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  1. I made a project back in college. It was a C# class. However, it wasn't a website, only a workable program. That seems to be the case as most forums and blogs seem to be written in it. (Am I wrong?) However, though, Python is on the rise and I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned.
  2. The free stuff often has resource limits and/or inferior customer support. Also, it might have third-party advertisements. However, though, for a smaller site and/or one that simply wants unlimited resources (the advertisement filled one would provide that), free could be a good choice - and of course, the biggest perk is well, it's free!
  3. How can it earn? Adsense, Chitika, etc. ads guest posts banner ad spots special club membership a signature displayed to guests directory listings boosted posts better placed directory listings donations Can anyone think of other ideas?
  4. A big attraction is the price, but as they say, you get what you pay for. However, though, honestly, I do think some companies use this stuff. I mean, they couldn't list major companies as users, if they didn't use them. I mean, that would be fraud and a potential lawsuit.
  5. Some say it is shady. In fact, some have even claimed companies are selling bots (fake traffic). Nonetheless. though, with research first, this traffic can sometimes work (depending on the niche).
  6. As many are aware, the money is in the list cause few buy on the 1st pitch. In fact, much of marketing is simply an attempt to build the list rather than sell (at least directly). Anyway, the new way to list build seems to be social media (formerly it was email).