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  1. I strongly prefer YouTube. Vimeo doesn't even begin to hold a candle to YouTube, because YouTube is larger, easier to use, and has a very very active community. Vimeo has it's advantages, but they are not enough to sway me to use it over YouTube.
  2. Hey guys! I'm a web developer from Tennessee (East Tennessee to be exact) and I thought I'd join the community because it looked like a community I want to be a part of. I always love to talk to other web developers and stuff like that, so I thought I'd fit right in!
  3. Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a few domains, and I've been fishing around for a good registrar. I saw DynaDot, which is only around 10$ each for the domains I'm looking to buy. My question is this: has anyone out there used DynaDot, and how was your experience with them? Did you like them? Thanks for your input guys, it will be very useful in my decision.
  4. Yes, very much so. All of my C# knowledge was learned entirely on the internet, I've never taken any formal programming classes. What worked for me was to immediately try to make something, and then Google whenever I ran into a problem. Works like a charm!
  5. Definitely Nintendo I owned a SNES back in the day, so many classic games for that thing. I really loved it, and I still have it, and it still works perfect. Sadly, a lot of the games are missing
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