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  1. When we assembled my PC it cost me around $400. CPU is the most important in your hardware. You need to find a good motherboard, processor, memory ram, video card and hard drive. Gigabyte and Asus are good for the motherboard. I trusted Intel Pentium for processors and Gforce is okay for the video card. The higher the spec much better but be prepared because it's very expensive.
  2. I'm having a problem right now with my Google Chrome browser. If my scrolling my browser, there's a shaped-black will appear on my screen. I have no idea how it has happened. Do you know what it is? How can I fix it?
  3. I have a PC but it's stuck I haven't repaired my motherboard for years and my monitor is LG. I haven't encountered a problem with my monitor but since you've mentioned that you don't like LG you may try also Acer and Asus there are the best monitors so far in many review articles.
  4. aecel

    Deep Web

    Update about the dark deep web. Have you seen the post of 9gag with Mark Zuckerberg? His webcam was taped as well as the microphone. It seems he's afraid being seen and spied on the deep web. Haha
  5. I'm very much in favor in 2-factor authentication because it avoids hacking your accounts though for some it's kind of tedious to do but seconds wouldn't take much of your time in exchange for securing your accounts. I hope all banking companies and payment portals will have this kind of process because they're the number one target of hackers.
  6. What do you mean by payment portal? I haven't encountered it yet. Though I see lots of advertisement on my FB messenger seems like Mark is gaining lots of money these days because of ads.
  7. For now, I only use Paypal I'll try to find another alternative but I needed to wait for the policy updates of Paypal if there any changes. I'm kind of interested in cryptocurrency but I needed to search more on how it works and how I'm gonna able to transfer it to my debit card account. I'm hoping that some of the Payment Portals that listed here are available to my country and have great services and can be trusted.
  8. I've been using Paypal for 4 months now and I like their services. When I tried linking my debit card to Paypal I emailed them about my reimbursement payment because that time I hadn't received any they took an effort to call my phone but unfortunately, I missed the call because of different time zone later that week I received my reimbursement fee. What I also like is there's no charges fee when I transfer my money to my debit card but I'm kind of sad about their policy update they will increase their charges fee starting May 10. I'm not sure yet if my country is affected by that but if yes I
  9. Nope, I haven't tried using it and my OS is still Windows7. I'm kind of wondering how fast it is compared to Siri and other Virtual Assistant. Looking forward to using Cortana one of these days.
  10. I must admit I was an addicted user of FB before. Yes, indeed that FB is the most popular social networking sites in the whole world no doubt about that but these days I rarely use FB. I only use FB messenger every day because I use it to communicate with my friends and families and it's free anyway so I can save money by using it. Hope FB will maintain its popularity in next generation even they're facing lots of controversies right now.
  11. I've never tried using windows on a smartphone I always use android. Nokia tried using Windows on their smartphone to fight for android users but they failed because there are lots of users still love using the simplicity of Android. I think Nokia tried to switch from Android but their sales are not enough to make it to the top they're still behind with Apple and Samsung.
  12. It's my dream to create a book but I'm not a good writer I'm not confident enough to make one. I like the idea of hiring a ghostwriter but what if the ghostwriter claim the copyright of the books if they see you're making a huge profit from it they might claim their works. I've heard some news that there's a group of music rapper that they bought their music from a freelancer musician online but when he sees that the music is already viral on YouTube and making millions of views he keeps on asking more money. I think there should be always an agreement before publishing it to avoid any conflic
  13. Wow, she is really like a human. Amazing how they did on her skin and eyes it looks real. I just recently watched I am not a Robot it's a Korean TV series a professor made a female robot who looks like a human. Technology nowadays is really changing those technologies that we've seen in movies is happening now. I'm excited to see cars flying in the future.
  14. Haha, Amazing invention. But when we blow a candle it's not actually a sound it's a wind that comes from our mouth. Nevertheless, it's a great invention hope they can make this kind of device in buildings or houses where it can automatically sensor a fire and the sound will blow off immediately. Hope the price is much cheaper than the fire extinguisher.
  15. I'm not really familiar with Jif Peanut Butter. I actually googled the brand but still, I don't recognize it. I'm not sure if it's available in my country or I was just not a fan of peanut butter. I'm more of a cheese person. I'll try to look Jif Peanut Butter at the market just to see if they still exist or not.
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