. After Effects pairs with Premiere so smoothly that it's worthwhile to take the time to think ahead if you will want to delve into effects versus just a simple snap and paste program. Having a program that is build within a suite allows you to see how you can make your own pipeline.
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