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  1. Did you know?

    I might be a minority, but none of this has every really bothered me. I understand some people really value their privacy, but as long as I don't see a physical body staring at me through my window, I am not too concerned. I do understand that this can leave us exposed to people with malicious intent and I can see why both sides act the way they do though.
  2. Leisure time

    When I'm not out having a few drinks with some buddies from work, I like to read up on new things to learn. I have recently been rereading a few social media marketing books from college that I remember enjoying. I also build model kits for the mecha anime, Gundam (one of the nerdiest hobbies I can think of). I also tend to my african sulcata tortoises because I want to build them an awesome tortoise habit. Point is, besides video games and computer, I try to keep a bit busy. Don't get me wrong, I do spend a lot of time in front of the computer and play quite a bit of video games. Although, video games are pretty social for me because I play a lot of games with my closest friends.
  3. Fortnite

    I suggest you try it out! The battle royal mode doesn't cost a thing and the only things that cost money are the cosmetics and the PVE mode.
  4. PC Games

    There are plenty of games that are both on PC and Console, but I would like to know of some good games that are only available on PC. I would like to have a good desktop PC for working from home and for playing games, so trying to get a feel for the gaming scene. Also, what are certain games that are so much better on PC versus their console counterpart?
  5. Fortnite

    When this game first came out, I thought it was a blatant rip off of the game Players Unknown Battleground(PUBG). While it is the same concept(battle royal), it is not some cheap knock off. This game is free to download, and it has taken the world by storm. It has gotten extremely popular and the fan base is only growing. Last night, I was watching a Twitch streamer that goes by Ninja, and I believe he broke the record for most viewers in a live stream. He was also joined by Drake and Travis Scott (the rappers). This game has blended in the gamer culture with pop culture now. Earlier this week, Epic Games(Fortnite's studio) announced that Fortnite was coming to iPhone and some people already are able to download it. What do you guys think of the massive hype around this game?
  6. Doki Doki Literature Club

    That what it seems like at first, but I honestly couldn't explain it to you without spoiling the entire game. It is free to download on PC and would definintely recommend you try it out with an open mind and with the actual game file open.
  7. Xbox or PlayStation ?

    I feel when PC is mentioned, it turns into PC vs everything else So I kept to the original console war! Definitely want to post about PC's later on, I have a lot I want to know about building my own.
  8. Doki Doki Literature Club

    We need to talk about Doki Doki Literature Club(DDLC). I have never been into those Japanese dating sim games, but I highly recommend everyone play this one! You must also play with the actual game file open in a side window while you play. What was your reaction to the game? Try to announce your comment as a spoiler if it contains spoilers.
  9. Favorite TV Series

    I probably wouldn't consider 13 Reasons why a thriller, but it definitely was an intense drama. I watched it when it came out, and it was an incredibly emotional journey! There has been few times I get really emotionally invested in a character in a show, but I felt the tragedy of Hannah Baker as if it was real. It was a particularly controversial show, but I recommend it to others as well.
  10. Paying With Your Phone

    When this post was originally made, paying through your phone was not at all what it is now. It was pretty annoying to do, but fast forward 5 years into the future, and it has become very easy to do. You can just unlock your phone and tap your phone or scan the card. It is integrated in most of the newer phones and there is no need for external apps if you don't wish it anymore. I will say, that not ALL places accept these forms of payments yet, so it might not be considered mainstream yet.
  11. Xbox or PlayStation ?

    I have always had both a PlayStation and Xbox but I always lean towards Xbox as my main console. I would like to see what everyone else thinks. Which console do you prefer and why?
  12. DOTA 2 or LoL

    I have tried both of these for a very short time, and I think LoL was the better game. I'm sure Dota 2 has a good player base, but I feel like LoL has a giant following and competitive scene.
  13. MMO

    It has been ages since I have played a MMO that I really enjoyed. I used to play WoW, Guild Wars 2, Runescape(way back in the days), and most recently ESO. Maybe I don't enjoy them like I used to because I used to have a group of friends that played these games with me. What are some MMOs you're still playing and what makes them enjoyable for you?
  14. Favorite TV Series

    I have been re-watching The Office on Netflix lately and I completely forgot how much I loved this show! It is definitely worth the re-watch, even if it is 8 seasons. An honorable mention for my 2nd favorite series would be Game of Thrones, but I have to live without it for another year. What is your favorite series?
  15. InstaSaber

    As a huge fan of Star Wars, I do wish I saw this before buying a $200 light saber replica at Disneyland! Seems like a whole lot cheaper alternative. I am actually downloading this app as I type! I'd like to test out if it would work with anything other than a rolled up piece of paper.