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  1. It is actually way cheaper. I've worked in a computer store for a while, and they calculated ~90$ just for assembling the computer. Also, building your own computer is easier than most people think. If it's your first one it will probably take some time, but if you've already done it before it shouldn't take longer than an hour, probably only ~30 minutes. Building a computer is a pretty fun task as well I'd say. Or let's say it's fun to build a computer if you don't have to do it everyday.
  2. My hobbies are mostly of japanese origin. I like to watch anime and read manga, but I also have a lot of interest in their culture and language in general, which is why I've started to learn japanese a while ago. My biggest hobby is probably my Touhou collection. Touhou is a japanese game series, and I've been a fan for several years now. I collect pretty much everything that has something to do with Touhou, especially figures and plushies, but also clothes, posters, cd's etc. It's quite an expensive hobby, with prices for some of the rarer figures and plushies being able to reach more than 30
  3. My desktop is an absolute mess most of the time. I actually like it to be clean, but I tend so save so many images and videos, that it always fills up pretty quickly. When it's full I normally just create a new folder and put everything inside. This used to be quite useful, but over time this just made it even messier, since I'm also too lazy to rename those folders. Now I'm sort of stuck with multiple new folders (up to new folder(42)), of which some even split up into ~5-10 other "new folders". I never find what I'm looking for, in a situation where I need something specific.
  4. I started with C++ in school, and later had to do some basic C# as well. I also taught myself the basics of angular js, php and html before I started my apprenticeship. Sadly, at work I had to learn and use Progress OpenEdge, which I think is a rather lame language. It doesn't feel powerful, like java or C, and the source code always looks like a kid's poem. It's actually not that bad of a language to use for databases, but it still feels like it wasn't worth learning.
  5. I like to use Notepad++ when I go for some fast and easy coding at home, it's quick and clean. At work I always had to use Eclipse, or Eclipse Studio, and I never really got used to it. It felt pretty clunky and slow in comparison to Notepad++. I also used Borland, Visual Studio and Webstorm (I think that's how it was called) for a while before I discovered Notepad++.
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