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  1. The hardest part about web design for me is definitely trying to come up with an original design. The back end work is the fun part. What's very difficult for me is creating a professional look & feel that is original and doesn't suck or mimic some other site. I'm getting better over time but I still dread that aspect of web development every time I start a new project. I can't wait to get it over with so I can start on the back end.
  2. I did a bit of work, cleaned up the code, tested it, etc. and offered the download package in another thread. If you have the time maybe upload the new files and see how it works. I included a name along with each post. However right now it is limited to "Guest" since it isn't linked to the system's user base.
  3. Thanks! Let me know if you run into any issues.
  4. I think Notepad++ thought they were falling behind so in their latest version they included a bunch of new auto correct functionality. I honestly didn't like that and turned most of it off. The reason I liked them is because of the simply, fast, and solid feeling I get when I use it. I'd like to donate a little to the developers. Might do that today.
  5. KenBox 1.0 - Chat Box Application Free & Opensource I created a thread here with some files for a live chat box programming tutorial but it had a few bugs that needed to be worked out. So I did a bit of work and not only perfected it but I added a bit of functionality as well. Feel 'free' (no pun intended) to download the source files attached to this thread and let me know what you think. I've tested it and found no bugs but I could have missed something so let me know if you see any errors. If you would like to use it for a website you can alter the styling to fit your own ne
  6. That's because the code errors I mentioned haven't been fixed yet. I'll start a new thread with the completed version and offer a download for anyone who wants all the files.
  7. What do you think is the feasible limit of database queries before it becomes too much? In my experience you want to keep your query count below 20 if possible. Otherwise you'll start noticing loss in speed. I'm not sure about max though.
  8. Thanks for the share! Haven't tested my internet speed before (until now). Handy little tool.
  9. It might also be a good idea to run mysqli_real_escape_string() on the $message variable in "submit_chat.php" to protect from mysql injection.
  10. My bad. The first problem is that I used php comments in an HTML document. Would you mind editing the posts and changing the "//(comment)" to "<!-- (comment) -->" for both cases? I'll look into the second. Give me a minute. EDIT: I found the issue. The problem is that in the "submit_chat()" function the var "url" gives the wrong address. It should say "submit_chat.php" instead or "fetch_chat.php".
  11. If you don't have the motivation to finish projects then I don't think programming is for you. Projects are the only way to get real experience and really cement the information in your mind. You can only gleam so much from tutorials along. Unless you actively use what you learn then you aren't really getting anywhere.
  12. Well you don't really need knowledge of programming to run a forum. That's why there are forum software packages like vBulletin, IPBoard, and myBB. You will need to know a bit about how servers work so you know how to upload the software files, etc. For starters you need a domain name and a web host. You will also need to choose and download the forum software of your choice. Once you've done this you should log into your control panel on your web host and find the ftp login details. Download an ftp client like FileZilla and use the login info in your web host control p
  13. I suck at front end programming as well. When designing a site I'm always so glad when I'm done with design and I finally start the fun part; the back end. It's much easier (and funny) to create the logic, work the the database, etc. than it is to be creative enough to do a good job at designing. I find it very difficult to create original and attractive looking designs.
  14. Welcome to forum pandabear! Asking stupid questions is the only way to learn. When people try to assume they know stuff instead of asking so as to appear smart, all they end up doing is making fools out of themselves because they don't really know what their talking about. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your posts.
  15. To be honest I have found that the best way to learn is to first master the basics and then just start doing projects. You will learn SO much doing real-life, practical projects. When I first started programming I hardly knew anything but I was enthusiastic about creating my own forum software. So knowing only a few basic things about HTML I dove in and starting making it. At that time I was probably doing more research than coding but as I built the software I learned more and more. Once I neared the end of creating it I realized that whole thing was crap, built on a horrible foundati
  16. Good idea. The config file you should use for this tutorial is given below. config.php <?php $host = "your host name here (usually localhost)"; $user = "your mysql username here"; $password = "the password for the mysql user given above"; $db = "name of your databse"; $conn = mysqli_connect($host, $user, $password, $db); //connect to the database using the login information given in the variables above. if(!$conn){ //check for connection errors echo "There was an error connecting to the database!"; } ?> You should include this config file at the top of submit_chat.php and f
  17. If you're building a one-page website for a business or something it's easier to just write the style sheet inside the head of the document. However on larger projects with many pages and tons of CSS I definitely find it better to include all CSS in external sheets and separate it from the pages themselves. It makes the CSS so much easier to manage and is a heck of a lot neater.
  18. Are you wanting to program your own forum software or just interested in running a forum?
  19. One of the best things about jQuery is its powerful and easy-to-use selector system. So how do you select an item in HTML by its class name? Let's say I have an element with a class of "blue". I could select this element in jQuery using the following code. $(".blue"); Simple as that. Note that all we had to do was place a period before the name of the class. This period tells jQuery that you are attempting to select a class.
  20. Learn Javascript. It can be used for web, games, apps, etc. It's a lot like C# just a smaller language with less power but easier to learn. Of course if you're going to learn web then you'll also need to know HTML and CSS along with PHP.
  21. I first got into programming because I wanted to create my own forum software. So I guess the first language I ever learned was HTML. But honestly I also learned CSS and PHP along side HTML. So was learning three languages at one time. Once I had the basics of those down I started learning Javascript. I'm now pretty much fluent in those four languages so I have recently began learning C#. I'm really liking it.
  22. Learning HTML and CSS are really very easy. There is soooo many tutorials and tons of documentation for the languages. Pretty much any problem you encounter will have been covered on several sites and forums. You almost always find a solution to your problem. Best way is to start off with an introduction to html video on the internet (tons of them). Learn the basics. Learn how the syntax is structured and become familiar with some of the common tags, elements, usage, etc. Keep in mind that you will be learning CSS along side HTML. They go hand in hand. Once you have the basics down
  23. I think XenForo does something similar to this for their conversation system. Seems to work pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. I spent over an hour getting all that together so I haven't really tested it properly since I'm a bit worn out. So for anyone who has some extra free time, I would appreciate if you could run some tests and report any bugs you find.
  25. This will be a guide on how to create a basic chat box with live feed. The technologies used will be HTML, CSS, PHP, & Javascript. We will also be using a little jQuery. If you do not have at least a basic understanding of these languages then you'll have a hard time understanding this tutorial. The first thing you will need to do is set up the database. Create a database table titled "chat". Give it the following structure. id INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT message VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL time_sent DATETIME NOT NULL Give the table a primary key of "id". If you have an
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