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  1. I have an ASUS monitor that i have been using for around 4 years and its still in great condition. I have no idea how much it worth nowadays, but i bought it at around $80 back then. It was on sale so i think the original value is much more higher than that. In terms of design, i love the easy adjustable tilt adjustment and also have a wall hanger option.
  2. Well its a good way to gain costumers but i think it will affect profit. Of course you wouldn't sell a product with a definite loss that won't be logical. But i think they down sell price for a much lower profit. In these case it would help in terms of costumer satisfaction and eventually lead to regular clients. Good point...
  3. I have enabled some specially on my banking accounts. I didn't use it on my email accounts because i think its too much authentication and also could lead to mishandling of account specially if you have multiple accounts with different authentications.
  4. I really think it can be done but not purely by YouTube alone. I have a friend that uses YouTube as an advertiser and as a seller portal. She's doing great actually, but this is not a thing that can be done quickly. She started using YouTube as a tool about two years ago and it just gradually increased its popularity. Now her business is stable, but she told me its not easy at all. Perseverance and consistency is the key according to her.
  5. I have a list here of components that you might want to include on your assembly. Depending on your budget these components could be within your requirements. I hope this helps...
  6. Its probably a BIOS beep notification. Its usually a system checker that have different meaning depending on how many beeps and how long it beeps. There are several reasons why these beeps occur, it may be just a startup confirmation or an issue is detected on your system. You can try checking your system with these codes. You can also check this article for your reference. https://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm I hope this helps...
  7. I really don't have an idea of the total cost of a brand new PC nowadays. I always tried using some old parts like the ATX casing and power supplies just to build one. I just buy new parts that is significant for the use. Some of the major parts are Vcard , Mboard/processor and RAM. Other parts like HDD, ROM and auxiliaries are just recycled. I use or store them for future use, i have some of them sold so its more of a progressive approach when in terms of building one.
  8. I have been using PayPal for years and i'm quite happy with their services. Although i have encountered some issues over the years, i still think they are more efficient and safe in terms of keeping your account protected. I have been using PayPal for my business and personal transactions and they served me well.
  9. Some of us foresee the effects of AI in the future. It's scary because most of us predict that their will be a decreased of jobs involving humans which is i think is gradually happening. Although replacing humans by AI as a workforce has a lot of implications. Humans can still survive because of its ability to adapt and think. It may be different when it comes to animals...Yes animals are also are endangered by AI as a replacement. Although i think it's a good thing in a way. But this tech definitely has significant effects in the future.
  10. I agree, they haven't figured out yet how to translate the features to gestures. I use Microsoft apps on my smartphone and its a big problem for me when i'm using Microsoft office. Specifically Excel, i having trouble translating gestures as replacement for a mouse. It might be just me just because i'm still trying to figure out how to work without a mouse. But in terms of application, the features didn't change at all and i think the effort of making people comfortable using their products on a smartphone somehow failed.
  11. You might want to consider what kind of application are planning to make. Some programming language have different application like website building electronics , standalone programs and integration. If one of these applications interest you try a programming language that's best suit you. For example, if your planning to go for a website developer try HTML , JAVA , CSS etc..
  12. Well it really fooled me. Too scary when you couldn't even a human from a robot. Your right @JayRob2212 , Sofia was the most advance in terms of intelligence and learning capability. But there are robots that are specialized in movements and gestures, there are also robots that are good in their appearance.
  13. Would you believe that this pretty face is just artificial? Yup this pretty girl or it look liked , is made from metal, plastic, a computer and a bunch of codes.This one belongs to japans AI robots that is used as a receptionist. Think about being pretty forever... I have to play it over and over just to make sure that its really a robot....
  14. Found it ! Its called Ruben's Tube Theory. This video has some explanatory part which is both cool and confusing ...so if your not into the science explanation thing you might wanna skip that part. This tech is actually 19th century old ....i guess this was their music equalizer back then. Think about playing with fire. I think their planning to put it on a helicopter , but this one is on a larger scale. The idea is to put the device below the helicopter and act as a high rise extinguisher. Also they said that its a good fire extinguisher at space.
  15. I'll go for WIN7 because i think it's the most stable WINOS . I had tried most of WINOS and WIN7 is i'm the most comfortable with. The features and User Interface is so user friendly for me. Also the system is versatile and upgrade able that it can be compatible with devices and apps that are most used on higher version OS.
  16. I had actually seen a fire equalizer from a TV show but i couldn't remember what show at the moment. They use propane gas as a supply and a long tube with holes as a flame output. They used the sound from a stereo as a regulator and it worked like a real equalizer, but hot! Thank you for reminding me... i have to see that again.
  17. I saw thing tech years ago on Discovery and i was just so curious and amazed. This tech shows how powerful sound is and the endless possibility on how we can benefit from it. I actually tried making one on a small scale, it did not actually worked like on the video. I tried using a small speaker and a candle to do the testing, it didn't really turned the flame off but definitely the flame started dancing. I guess it needs more sound power. Any way check how these students turns sound into a fire extinguisher.
  18. I agree...i'd rather go with this tech specially when you talk about invasive surgery. The fact that you can go on with your life almost normally after this procedure, its very convenient. Although its still on the testing stage, the benefits could be a big help in the medicine industry and eventually to people.
  19. I know that technology plays a big role in our lives in terms of entertainment, arts, sports and medicine. I know that robots now are being used in surgery and medical testings. But this tech is too scary to swallow literally. https://nyti.ms/2F9DH3M Check the article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/24/science/tiny-robot-medical.html Have a great stomach everyone!
  20. I found a free open source graphic software called Krita. Its somehow similar to PS and Corel, with some features that is really cool for imagery . I still haven't used it for a long period but i think its great specially for beginners.
  21. I really don't know why there's only little information about this TV specially the price. But i like to think that this TV comes in different sizes and its mobile. I expect a portable one where you can bring it almost anywhere. An 12" portable roll able TV would be nice, imagine you bringing a TV ... almost anywhere. Although i'm amazed how this technology works, i have doubts on its durability. I just hope that there's more information available about it.
  22. This tech has no price yet and i think this is not cheap. This TV will amaze you and might roll you. A roll able TV from LG with multi function capabilities, i don't know the specifications yet because its not yet out in the market. I think this one will make your TV watching more interesting.
  23. Lol, Win95 was the first system that i have ever learned. Back then it was so complicated because i didn't even know how to use a mouse. I remember spending long hours just to practice typing and just exploring. Happy days....
  24. I just do something productive during my idle time, i do sketching and some DIY stuffs. Also a good nap is a great way to recharge some energy. Although idle for me occurs not so frequent in may daily activity i'd rather make use of it productively.
  25. Adobe photoshop for me, its a versatile software with a great user interface which i am comfortable with. Although i tried other software's like KRITA and Illustrator i always end up with Adobe. It may because i am used to it and the features and functions along with it is familiar to me, making it easy for me to do my work efficiently.
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