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    My interests other than web and graphic design include photography, film, music... I'm also very passionate about animal rescue and I love cats.
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  1. I have to agree. I'm 22 so not a teen but I have a tumblr account and I see the appeal for teens. On facebook I have most of my family and relatives as friends, even the older generation. You have to be very careful what you post, what groups to join, etc. Facebook is too public and too connected to the real world. On facebook you have to keep appearances. Tumblr can be completely annonymous if you want. I use tumblr to connect with like minded friends from all over the world. I also use facebook groups for that but only if they are private and the name is not an obvious giveaway to what the group is about. The way I use tumblr is more like I used to use myspace when I was a teen, so I can understand why teens like it more than facebook.
  2. I read the article and it says it's a social network for pet owners, not for pets. It's supposed to be so that owners can exchange information about pet related services and make a network of friends who can offer pet sitting, and share pictures and videos of their pets. The tittle and caption is a bit misleading.
  3. I love playing with typography and I love photography. I love it when their beauty combines to send a unified message. I like doing ad design and page layout. I also love logo design because it usually gives me the freedom to push typography far more, to costumize it or draw my own. I love photography and I would say I'm pretty good at image manipulation but I don't enjoy it as much. I prefer the challange of getting most things in camera. Like I would rather take a model out on the field than shoot in the studio and carefully extract her from the background and replace it with something.
  4. I use 1freehosting.com. I wanted a free hosting for my portfolio since it gets very few visits and the site is not 100% done since i'm still working on the blog aspect. It has worked out pretty well for me. I think I've had it for over a year since I first started to work on the site and it only was down once.
  5. I used them. I wanted to snatch a domain quickly and was out of cash and the price was right. After the first year the renew price is 14-15 dollars if I remember correctly. I also have a domain with godaddy. I decided to transfer both to namecheap when they are closer to the renewal date as the yearly price is lower. One thing I didn't like was that they called me to try to sell me a hosting and website package. I was very clear I wasn't interested the first time they let a couple of moths pass and call again.
  6. I really like Illustrator and use it in combination with Photoshop. I like Illustrator pen tool much better and the way it handles shapes and text, and so I tend to use it and then move those things into Photoshop for final finishes and exporting. Probably because print design is more of my strong suit. For photography images I tend to use Lightroom for all the basic edits and go to photoshop only for advanced retouching or image compositions and stuff.
  7. I started learning in the myspace days, using w3schools and other web blogs with articles and tutorials. Then when I was in collage I took 1 class as an elective to learn a little more and because so much time had passed and the standards change regularly so I wanted to update what I knew.
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Lorraine, I'm 22. I'm a photographer and graphic designer. I do some web design mostly for my own portfolio website, but not professionally. I'm still learning things about web development. I joined her so I can learn from you guys experience.
  9. That depends on the content. For marketing videos Youtube, for casual videos Youtube but for short films and cinematography Vimeo is better.
  10. The Golden Ratio is also on the crop tool on Lightroom. I use it to crop some of my photos for more balanced compositions.
  11. These are ok for informal or hobby websites. But they don't look professional and are not a replacement to a well designed logo on Illustrator. If you aren't good with graphics and you are working on a site for a client don't use these. These are more for fun.
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