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  1. Martinsx

    Antivirus Software

    Avast has always been my favorite anti virus software right from when I was still just using android phones before I got my first laptop. Now, having upgraded to windows 10 avast still offers me the best protection against any kind of virus or malware that my system may be vulnerable to. Avast boost over 400 million users in the world and being official partners with Microsoft shows how the anti virus software is.
  2. Yes my dear, it's something obtainable in so many big companies, it's very expensive hiring the expertise of advertising firms to carry out advertisements for a company. It's actually why some of these companies set out to have their own in-house advertising department tasked with taking care of their public image marketing and advertising. They would only seek out-house advertising when such advertisements need extra per of hands to get a better job done.
  3. Martinsx

    April Posting Contest

    I did tried my best even though I wasn't fully active at the beginning of the month but I pushed hard to get on the 3rd spot. Boss @Nathan, why not make provisions for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot takers? It's just my suggestion. Thanks.
  4. Martinsx

    Bootstrap Contact Form

    I came across bootstrap in one of my online courses in web design and development, it's good getting to come across it again here in this platform, it shows that here is really a good avenue for one to learn more about web design and development. I'm looking forward to gaining a few more knowledge from my participating in the forum to supplement it with the ones I get from my online courses.
  5. From the onset, even if companies are being the one carrying out its advertising plan and campaign, they have in-house advertising department that takes care of the project. Ordinary staff cannot be hired and tasked to carry out a professional advertising campaign. This would be a total failure should the management decide to move in such direction.
  6. Martinsx

    Payment Portals

    PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union are the most dependable payment portal which I have used to send and receive money from all around the globe. Most of the online money making sites which I work on mostly use PayPal as it's trusted payment portal for all members.
  7. There are advertising firms that offer good services when it comes to making excellent marketing campaigns videos that would possibly yield positive results. I would recommend using experts in the field to create such advertising campaigns video instead of trying to have it done by oneself. Trying to save money by doing it would yield no positive result but rather kill the products image.
  8. It's true what you just mentioned and I'm sure that it's why most people fail with video advertising because they find it difficult to make great ones that would have a better impact on viewers. Some of video adverts are very boring and with such video, there is no way it would achieve the objective why it was made.
  9. It's true that should Facebook decide to monetize Facebook groups, it's definitely going to cut its number of users because a lot of people who make use of Facebook groups does so mainly for fun and generating traffic for the social media platform. I have a comedy Facebook group where my friends come and have catch fun as well as relieving stress, so should Facebook decide to charge me for the group, I would drop it immediately.
  10. There is no denying that video advertising have more impact than just only image advertisements but the cost of making video adverts is a serious deterrence for most companies. Also making a good video requires great expertise and experience to pull off an incredible job that would enforce customers to patronize the commodity of on the advert.
  11. Let's hope that Facebook groups doesn't get charged one day for its users. It's true some user wouldn't mind paying as long as it aids them in getting what they want - their marketing objectives but I'm sure that a good number of users would stop.
  12. Martinsx

    How did you get started designing?

    If you can't attend any live workshop or seminars on how to start and improve your graphic design business then I strongly recommend that you stick with learning online through YouTube videos. If you are one that grasps things quickly, I'm sure you will master anything that you need on graphic designing. Good luck mate.
  13. Martinsx

    What to do when people don't like the theme?

    If all the forum members don't like the theme which I think would be something rare to happen but should it occur, then I would strongly recommend changing the theme because something is wrong with it in as much as the forum owner think it is a good and cool theme. Remember the forum is being run for the visitors that makes use it and when a particular theme drives them away from posting on the forum, then in my opinion I believe such theme needs to be scrapped and replaced.
  14. There is no arguing that the social media is a fertile ground of immense resources that are ready to be explored when marketing is called into question. There are millions of people if not billions flocking the social media that are possible potential customers and business clients if an advert that interests them is made public. I completely agree that if a marketer effectively carries out his online marketing program/projects, directing it to the business needed targets and using the right persuasive words, there is no limit to the number of business clients to source from social media.
  15. What you said is absolutely true, when it comes to choosing the channel for an advertisement, the preferred channel would determine if the advert would be a video or image - content advertisement. Just like you pointed out about the use of YouTube for an advertisement, using just an image when it's widely known that the platform is meant for video advertisements would ruin the advertisement from the start.