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  1. You're really speaking of non-targeted paid traffic. I mean, did you think you couldn't buy the targeted kind? Anyway, after getting that traffic it needs to be sent to some sort of list - either an email or social media one. This is because of the buying cycle. In other words, people only buy on the 7th pitch (something like that).
  2. Maybe true, but how does Facebook make money off of groups? I assume it's ads. But apparently, the ad revenue on pages wasn't enough for them.
  3. The downside, though, is that a paid post on a Facebook page probably reaches way more people than a free group post. I mean, groups are popular, but it's nothing like forcing your way onto someone's feed. Anyway, has anyone tried paid posts on here? What was the result?
  4. To be on the safe side, an SEO strategy might involve using blog comments with no link - or at least a no-follow one. How does SEO handle comments with no link? Are they considered less? What about no-follow ones?
  5. Would you try it? Do you think it would work? What might be some pre-qualifications? Well, for one thing, I'd think you'd need a large and loyal base.
  6. It's now an important metric. However, though, we don't want to think of it the wrong way. What I mean is that it's seen as a source of activity, the links located on it don't mean that much. Anyway, in the past, blog commenting was seen as powerful because of the links - but now that's seen as a spammy tactic.
  7. Assuming you have enough money, of course, PPC is faster. SEO is, for all I know, a tough deal. It can take months or years. Who are we kidding here?
  8. That's a deal cause normally a website making $700 a month would be $7000 - and that's due to the fact that you normally have to pay 10X the possible monthly income. Anyway, regarding what you mentioned, that's not only a deal - but a super-deal. If you don't mind me asking, "Are you going to take it?". On 2nd thought, look at traffic sources. It can be faked. Don't get burned.
  9. Note that the 2nd term I made up, and the first is in regards to the following: TheCar.Biz TractorsR.US NewCar.Info What about the second? They would be the following: TheBiz.Biz Biz2.Biz NetEarnings4The.Net Anyway, can anyone think of more of these things? Would you use them?
  10. Some domain names are confusing while they're trying to be cool. For instance, the fictional name HotForumz.com would be confusing because many people will type in Hot Forums. It's like on the movie "That Thing You Do" where the band chooses the name "The Oneders" - but most people interpret it as "The O'Needers" , not as a witty spelling of "The Wonders".
  11. Beware of Facebook, cause it's not as free as it seems, in fact, far from it. Note, it normally takes paid boosting for your posts to reach FB page members beyond the 1 to 3 percent level (or maybe lower). Anyway, the amount for boosting is often competitive to other quality advertising, so you're not losing out in that sense, though.
  12. I was using WebRoot, but then switched to AVG, presuably to get rid of blue screen shutdowns. but WebRoot might not have been the source. Anyway, speaking of paid versions, I have McAfee installed on one and none on the other. However, I will probably switch to AVG on both when possible (financially).
  13. I made a project back in college. It was a C# class. However, it wasn't a website, only a workable program. That seems to be the case as most forums and blogs seem to be written in it. (Am I wrong?) However, though, Python is on the rise and I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned.
  14. The free stuff often has resource limits and/or inferior customer support. Also, it might have third-party advertisements. However, though, for a smaller site and/or one that simply wants unlimited resources (the advertisement filled one would provide that), free could be a good choice - and of course, the biggest perk is well, it's free!
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