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  1. Well, My personality somehow alike with Killua. Just cool all the time, but there's a killer instinct when the needs arise. He always acts in low profile even though he has an impressive background when it comes into fighting, since he came from a family of assassins.
  2. I never tried, and never will I try. My Father died because of tuberculosis. He acquired it thru smoking, I know the consequence of smoking very well because I witness how my father suffer from it. So, I said to myself that I will never ever smoke in my entire life.
  3. When I am not online, I use to hangout with my family and friends. Social life outside the internet is so important to me. I also love playing with my dogs, and walking them into the park, it exercises me at the same time.
  4. That's true. There's an international competition for all the CSGO players. Anyway, one feature of the game is you can now purchase weapons that are not available on their default market. So, the developer of the game will earn more on top of the game downloading payment.
  5. Oh. I can imagine how addicted you are into playing CS during your younger days. Haha Please consider playing the new version of Counter Strike. It is called, CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive. You can download it on Steam. It is much more exciting as you have the chance to play against other players all over the world. Not like before, that you can just link the game thru LAN.
  6. Good point! I think it is okay, because you are trying to balance your work and keeping your body fit. Well, aside from hitting the gym, you should also consider eating nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet while doing workouts. Surely, you will stay fit even though you are working on your computer for long hours.
  7. Counter Strike is still being played today. Still so popular even after more than a decade. I can say that Counter Strike is like a legend game that everyone would still love to play if there's a chance.
  8. My Father died because of tuberculosis, he acquired it thru excessive smoking. That's why I promise to myself that I will never try to smoke as it might also kill me if I did. I'm also an advocate of Smoking Ban on public places, as second hand smoking can damage more compared to first hand smoking.
  9. I have noticed that you always welcome the new members who arrived on this forum. I commend you for that. Great job!
  10. Welcome on board my friend! It's great to see a fellow Filipino on this forum. Enjoy your stay here, and I'm looking forward to read your future post.
  11. I won't second thought about my answer. I want a lifetime supply of petroleum products. In that way, I can ride my car anytime and whenever I want. Nowadays, petroleum product price is constantly rising, that's why it is such a great thing to have it for free.
  12. If I'm doing something that needs a concentration, I refrain from listening to music because it might just distract me. But, If I need to do something that requires physical movements, I would love to listen to electro music as it gives me an additional adrenaline to keep going.
  13. I really love "One Piece" by Eichiro Oda. It is a story about pirates and their adventures seeking for the valuable treasure called One Piece. As of this writing, the manga already has 988 chapters. The longest and still running manga of all time. The character and attitude of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the story is very captivating. I really love how he valued his friends and how he keep his promises. Surely, you'll get hooked into it once you've started to read the manga or watched it's anime series.
  14. One way of earning from your forum is link it with Google Adsense. Ads will be visible in your forum and will pay a corresponding amount. Another way is to sell a service or product on your forum, just like what SEO Clerks by Ionicware is doing. If there's a reward system for the members of your forum, you can also consider requiring a membership fee. But, I think the most profitable part is having affiliates that can boost your forum traffic and have a significant sales.
  15. I feel the same way too. Their unselfish attitude makes the team great and really fun to watch. How I wish they could still have a chance to play in the finals for one more time, before Ginobili and Parker officially retires.
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