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  1. The problem with photoshop is that they created the software with their macs in mind so the performance of a low performing pc will cause the software to crash. Luckily, you can easily upgrade your pc to perform even better than a mac buy installing a better graphics card and better ram. And if your rom is not up-gradable then minimize the stuff you save on your pc or laptop.
  2. The problem with free online logo makers is that you might end up getting a logo that has been used by so many companies like 90% of the time so your creation will not look original. That speaks volumes to your future potential clients. Just go to fiverr and pay five dollars for a nice logo.
  3. Youtube is my favorite because I have the option to monetize my content and the return are great if I get enough traffic. I've never really used vimeo but I don't like their look.
  4. The only video editing software you will ever need is final cut. I use it to edit my videos and the quality speaks for itself.
  5. There are always hacked versions of photoshop so I would not bother buying it. I've been using photoshop for six years and I have never paid a dime for the software. The cons are software updates are unpredictable and the software itself may crash from time to time if you did not get the good hack version.
  6. The domain name itself is crucial in order to be found on the internet easily. You can set the length of the domain name however way you want as long as it make it easy for google to find it during searches for your business or services especially if you know nothing about SEO.
  7. I heard about cloudflare and so I decided to use it. I had a bad experience with it even during sign up and I thought to myself if their own page will not load correctly how will they upgrade mine? I'll maybe try to use cloudflare at a later point but with a website that I am not invested in.
  8. My favorite registrar has to be namecheap.com. Their prices are fair and their website is easy to use especially after they upgraded to a responsive website.
  9. 1&1 is an excellent hosting site. It just takes time to familiarize yourself with their website because it's not so user friendly as compared to namecheap.com. Their beginning prices are fair but increases on your renewal so price wise it's not so good on your second year.
  10. There is so many cons to free hosting that I really do not know where to start. And besides, any free hosting plan has some payment which usually ends up costing more.
  11. mikka254

    hi guys.

    I just joined the forum and I'm always interested to learn knew things in the world of coding. I hope I'll get to interact with all of you as we develop our skills in coding.
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