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  1. Thank you :DD I love the idea of Google + but unfortunately my friends aren't very computer knowing? And just cba with another Social network... So I'm gonna have to wait till it becomes more viable and popular :/
  2. I've never caught Viruses from RS, I always have my Bitdefender on and it catches anything but in the last year nothing. I love MegaUpload too! So Fast
  3. RS has such a long waiting time for free users! Filesonic is cool So is WUpload?
  4. I know. And their little phone redirecting But DDoS'ing isn't that impressive. It's like not being able to open a door so they keep kicking it lol. I mean, by taking down ANON site... They will actually be raped so hard, lol. In a way and i mean this sounds odd.. Anon have more of a morally acceptable role rather than Lulz, Lulz seem to just take anyone they feel like down.
  5. I think eventually they will be caught and then we'll see who'll have the last lulz But tbh, i do believe in some aspects of what they're doing.
  6. http://www.neowin.net/news/united-states-senategov-hacked-by-lulzsec
  7. http://www.neowin.net/news/report-wii-u-is-50-percent-more-powerful-than-ps3
  8. They're gonna release a new console with it, you realise right?
  9. That animation is really cool, Inflame.. like almost pixar quality!
  10. What i meant by radiation is not Gamma but rather Microwave or at least the intensity which comes from a phone. But you need to differentiate from Electromagnetic Radiation and Ionizing radiation. I.e. Alpha, Beta and Gamma are different and harmful where as Radio, Microwave, InfraRed and Visible light (electromagnetic) are harmless if we're talking about on the scale of mobile phones...
  11. i'll see if i can do it on PS :/
  12. That's cool Any chance you can just add like .... some inside shading or something to the letters and little lines for the "M" 's like to make them look more "M" -y?
  13. I'm calling out to any of you who have some free time and are looking to do some quick art. Basically, this may seem really irrelevant or w/e but when i download music for e.g. remix's and they don't have album artwork it really bugs me somehow when it plays in my Itunes and i've grouped all these remix's into one album which is called "Dance Music Mix" Now I need someone if they want to make an album artwork for me... I'm desperate Lol I wouldn't mind like something simple and cool like for e.g. the David Guetta albums artwork http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Xykk_mfIkHk/TV0okbGqj1I/AAAAAAAAA
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