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  1. Alright 'fess up. Who likes trolling?

    Yup, lots of people here hates it, including me. Trolling for me has no benefits at all. All it do is make people's life miserable. It can be use for things that make people hurt, it can be use as way for bullying, fake information and other misconduct. It may be just for fun for other people but i hope they realize that what they are dealing with is real people.
  2. Paying With Your Phone

    Paying coffee with a phone is pretty sweet, i know this technology and its available where i live in but i'm not into it. Maybe if the system is already proven safe, until then i'm good with the manual thing. There's a lot of bright minds at this site and we all know that this system is susceptible to frauds and theft. Its just a matter of time that someone will attempt to get through the system.....coffee anyone?
  3. Do you build your own PC?

    I built my own PC to fit its capabilities to my needs. It also helps me lessen the cost, specially when you are in a budget. Choosing what you need is very important in buying any product. On building a pc i always see to it that the value of important parts are prioritized, CPU, GPU and MB is where i invest the most. Other parts like ATX, PSU , ROM, HDD are basically on a lighter side, i usually use my old parts. Lastly building your own makes you more attached to it, therefore making you more aware and responsible in maintaining it efficiently.
  4. Laptops vs. Desktops

    I use them both actually but i prefer desktop. Desktop is a must for me because of its plug and play abilities. Hardware flexibility and maintenance wise, desktop is my favorite device. Hands on modification is probably the best thing i love with desktop, a user that can choose what hardware he/she wants with the system can make your system powerful and at the same time efficient. Although Laptop's are basically maintenance free which is very convenient, it might be the same reason why desktops last longer that laptop's. The fact that you can do maintenance on your own desktops, makes it more reliable and more efficient. A proper maintenance and hardware upgrades will make a significant difference in terms of durability.
  5. It can be use as a normal computer if your willing to make some adjustments on some compatibility issues. Its actually a computer on i card size form, but of course running it as normal as a desktop or laptop is not that easy. Although running Raspberry PI as it self is actually is easy because the features of a desktop are all in there, mouse port, key board port, Screen port, etc. One problem you'l probably bump into is compatibility with Network applications and OS to software integration. I am really not an expert or a user of Raspberry, i just learned about it on a training i attended long ago.
  6. Smoking. What about you?

    I've been smoking for quite sometime now just to relieve from stress. It started when i was in high school and and i have been smoking since then. Although it as an addiction, i never tried to quit. Frankly i had ideas and resolutions made during smoking, i don't why but it seems to enhance my decision making during tough times. Or maybe its just an outlet for me to relax.
  7. For me overclocking your system is an option but not a necessity. Every systems have minimum and maximum specifications. Working your system on its maximum capacity may get your system faster but it will be susceptible to hardware and system failure. Its like putting a whole egg on an oven. Once the egg reached its maximum tolerance, you will only have something to clean...
  8. WIX

    Yup your right, i checked their site and there are limitations specially on free subscriptions. Although they have premium options which have some site tools like SEO, Analytics, and mail Domains you have to invest in it.
  9. Java Script

    I cannot say much about it because it is still a concept. I'm still trying to figure out the communication system between the machine and the website. I choose java for the web function just because i'm familiar with it. Basically what i want to happen is java will be responsible for WEB user control interface and Real time data content by the machine. For the machine control java will call VB base programs that will be connected to I/O hardware . Java will also have to control signaling devices for the Alarm system thru a communication port Where the website is being viewed. I made an illustration on how the project could work. Thank you for your comments i really appreciate it.
  10. Coin mining

    Thank you @Nathan and @hoppip93 , now i know where to start. I want to try mining but i really need to study ....hard about the process . I know how to set up a mining rig technically based on some site references and some hardware procedures. I just need to learn more about the science in it. The way i see it, a miner still needs to invest in terms of hardware power and system set up. I just hope that its worth it...
  11. WIX

    Is WIX a great way to start a website? I heard they have free hosting and a website builder. Is it really good? or there are something else into it when you subscribe on their services? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated...
  12. You're hobbies?

    I love both coding and interfacing them with devices. I started VB programming as hobby at work. I used to make small programs for process automation using VBA, ADO, SQL during my free time. After some success i started interfacing machines using digital controls thru VB. After these projects, i never get enough of coding and automation. Lately i'm into automation and machine interfacing thru WEB environment, i'm still working on it though.
  13. Coin mining

    I have friends mining coins by creating their own rig at home. I'm relay confuse on how mining works, correct me if i'm wrong the system is using your hardware capabilities to mine coins? can someone enlighten me? Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  14. I'm really interested on how to monetize a website, can some one briefly discuss how do websites earn? And if your are earning by this method, is it taxable? Also in order to earn thru your website, do need some investing? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  15. Java Script

    Hi guys, i am new web development and java . I'm a technician by profession and i am familiar with PLC programming and Vb programming. I use to have projects on HMI (Human Machine Interfacing) on my department that involves these programming methods. Lately i'm trying to use WeB interfacing as a main control for some machines but failing. What i want to know, is Java script capable of communicating with external devices (for example : a relay thru a communication port)? Any comments and suggestions is greatly appreciated.