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  1. I think the Air is OK. The Pro is still better IMO if you want to do anything intense. I doubt you'll break your Air if you drop it once or twice, but it still looks pretty fragile. In general, though, the Air just won't have the muscle that the Pro will have. If you need just a casual computer, though, the Air will be just fine.
  2. Eh, I have no faith in Google+. I think that in a couple of years one of two things will happen: 1. Facebook/Twitter/etc will continue to die off, and be replaced with something new as a result of some fad. 2. The spammers will realize how little they are gaining from constantly barraging social media, and will cease to spam Facebook and other social media sites due to finding a better way to advertise. (what that may be, I don't know.) This will give new life to social media sites that are already in existence. It may also be for the better that we get some new social media sites, so that
  3. I completely agree. I don't edit videos anymore, but when I did I would use Sony Vegas. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but it comes with plenty of features ready for you to explore. There are also various tutorials online that will show you how to do almost anything within the software. Whether it's sound editing, animation, or any other type of video creation, Sony Vegas always had my back.
  4. I agree with other people who say not to use free web hosting. It's very limiting in my opinion, and not always the most reliable. If you immediately begin with a good idea on a paid web host, you can get right into the meat of things without wasting time on a free host. Free hosting, as already said, is very limiting. Even if some sites have plenty of features and options, you are not completely free to use your imagination. Some things are still in a cookie-cutter format, and that can be highly discouraging.
  5. It's totally possible, Code Academy or not! Even the simplest of Google Searches will likely put you in the right direction towards being able to program. The internet is literally bursting with different resources these days to help people of all ages be able to do stuff that they want to be able to do. Besides, with so many people in college and the like learning these types of things, naturally some of that material ends up on the internet.
  6. My laptop's desktop is a nightmare. However, within the folders of my desktop everything is well organized and lovely. I feel like if I messed with my specific organization now, I could really cause a mess within the structure I've accidentally created. I might get to fixing it all eventually, but that's a goal for another day.
  7. I have Malwarebytes, but just the free version of it. The free version still gives you plenty of things, like the malware scans. The scans are nice to have because sometimes it's good to check your computer for malware or something after you've been doing a lot of surfing on the internet. Malwarebytes has caught a couple things a few times, so I am thankful that I have it. :3
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