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  1. I know some people that enjoy the non-database aspect of PHP. However I find MySQL to be very efficient, organised, and fun to work with myself. Anyone else enjoy it like myself or would you rather not have to deal with a database?
  2. Levels are an essential part of almost every game. When the user beats a certain level they move onto the next one. This keeps the game interactive and fun. So when programming a game in C# with Unity3D how can this task be accomplished? How do we load a level after a certain event is triggered? Let's say I have a game object with a collider and I attach the following script to the object. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class TriggerScript : MonoBehaviour { void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other){ if(other.tag == "Player"){ Application.LoadLevel ("Level_Two");
  3. That's pretty good. I'm only making around $200 per month at the moment. I definitely agree with what you said about consistency. This can easily be seen in popular YouTube channels. Some of them are making several videos per week. That in itself is a lot but when you keep this up for years, you can see why have become YouTube giants. I ran a forum once for about a month and then got tired of it and closed it down. I didn't have much experience back then. This January I relaunched the site and this time I know more about what I'm doing. The site is doing well and growing but the sa
  4. I'm out of project ideas at the moment and would like to start a web project but I don't want to carry the entire load myself. I'm mainly a back end developer but I can do both. I just don't enjoy the front end very much and find it more tedious. So are there any front end developers here interested in teaming up to create some web software? We could do pretty much anything from a software package for forums or social networks to a small web app (chatbox, record keeper, etc.). Anyone?
  5. The hardest part of web development for me is the look & feel of the site. I have a very hard time trying to come up with original & creative looking designs. I find it very difficult not to subconsciously copy designs and ideas from other sites that I like. I'm always relieved once I'm done with the front end and I can begin the fun part. Coding the brains is really fun to me because there are more challenges and logic based rather than creative based problems.
  6. If I'm going to upload a video I choose YouTube. Why? Because it's what most people use and it's somewhat of the standard video platform. It's where most people are and it's where everyone is used to watching videos. That's the advantage of becoming number one. Being #1 in itself makes you even more popular. You're the best because you're the best which exponentially grows your business.
  7. Neither of my sites are that large so I think I'll be fine with a shared host for now. On my larger one I get around 150,000 hits per month. I am assuming that I'd need a lot more than that to need a hosting upgrade.
  8. W3Schools isn't really all that great for tutorials per se. Rather they are better for documentation. When I want to know what a function does or what function to use to complete a certain task, then W3Schools is great. Their documentation is very easy to understand. PHP Manual on the other hand has always been very hard to use for me. Everyone points to it when it comes to PHP documentation but I've never really been able to understand them. They don't explain things in a simple and concise manor. Anyone experience this?
  9. I've never really thought about doing this to be honest. Great idea. I will have to try it. I guess I'm a bit of a SEO novice lol.
  10. Yeah I use them a lot. They are good for notifying your users of new messages, alerts, etc. They are pretty easy to create and work with to be honest. The only complaint I have is that you can't send them via localhost. It is not impossible but it's frustrating as hell trying to configure the outgoing mail server to send emails. I never could figure it out myself. I just gave up and decided to work with my email scripts online.
  11. I'm running two sites (both small) and they are doing fine on a shared hosting plan from GoDaddy. One of my sites has 100 members and the other has like 50. So it will take a while before I will need to upgrade to VPS. Roughly how many members did your site have before you saw the need to upgrade Nathan?
  12. This is so true. Math has become much, much easier since I started programming. I am able to think more logically about every aspect of life really. "Everyone should learn to program because it teaches you how to think." -Bill Gates
  13. I think it has a lot to do with the type of forum. If it's a casual community where everyone knows each other, then a chatbox can be a nice way to communicated in a fun way. If it's a more serious, on-topic, Q&A sort of forum then a shoutbox can be somewhat of a distraction. Less posting, more chatting like Nathan mentioned.
  14. Doing a SELECT * FROM is definitely easier because there is less room for error but it isn't worth the resources you are sacrificing. In my opinion it is definitely worth your time and effort to make the queries as efficient as possible; even if it means a few more errors to deal with every now and then. It pays off after the project is complete.
  15. I don't know how to but I've heard that it's possible. Anything is possible with the C# language.
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