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  1. As with most things there has been a shift over the past couple of years from traditional advertising media to online advertising. Targeted advertising and the surge in the use of mobile device has brought advertising down to all parts of the globe. In terms of coverage online advertising beats the traditional media and it is so much cheaper
  2. It used to be the default browser back in the day but with the emergence of so many faster and more entertaining browsers it has become forgotten like an old religion. As change is the only constant thing, people have moved on and embraced newer and better things. It hasn't been missed and lots of younger people don't even know about it except when their devices bring it up as an option. Firefox, Chrome etc will suffice for now.
  3. How to earn on web hosting

    Making a website profitable is definitely not a walk in the park;it requires determination and a knowledge of the necessary skills to bring in the much needed traffic. Lots of folks sell dead ponies to unsuspecting people on the Internet, so I suggest you do a thorough research before parting with your hard earned dollars. If you follow your passion and build up a website in the end it will become worth all the trouble.
  4. It depends on who you ask. Social media has been used by the masses to pull down dictators,change the status quo. It has lifted lots of people from poverty. It helps people keep in touch with family,friends and relatives at the lowest possible cost. Trolls and cyber bullies have destroyed so many lives via social media. Minors are easily corrupted by communication in social media.
  5. Xbox or PlayStation ?

    I would take Playstation any day over any other console because of the vast collection of bestselling titles and secondly Playstation has the most ergonomic controller pads. The only limitation a Playstation owner can have is not having enough funds to buy the endless number of titles out there, the constant improvement of the console of the years has added to the dedicated fan base and follower-ship over the years.
  6. Reddit excels in areas like linking you up to forums of people with similar interests who share knowledge and experiences daily. Reddit tends to frown at online marketing as the forum administrators censor and delete messages that doesn't revolve around the issues being discussed by the forum. Facebook excels in online marketing as they promote paid advertising which incidentally is cheaper than what most platforms offer.
  7. Laptops vs. Desktops

    It's a question of which weapon suits which battlefield. Nothing beats the desktop in terms of power and processing speed and the big screen monitors which are better for the eyes,but in terms of portability and freedom the laptop reigns supreme. At the end of the day it boils down to what the user needs the PC for and the environment he will work in.
  8. Humans don't like to stress their brains more than they ought to, so we tend to prefer shorter names or names that are easy to remember. You may pick a four letter word that is hard to remember whereas another domain name is much longer but easier to recollect. I believe a balancing act should be applied especially as lots of people have chosen the available shorter domain names, one has to be creative in order to survive in our very competitive world.
  9. Facebook Traffic

    Nothing beats Facebook in terms of targeting and traffic generation,ads is the mainstay of the company which generates billions of dollars yearly from advertising. Once you create a fan page or group and display enticing content,you will definitely generate traffic from targeted advertising,incidentally Facebook ads gives its users more bang for the buck when compared to other advertising platforms.
  10. There is no written down rule, but if you can get hundreds of visitors to your website it is good but if you can get thousands it would still be better. Traffic and leads are the new currency in e-marketing so the more the merrier. You can participate actively in social media,blogs and forums to draw traffic from there to your website thus increasing your digital worth.
  11. You maybe be right there,for first time users Twitter may seem more challenging to use. Both have the potential to reach lots of potential clients especially if you follow their ads instructions religiously. Advertising has gradually shifted from the old media format into social media,so we all have to learn in other to reap the benefits it offers. The reach one can get through social media marketing is unbelievable and can be very profitable for businesses.
  12. Malware Removal Tools

    Thanks for the rich discussion and information on software which can effectively take out malware. A certain Indian product "Quick heal Pro" is a very efficient anti virus and also a malware killer,you may want to try it out too. So unfortunate that people take out their time to create such diabolic things,we live in a crazy world though.
  13. Traffic is the rage of the moment as leads are sought after aggressively by both affiliate marketers and companies who spend a lot of money to get clients to their sites hoping they convert by buying their products.Some dishonest people instead of sending real people to sites send bots which act like humans in order to increase the traffic to the site but they end up dropping fake emails and contact details and definitely make no purchases. With daily advances in computing,there are programs which detect such bots and take appropriate actions.Honesty is always the best policy in business.
  14. A pleasant day to everyone

    Welcome bro,you came to the right place,this is a pool of talented pros who are always eager to learn from and teach others. All you need is a bit of patience to get answers to your questions because we all have lives outside this forum but eventually you will get the answers you seek even if it delays. You may have to enter the sub forums where your questions fall under and post them there. Have a great day too.
  15. Recommend me a free hosting

    Well some people complain about a lousy customer support which directs one to PayPal to lighten your pocket of almost $5.Others complain about downtimes and general inefficiency in their services,some people equally say good things about them. Since it is free up to the point it no longer becomes free,there is no harm in giving them a trial to confirm if the reviews are true or false.You may just have to save towards using a paid site where all the services are top notch to justify your payments.