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  1. It is a free theme, currently on a very tight budget, so free hosting as well! The theme is 'Sixteen', it is a nice theme, responsive and I like the parallax effect built in. If you could work out a fix for this, that would be amazing. It seems like if should be easy, I have played around with the template code but to no avail so far,
  2. Hi all, This may sound like a simple question and I agree with many themes I have used it has been but for some reason with my current theme I am finding it very difficult to change. My site is www.bengrovemarketgarden.co.uk and try as I might the home page will only display the featured image of posts and the title. It would rather it displayed the most recent post at the top and the rest below but the full posts or at the very least, a large snippet. The theme is sixteen, does anyone have any advice?
  3. One of the early sites I worked on gave me almost an opposite problem to this, I ran into problems due to the updates. My fault entirely as it turned out and probably a classic newbie mistake. I had adapted my template by directly changing the stylesheet, and had made quite extensive changes. I had got to the point where I felt happy with it but then one day it updated to the next version and all my changes were overwritten! It was a lesson I quickly learned and from then on have used custom CSS to make my changes and have even disabled automatic updates just to be sure. Since then I have
  4. farmer333

    Hi All!

    Hi All, This seems to be the place to say hello so there it is. My name is Liam, I am 33, and currently live and work in a small market garden in Somerset, UK. My early career started after achieving a degree in Computing. I then spent about 8 years in the IT industry, first in admin. then spreadsheet design, then IT Project management. Currently I have now left the IT industry but still like to stay involved in my spare time. I am currently designing a new website, but only in Wordpress, so nothing too heavy. I look forward to meeting some of you on the forum. Liam
  5. Wordpress all the way! It was the first CMS I used, this was maybe five years ago and I am still using it today. For me it is an easy tool for site design, it fact only once have I actually used to make a blog site. Currently I am designing a new site for my business using Wordpress, and I still find it a good choice. I also find it easy to create high ranking sites. Saying that I have recently been wondering if there is a more powerful alternative? I am just designing my site using free hosting so have a number of different CMS autoinstallers offered by the host, anyone got any good recom
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