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  1. Martinsx

    Free or Premium Hosting?

    Before getting into anything, it's best to have all the information about how it works and how to get the best out of it because if you don't and head in blind, you will definitely have all to lose.
  2. Martinsx


    Seriously, it gets so bad when you can't be able to set your boundaries with your gaming habits because before you realize what's going on, you will end up pulling in so much money as well in the game. I have a friend who suffered such horrible experience and it wasn't funny at all.
  3. Martinsx

    Xbox One or Playstation 4?

    90% of my gaming experience is with Playstation consoles. I have played with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. I'm not sure if I would ever be more comfortable playing with any other console than Playstation consoles. So, it's PS4 for me.
  4. Martinsx


    I get that very and it's part of the reason why I would never play any sort of game with my mobile smartphone device because it would literally stop me from getting most of my days tasks carried out. Game addiction is psychological in my opinion.
  5. Martinsx


    Some really have this same difficulty when it comes to being able to balance gaming with the PC and working online as well, this is why such person prefer to work with PC and game with consoles.
  6. Martinsx

    Do you take a break form your freelancing sites?

    In as much as it's good to have a very strong drive for making money but it should come to a point when you definitely need to give yourself and your body a serious break in order to escape burning out yourself and breaking down. Human beings are not robots, so the break from online freelancing jobs is very important for our health.
  7. Martinsx

    Why Does iOS Cost More?

    Seriously, the cost of iOS devices is still the reason why I'm yet to purchase any Apple products. In as much as their products are with good quality and features, it's simply too expensive for me to spend on.
  8. Martinsx

    Anyone here use Notepad++?

    Notepad++ is the best in my opinion because it gives you quick path way to run quick edits on your design. There are other tools available to use for this project but Notepad++ is the best.
  9. Martinsx

    April Posting Contest

    Alright, till then, I'll be keeping my eyes out when you get to announce the next session of the contest.
  10. Martinsx

    Smoking. What about you?

    The federal ministry of health always gives the warning that smokers are liable to die young. So, why would I purposely want to be the that kills myself by smoking? Seriously, it's not a good decision for me to smoke, so I'm totally not in support of it and wouldn't smoke for any reason whatsoever.
  11. Martinsx

    Offline or online games?

    Personally, I don't have any problems with playing either online games or offline games, as long as they both satisfy my gaming expectations, then I'm all good with the game. Although, I'm currently more into online gaming than offline gaming.
  12. Martinsx

    April Posting Contest

    So, who actually won the contest because I'm literally lost on who was the successful winner. Then on the other hand, I would fancy another contest kicking off soon.
  13. Martinsx


    Personally, I'm a fan of console games over PC games because I'm more used to playing with consoles. Over 80% of my gaming experience is with console games. So, I prefer to play with console games.
  14. Martinsx

    Free or Premium Hosting?

    Exactly! When you are still new on being a webmaster, it's very understandable that you make use of free hosting. Pumping much money into the website isn't a good idea when you haven't understood the nature of the work.
  15. I seriously doubt if I would ever forget about internet explorer because it's my first ever browser when I was still making use of public Cyber Cafe. I used internet explorer before I started making use of Mozilla Firefox.