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  1. I'm still using adobe Photoshop, and I've been using this for almost three years now, and honestly I'm still not proficient in Photoshop, and I think this one is still the best software for photo editing and design. It's fun and easy to use and a lot of things you can do to make your photo looks great.
  2. ion

    Deep Web

    I think he's always in deep web. That's the first thing to do if you want to visit the deep web just for your own protection. You have to cover your camera and microphone. I wonder what's he's doing in there if ever. Right now, I'm contented with the normal browsing, and I think no need for me to visit the deep web.
  3. Yeah you're right. Social media like Facebook is a good tool to get traffic for your site. With a billions of users, it's probably somehow will attract even just hundreds of users to visit your page. But you should have a good content or else you will just wasting the opportunity to earn and also wasting the time of the visitors.
  4. ion

    Deep Web

    All I know about the deep web is not really accessible by a normal search engines. Is something like hidden to all users, and they said you should have vpn if you want to access the deep web for the security purpose. You should also disable your camera or much better to unplug it, or put some tape to cover your camera, because they may access your computer and open your camera for blackmail. It's looks like underground society and doing illegal buy and sell and they using cryptocurrency as payment.
  5. I always using adobe Photoshop right, to become much more familiar to this software and it's really fun to use. I love to edit pictures and adobe Photoshop is a great tool and will give you more option how you going to edit your pics, and somehow it's to use. Although I'm not yet really familiar about the shortcut keys.
  6. YouTube for me. I much more familiar in YouTube and been watching video there and really comfortable using this site. I just don't like the advertisement there right now, but it's alright.
  7. I think you should have a suggestion topic and try their suggestions. We should consider the members ideas to make your forums sites become productive and the members will keep coming back. Actually themes for me is the one of the important thing to be consider and should focus, because a lot of forum sites using themes which is actually not good in our eyes and could cause of headache sometimes.
  8. I was using Avast before, it was good actually, but right now, I'm using kaspersky. I transfer to Kaspersky because I think the security is much more better compare to Avast. I working in a company related to bank and they're using Kaspersky. So, I think they trust this enough, that's why I also transfer to kaspersky.
  9. I think you are the same person who asked that same question. Members already answered your question.
  10. I think you should enroll for short course about programming. A two year course is enough to learn this, just to get the basic knowledge about programming. You need the hands on or actual learning about this. It's really hard to just rely on the hearsay. However, there a lot of tutorials in YouTube videos which is very easy to understand.
  11. Funny memes. I'm an avid fan of memes creator. Their creativity to say something in sarcastic and funny ways attract me most, specially for those critical and trending issues. People always find ways to make or give a little humor in everything, and this the best way also to give your opinion in very funny ways.
  12. But we really don't know or it's hard to say if how low is low and high is high in bitcoin. Sometimes we already think that the bitcoin is low right now because yesterday the price is a little more higher and then suddenly it's continue to drop. like what happened last year until now, bitcoin price continue to drop.
  13. ion


    Yeah, you're right. It's gonna be waste of time, electricity and well, data connection. But actually that sites or watching videos to earn is just more on luck, it's looks like a lottery, you will earn a ticket by watching videos, and I think it's completely waste of time.
  14. ion


    I already have accounts on those sites, and I think that snuckles, or all of the income coming from watching videos is not really worth to spent time. I'm just using prepaid on my internet connection and watching videos consumed a lot of data. I got some payments proofs also from that sites. That bestexchanges is the only sites I never try. But anyway, thanks for this info. Any additional sites to earn money?
  15. During my free time, I'm also looking for some possible income through internet. I always try my luck and ways to get some possible sites to earn, but actually most of the time, I'm just playing my guitar and drink some beers if I I can't sleep. My idle time only come up at night after work. As long as I can, I want to earn extra income from my extra time, even for my internet and electricity bills.
  16. I did the same things before, specially when I was in college, I usually go to Quiapo church every Friday, because I was studying in one of the school in University belt manila before. But right now, I think just every special occasion, beside I hate to go to church right now, because of some priests who using the church for political interest.
  17. Yeah, you're right. The red horse beer is I think the number one beer right now in the Philippines. In every occasion, this beer is the priority to buy, even to the bars and resto, they recommended this beer. I have so many experience, some disgusting experience because of this beer before, and it's really funny to remember.
  18. Yeah, I do the same thing. Sometimes it really feels good if you trolling online, specially if your in sarcastic mode, and the other person always agree to you but deep inside you are laughing out loud.
  19. Is this related to the butterfly effect? I think it's looks familiar. But honestly I don't know any brands of peanut butter, I just remember the baby but not the name, and actually that's my weakness, there are certain situation that, I know the place, but the street, I know the location, But I don't know how to go there. It's really hard for me to remember the name.
  20. I'm still wondering how some people become successful on quitting the smoking habit. What things to do to get motivated and quit this. Maybe they don't have lungs anymore and they are in survival mode right now and their life depends on the machine.
  21. I was once addicted to counter strike also. I used to play this game when I was in college, and play for almost three to four hours a day with my friends. Nothing to blame about this, it's really addicted game and it's really fun. Most of the time there was money involve when we play against with other school.
  22. My other hobbies is to ride my motorcycle and go to the nearest provinces to enjoy. I really love to travel using my motorcycle, even in a group travel or alone. Although there was a time that I almost die in an accident, I'm still love and enjoy this thing, the feelings is priceless.
  23. We should do some stretching while facing the computer. Our company allowed us to walk inside the office while waiting for some calls. They also allowed us to lay on the ground if we want just to avoid the back pain for long hours of working. I think the milk and other vitamins for bones is applicable for those who facing this kind of work, the long hours of sits.
  24. You're right. They need patience in this kind of investment, because we never know when the cryptocurrency will rise again, specially the bitcoin.
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