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  1. A brilliant sales trick to increase sales. However I think you need to be careful how you do it. You need to have a strategy. The most common instance I've seen this technique used is in a fast food restaurant for instance where you order a pizza and they try to sell you additional toppings like cheese, or extra pepperoni, or fries or a drink. However I don't think they do it that well. Its like a script and they look and sound really disinterested. If your going to do this your going to have to sound like you care and up sell products that are related and that make the customer think you rea
  2. I'm not really artistic, but because of my business I have had to learn a bit about design. I'm just starting out but so far I love, love, love Canva. First it's free and I love free things like everybody else. It's also very easy to use and has a million options. It's very easy to find tutorials on how to use it online.It also has a million options and is user friendly. I think other image design software's like adobe Photoshop are for more experienced people. I tried to use it, it was sooooo confusing!
  3. Everything. Have you ever used other search engines? like Bing? Yahoo? Mozilla? They are just weird! Google is like coffee it's very addictive. Once you start using it you can't stop. It's super super fast and doesn't hang like other search engines. I also like the way it guesses what you are trying to search.So long as you roughly type in what you want it will guess it. I also like that it remembers your previous searches and if you've forgotten all you have to do is type in the first letters and it will bring your previous searches up. Google is perfect in my humble opinion.
  4. The first time I heard about SEO was when I was given articles to write in exchange for money and told to make it SEO friendly. I quickly googled SEO and learnt what this was in a matter of ten minutes. Since then I have continued to build my knowledge on the same. I have realized it's importance. To learn SEO i have subscribed to Neil Patel's newsletter. Neil is known in the online marketing circles for his ability to come up with strategies that drive traffic to any website. If you Google his name you will see how many of his websites rank number one because of his ability to use SEO.
  5. This is the million dollar question. Do people actually make a living wage on Youtube or just some pocket money to spend on a weekend out? I think you need more than 1,000 or is it 10,000 clicks to earn some money.How then do you go about getting those clicks?Does you tube act like a search engine ?do you need to use the right keywords to get your videos seen? They are actually not that many tutorials out there about how to earn money on Youtube. This is is mostly unexplored area in my opinion. As a newbie I wouldn't advise you start here for instant income.
  6. I have a friend that is making a killing writing articles in this niche. I don't know much about B2B marketing but off the top of my head this type of marketing is very specialized. It's not an area you can just fall into. Corporations and people are diffrent entities. What a corporation is looking for will be diffrent and yours services have to be super professional. You also need to do your research on the product that your selling. More so that your selling to a company that knows the product inside out. I don't think this is a field for newbies. This is also a field that takes time to esta
  7. I think a dedicated server is for big corporations. Remember it costs money to setup and maintain. It does not make sense for us small guys to have one. A shared or a virtual one in my humble opinion serves just as well and is more friendly to your pocket.Though I'm not sure which of these two options is best in terms of security.In my opinion a dedicated server is more vulnerable to attack.The level of security that would be required for a dedicated server is higher. This skyrockets the cost of a dedicated server. However if your business is big enough and you can afford it, go for it.
  8. I think it depends on your target market.If your market is people in their mid forties and above they tend to not trust online shopping so they would more responsive to someone who advertises offline. This would also add more credibility if the store has an offline and online presence. On the other hand the younger generation especially millennial's respond better to online advertising, which they can see from the comfort of their homes on desktops and laptops or the comfort of their mobile phones, which they can read and engage in when they are on the go.
  9. I think you should build your audience first before putting affiliate links. Provide valuable content and more importantly content that helps people solve their problems. Once people use your site to find solutions, they will come back. You can then put affiliate links that will help provide solutions and will lead to more conversions. I also agree that your affiliate ads should be super relevant. I always advise you try and build your own organic traffic first. It's a long process, but this helps you to understand your audience because you find out what works. This helps you, because you will
  10. I'm all ears on this one. The best way in my opinion is creating valuable content and finding a way to get links back to your site. Using forums or sites like Quora where you answer questions and provide links back to your sites. I also like Youtube and Facebook as a way of doing this. However with the constant Google updates its becoming tricky. I heard Google does not really approve of linking from forums. My take is that in future, this kind of linking may not be allowed. But like everything online, I'm sure we will find new ways of getting around this.
  11. I agree, its a robot. Look at its body language and the way it moves. It moves in the most unnatural way.The skin and the eyes look natural. But if you look closely you will realize that it doesn't blink. A human being blinks all the time. Lol! I think AI is the future of work. They are some jobs where it has become too hard to find someone willing to do them. A receptionist is a tedious job. In my country you can only find teenagers or young adults willing to do this. They are also not very good at it. However I wonder how a robot will do this. Can it think outside the box in a crisis for exa
  12. @Byte member I disagree. Everyone is an expert at something, you just need to know what.We can't all be experts at writing, so you need to find someone who is. I agree that the idea has to be yours. If you give them an outline of your thoughts and let them figure out the rest, this may work. You can even put your thoughts down on a Dictaphone. Most celebrities who write about their lifes have ghost writers and their books go on to sell, millions. I think if you ideas to put out their this is fantastic concept. As the saying goes there is a book, in every one of us.
  13. From my personal point of view I prefer video because watching is just easier and more entertaining. But it all depends on your audience. If you have the younger generation I would advise video, again because of the entertainment angle. If you're advertising to the older generation, images may do the trick,especially because they may not know how to even watch video. Be careful about images though. They have to be good images to achieve your advertising goals.
  14. I don't think this can be an open and shut question. It would depend first obviously on your target audience. If your advertising to the older generation, pamphlets and general traditional advertising may do the trick.If you're advertising to millennias social media marketing may be the best because they probably won't read your long emails. If you want to target the middle class use email marketing. I also think as time goes back,advertising methods and strategies change, as people's behaviors change.
  15. I agree. Just acknowledge the source of the article or video.If you're willing to go the extra mile, you can ask the owner of the website if you can reuse the article on your website or blog. Most are willing to give permission because of the link back. This is the safest way and will only take you a few minutes, in the form of an email.This becomes an issue if you copy the article word for word and pass it off as yours or if you copy the ideas and say they are yours. You need to be careful, because if reported Google can pull down your article or video.How embarrassing!
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