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  1. Hello to all!

    Refrain from using another language aside from English on forums my friend. You might get a low rating from the admin. Anyway, enjoy your stay here.
  2. Hello to all!

    Welcome on board! It is amazing to think that forums is reaching different countries, and we have the opportunity to share our knowledge with each other.
  3. Leisure time

    Yeah. Sometimes having friends near you is refreshing. It is advisable to socialize in real life sometimes and not only spending time in front of the computer or any gadget of yours. I also love partying with my friends, a couple of beer and cocktails and party sounds are great.
  4. Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece is my favorite anime character. His outgoing and happy go lucky attitude is like mine, that is why I fell in love with the character. Plus he also has a good heart that is willing to help others. And especially, he always protects his friends no matter what happens.
  5. The movie that made you cry?

    Forrest Gump by Tom Hanks. I don't know why, but I am really moved by Gump stupidity especially on loving Jenny. It displays unconditional love at its finest. I am also touched by Gumps mother hooking up with the school principal just to make sure that Gump will be admitted at the school. Mothers are always ready to do everything for their child.
  6. You're hobbies?

    I do have a lot of hobbies depending on what my mood is. Why I feel like being athletic and sporty, I usually play Basketball and Frisbee with my friends. When I feel tired, I love sitting on the couch and just watched random movies from my laptop. But one of my hobbies that varies any moods is writing. I really love to write that's why I'm here on this forum, trying to have an exchanges of thoughts with other users/members and maybe make new friends.
  7. Hello everyone

    If you are interested in IT world, surely this forum will get your interest all along as it is loaded with general knowledge in the field of IT industry. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Greetings!

    Hi everyone. I'm so glad to join this forum, because I know that I can learn a lot of Information Technology related things from here. I am also hoping to meet new friends and possible colleagues here. Thanks admin for letting me join Prodjex. Cheers!