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  1. Sony and Nintendo probably don't think that it is worth the resources going over there, focusing their resources on the larger markets; E3, TGS Etc.
  2. No they lead to other sites I'm guessing from the same network, they are all safe
  3. I've dropped it many times, but the one which happened just before the screen didn't work was roughly 30 cms in height onto a jacket laying on the ground. But I am probably just going to keep it connected on my TV and then get a new one soon. The thing is constantly overheating and turning off as well as speed and power issues.
  4. Hello all, today when I turned my laptop on, the screen was completely white. The laptop itself works fine, I currently have it hooked up to my TV via HDMI cable. I was just wondering if you all have any ideas as to what is causing this? On a probable connected information, the hinges between the keyboard part and the screen part are actually broken on one side and the connection that has all the wires in it has also broken, not completely off, but if I move it backwards I can see the cables inside. Any help would be amazing
  5. Not as of yet sadly. Still looking for one
  6. But the thing was it just wasn't about the products,it was how he, Steve Jobs marketted them, he didn't have that general CEO feel and public image about him. And also the iPad's aren't a waste of money in my opinion, they are probably the largest selling tablet in the market, and it's because they have a reputation for being good! And the whoe "Steve Jobs wouldn't have Approved" debate is about because it isn't up to his level of perfection, for goodness sakes there were problems charging it!
  7. I don't have any at the moment, I'm saving up my money at the moment for an Ipad in a few days, with birthday money, and then after that a Macbook Pro when the 2012 edition is announced. Probably around August/Septemberish
  8. It would be quite easy to convert the forum to the software of your choice
  9. None of the active posters are paid posters/exchangers, however I have used them in the past
  10. There are around 5-10 active daily posters, with the rest coming and going.
  11. Looks like quite a good service! I might use it when my blog is up and running
  12. Woops, my mistake, but that would be great Godric! Just let me know when your free and we will get talking. Thanks
  13. The site is active, just I took it offline for a bit. It would cost $10-12 to renew it on namecheap, but doesn't expire until june 2013
  14. I am also interested, PM me please
  15. Hey all, I am looking for someone to make me up a logo for a new site I am making. My budget is $15 for the logo and psd file. Below are the details Color - color scheme can be seen at Dont Stop Gaming | The Latest Gaming News, Reviews And Previews. Looking to make the red, black and white for the site for a while, so if that can be incorporated that would be great! Design - I am wanting there to be a hunched over gamer with a controller connected to a television. Perhaps at a slight angle from beside him so the viewers are able to tell it is a television. And above this have the site name
  16. Australia doesn't offer 4G and people who bought an iPad not knowing this got a full refund back because of our consumer laws. I am deciding between an iPad or Galaxy Tab
  17. Alright. Just gotta get the money now $620
  18. You pre-register them on the site, dotfree.com
  19. I bagged a few, 8 to be exact, weight loss ones and forum promotion
  20. Alright, so I am defiantly getting an iPad in the near future, and was wondering on whether I should get the iPad 2 or The New Ipad?
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