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  1. you should start on Basic HTML , it is the easiest way to learn programming and you can use that language together with some advance language like PHP, and if you want to learn by your self many free o paid online courses you can find on the internet so just look on your self and if you need help, you can ask a question here. i recommend to start on the basic.
  2. codeacademy or any free programming course sites are informational and we can learn any kinds programming of programming but among those courses there's a most efficient way to learn programming called " Real School/academy/university ", let's be practical. professors can teach u the trick and techniques on how to use the codes or formula, it is easy when someone is teaching you not like your just watching a videos on the internet, watching videos on the internet is also informational but it is not easy to if you don't know anything, must better if someone is teaching you, so you can focus on
  3. i have learned my knowledge on Html/css programming during when i was a college student, when i was at 1st month i was so excited on learning and competing from other peoples when our lesson is still the basic programming, because before college i also learn some programming during highschool unlike my college classmates they don't have a programming lessons when they are on highschool,. i start on learning basics commands and trials and error on my own without asking someone for help because when you do that you can focus and your mind will start to think all the solution can use so you
  4. my opinion is using line image and single line div is the same and will not affect on your website performance but for me if your going to use image on making a page or a website make sure that your going to use is yours to prevent copyright and i suggest to download the Adobe Photoshop or other Photo editing software so if you want to use some image your going use but it just from the internet and not yours, i suggest to edit it first and make it different from original and remove the watermark, even it is just a line some people can make a secret water mark on that image so be careful and Go
  5. I prepare both but on different use. i use divs on designing a web pages more easily than using tables but tables is also useful like if you want to make a specification of-- for example IphoneX if you going to make a detailed specification of that phone you must use Tables it is also used on Lazada, Ebay and many more, so for me Div and Tables are very useful even now, we should just make our website and our design better and make it more informational by using tables on separating data/infomation and make it well designed by using Div command.
  6. Yes your right beginner must know the Html, CSS, JavaScript, that's the foundation of next generation language and other language that can develop a website. before you go on developing good quality websites like company websites, online shopping websites, online systems and like social media networking websites you must know the basic language first so that the flow of your development is balance , yes balance, why? because every websites development or system development are always facing many problems but if you have good knowledge on all language that you need to make that website, you ca
  7. My biggest probem as of now is, the Design. it's so hard to decide on what version of design will you going to publish because many websites now looks the same than others , header,footer,righ-left adsense, navigation bar, search toolbar, they all looks like the same and that's why i'm always making my project unique than other to attract more visitors and to make it more interesting than others. so design is my problem, how will i make it unique than on my competence company and how will i make it more interesting than them? that's all i'm thinking so i'm developing at least 3 version of desi
  8. Me, i got learned it from school, since i'm a I.T student. during my 1st year i started to learn Html, it is not hard to learn but because it it's just a html it us so hard to design and then we started a new lesson, new language called CSS, and i feel excited because CSS can make websites look awesome and nice, maybe i'm addicted on designing websites because everytime i see nice websites it always catching my eyes and interest and i proved on my self that a well nice design on a websites can make it more interesting.
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