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  1. Exactly, Ken. If you're looking for exposure and viewership, then it's gotta be YouTube.
  2. $500/mo is pretty good I think. How many hours do you spend working on projects a day would you say?
  3. Just wondering, how much do you guys make per month off doing SEO and being an affiliate and how long have you been doing it for? I've heard stories of people making 4k+/month, which is insane (especially since I don't live in the US)
  4. Here's the thing though, projects take time and effort (from what I've been told, I've never done a project yet, still in the learning stage) and you'll encounter a lot of bumps and errors along the way. I feel like you need a LOT of personal motivation to finish one, which not many people have...
  5. This isn't a feature or anything, but I'd like to see maybe a cooperation with Instagram? Like if they could incorporate some features into Instagram in some form then that'd be great
  6. I have the free avast software and it's been really good. Norton and Kaspersky really slows my computer down and isn't really that effective with viruses and malware in my experience
  7. Google chrome has been my browser of choice for a few years now. It's fast, convenient (syncs up to my gmail account) and has more extensions than I could ever possibly want.
  8. Youtube! I feel like Vimeo is more for hipster/indie short films and pirated videos. You don't really say someone is a "vimeo-er" (what would you even call someone that makes money off vimeo??)
  9. Sounds fascinating. Are/were you a philosophy major in college or something similar?
  10. Depends on what your skill level is. For me, my favorite thing is Sony Vegas by far. I've tried using a bunch of other video editors but never really like them that much. Vegas just has that *professional* look to me
  11. Is this really true? I've been using older versions of photoshop on my crappy laptop (core i3, 4 gb ram) and while it is kinda slow, I've never had any major issues. Of course I only exclusively made short, light gifs so maybe that's why
  12. Wow you've done tons. In your opinion, what language IS worth learning? For reference, I'm a total beginner, I'd LIKE to do some web dev OR write phone apps someday
  13. Yep. I think getting something memorable is a lot better than getting some one word domain that's forgettable. Then again, if your site is catchy enough, it wouldn't be THAT big of a problem
  14. Woah that looks very cool. I agree with some of these posts that they are probably not the best option for a professional look, but for a casual website like a blog or something, this is quick and easy.
  15. Do you usually buy the parts off of eBay or is there like a reliable retailer for this kind of stuff?
  16. I know a wee bit of python. I really want to learn more but alas I've been pretty busy these past few months. Will definitely try in the summer though
  17. I love to travel, cook, listen to music
  18. If you're this unsure then go with the Macbook Pro, lots of my friends have one and admittedly, even though they're super expensive for their specs, nobody seems to be complaining. Speaking of the cost, don't buy something that expensive unless you're positive about it
  19. I've only been learning python so I'm no expert, but I hear that python is a good place to start with programming. Java is good if you want to get into web development apparently.
  20. I've been really getting into Meghan Trainor lately. She doesn't have the BEST voice but her songs are really catchy to me
  21. I think in the future, "social media" can be redefined, what with the rise in virtual reality and whatnot. Take forums for example, they used to be HUGE a while back, but now everyone's on Instagram and Facebook and sites like that. I think the need to connect with others will always be there, the means is what's going to change
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