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  1. Did you know?

    So basically, google knows that you are cheating on your partner like.. when you go out at night time and you will see other women and you will be in airplane mode so that your girlfriend cannot call you.. Google will know. Hahaha that's cute.
  2. Did you know?

    .. that Google has been tracking us through our Smartphones when on Airplane mode? Watch this video and let me know your thoughts about this topic.
  3. I think the most helpful ever since is Facebook. The transition of Friendster/Myspace into Facebook was a huge impact among the people nowadays. When I started using it, I was just using it for playing games like Mafia Wars and Restaurant City. Now it has grown so much that it publishes ads that can help you depending on your browsed content(cookies on your browser). And maybe it is also the one that hurts society the most. Imagine looking for the love or your life in Facebook and then when you meet him/her, you are the same gender, or he/she is a poser and is portraying other people. It hurts you know! Hahah good times!
  4. NBA Team?

    Same thoughts about those three on GSW that's injured.
  5. NBA Team?

    So. As playoffs awaits.. Who you rooting for? My team 2 years ago was GSW. But as they have their injuries lately, I hope they can still come at the finals in good composition. If I would be a bandwagon, I hope Celtics and Lakers will be the ones in the finals and bring back the old glorifying days. So.. you guys? Who you rooting for?
  6. How to earn on web hosting

    Now this is information. I learned a lot. Thanks to you buddy! Good times!
  7. If you have good equipment, and can sustain more earnings rather than the loss (electricity), then you can go for mining. Also, this only applies to bulk equipment. If you don't have that enough capital, then you should go for investing into bitcoin. I also suggest you invest on something that is new and trusted. I personally having this "airdrops" and you can earn free ETH based altcoins just by signing up. If you are interested I can explain it to you. Planning to make a youtube channel about this one also. I will share all my knowledge about these crypto ETH based altcoins.
  8. Hello to all!

    Happy to have a kababayan here! Good times!
  9. How to earn on web hosting

    I just watched it from youtube that this specific site has been running for 7 years and they're selling it for I think $2k and you earn $700 per month but he also said that to be careful about buying these sites. Up for you to invest on something that you can lose it as well. But there are sites that are as low as 5$.
  10. Leisure time

    Yeah my leisure time also consist of playing online games with friends especially Dota 2 and Rules of Survival. I'm also adventurous. Going to the beach and mountain hiking. Boss admin Nathan, you gotta exercise! Enjoy some fresh air and sight some girls hahaha kidding. I fully respect that that is your leisure time. Good times!
  11. PHP Error

    My friend still can't see the error. I said that he should answer your questions so that he may be able to figure out what is wrong with his program. Thank you always for having the time to answer to my questions! Good times!
  12. Leisure time

    Hi guys. I just thought that.. We all have this "computer" life and technology and all. But to think about it, what other things do you spend your time with without the use of technology? Personally, I enjoy time with my friends by having a beer party or rave party. But the status of a graduating student, I find it hard to maintain all these social interactions. I also do sports like football and table tennis. Also, having a love life makes it a lot more fun. You guys? What do you do when you are away from technology stuff? Hope you can share your thoughts here! Good times!
  13. Fortnite

    Now that I have viewed Fornite, I can say that the game play is similar to Rules of Survival and PUBG but in a whole new level. You can build walls and use them as weapons?? I dont know how the game works i just viewed it on youtube and my friends used to say that it is harder to play than ROS or PUBG. If ROS and PUBG Mobile is harder to play in smartphones, what more is Fortnite? I cant imagine!!!
  14. Just gonna share my idea on this. I have watched someone's idea of bitcoin and he said that it is not safe to invest in it. Rather, invest on the stock market who produces the CPU and GPU. For example, NVIDIA and AMD produces the best mining gears for you to mine bitcoin. Instead of investing to mine, why not invest on the stocks of these big companies? Just sharing the idea. I dont personally invest in bitcoin. I'm just a free taker of airdrops which is ETH based coins. Good times!
  15. PHP Error

    Can you guys help a friend? What is wrong with this? Thank you in advance!