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  1. When I got into programing my goal was to learn the ropes just for fun. Now, since its fun and I see that I can do it, I am interested in making some money from it. It is not my profession but I am drawn to it. I dont have preferences about languages, just want to learn and have fun, the money will come later. I heard a lot about Ruby, alegedly it is great for beginners and is really useful. Heard about node but dont know anything about it.
  2. As I said in my introduction, it took me a long time to introduce myself to the basic concepts of programing due to the lack of time and money to dedicate myself completely. I need some input from experience programmers about the best language to learn in. My initial impulse was to learn html,css and jscript because it is the most popular part of the scene and there is a lot of work available for ppl who are versatile in before mentioned languages. Was I wrong? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Hell everyone. My name is Mirko and I graduated from Law school a year ago and from then on I became interested in programing. The reason for coming here is my desire to learn how to develop web pages, and to learn how to program in general. It took a while to introduce myself to basic concepts of programing. Now I am a beginner in the field (before this I was a participant ). Every start is hard and that is why I need help, advice and guidance. Here is hoping I will get all of the before mentioned here. In return I offer my dedication, good mood and a will to comunicate.
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