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  1. Well, from the way I see it, your web hosting renewal should be determined by what and how you seem to carry out your work. If it's important to set up your work without having an hassle, it's best to have a specific date or day fixed up for you monthly renewal.
  2. In my opinion and experience as well, it gives a better working satisfaction when you work with a database. It makes you work a lot more easier, secured and fulfilling. I wonder how those who works without a database enjoy their work?
  3. This is actually why most people fail at what they do. Personally, before I contract any job to any freelancer, I would like to have his or her past work experience to consider before making the job official.
  4. It's true what you just mentioned about people desiring to make use of something more better, faster than ever and constantly updated which is why I believed it's what led to the fade off of internet explorer.
  5. I'm of the opinion that the purpose for which either laptops or desktop computers are needed is what determines the right one for the job or task. So, what I'm trying to point out here is that both the computer devices are very good for the job and purpose they are required for.
  6. But actually, people were making adequate use of the internet browser back then because from my personal experience, I did used it very well then till other new browsers that were better kept popping up and I had to switch my loyalty.
  7. There is a community called SEOClerks, it's where I first learnt about SEO and it's been very interesting and informative with all I have acquired from all the experts in SEO that are members on the platform.
  8. Seriously, it's a shame that some developers would just purposely condemn their own work without making all necessary effort to keep it going in the market. Can you imagine how good the browser would have been if it's still in use today? They would be making millions of dollars.
  9. I haven't used this yet but from all indications, it looks like a great one for hosting one's website. I believe that this your site is hosted using it as well.
  10. I'm of the opinion that at least the basic knowledge of server administration should be know by any webmaster in order to give him or her the basic information on how some things works.
  11. Well, so far so good, PayPal is the best online payment processor for sending and receiving money from all the parts of the world where PayPal has its services available. Personally, as much as I hate some silly things PayPal does, I still can't do without it.
  12. You can pay someone to carry out the jobs which you can't do well by yourself. There is no need forcing yourself to do everything. If you simply can't get it done well, outsource the job.
  13. Going with yearly payments would be the best if you make enough money from your website, and it's most likely going to be a lot cheaper. But if you are working and earning on an average note, then it's best and appropriate to go with monthly payment.
  14. The sad truth is that there are so many poor writers and freelancer who dilute the quality of work done recently, it's the reason why before you outsource any work, make sure to carry out background check on the individual works history and know whether he or she possess the skills to deliver a high quality job.
  15. There are so many social media networks available to be used for several purposes but in my opinion, it's almost impossible to effectively and efficiently make use of all of these sites. So, on that note, I don't have Tumblr account and I'm not planning on getting or creating one now.
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