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  1. It really is weird for pets to communicate with each other on social networking sites. They can't! Actually they are not intelligent enough, animals have been around before men, like the Bible said, though they got created before us, they still can't comprehend anything much more interact through websites. The most intelligent being that was created are humans. And humans are the main reason everything was created including animals. So for a social media platform for them will just be an eternity before they can use it. I mean it will NEVER be used period.
  2. To all the Media Creators out there! Just want to know what kind of software or application are you using? I have been using Adobe Premier since 2008 and I just recently move to Sony Vegas last 2017. There are things I could not do really fast using Vegas that I can do in Premier much easier and vice versa. So maybe what you are using right now is much better in all aspects. What are your thoughts. Hoping you can help me with this one. Thanks very Much!
  3. Recommend me a free hosting

    That is what I am using right now, I just hope that they can still provide free hosting because actually they are now asking for you to upgrade.
  4. I have a laptop that I need to dispose of in order for me to pay up some bills. Since I have another laptop which is much faster and capable to do all my works. That laptop is just laying around eaten by dust. But my concern is the information or data that are stored in the hard disk might be restored by anyone by accident or intentional can do harm for my family. I want to ask for your expert advice about this situation I am having. Let me know a much better way to do it. Thanks a lot guys in advance.
  5. Setting Up Sub-Domain of Sub-Domain

    That's a good information! hahaha I never thought there is a subdomain of a subdomain, thinking to do the same thing just to experience it. Nice thing to know, thanks for sharing.
  6. MELVS is ON-AIR

    Hi to everyone! My name is Melvin Camasis, just call me MELVS! I am a jack of all trade but master of none (lol). I am a Licensed Financial Adviser, Healthcare Consultant, Web Administrator, Computer Troubleshooter, Network Administrator, Writer, Novelist, etc. like I said master of none (hahaha). Really nice to be here. I joined in order for me to learn more and share what I do know. So that we can all make higher level information in this time of tech advancement. Hope to a have chat with you all. Whatever you need if I can help let me know. Thanks very much!