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  1. Sometimes I am motivated to work online if I have something important that I want to buy for myself or for my family. I feel that I need to work hard to achieve certain goals which is something that I really want to do most of the time as much as possible. Having something to be purchase either in offline or online is something that really motivates me more to work online everyday. I know that it is tough but I am trying to do it.
  2. One of my favorite hobbies is to surf in the internet because I can get some new learning that can be very useful in my day to day life. I feel entertain at the same time while I am surfing in the internet because we can do a lot of things from it just like watching our favorite movies or to sing with it. These are one of the things that comprises my hobbies and I really like it so much.
  3. I am planning to buy a gift for myself for doing a good job in my work because I am doing both offline and online works and I feel that it is about time that I would give myself a reward. I would like to buy a gold watch so that I will feel much happiness and more motivated to work hard no matter how difficult the situation is. I don't have any reason to stop working that is why I need to reward myself even in just for a while.
  4. I think whenever I am away to some gadgets and technology that we have then my favorite leisure to do is playing with my kids because it makes me feel happy. I feel so much joy whenever I am with them and really makes me feel motivated to work for more. It is very rare that I could play with my kids as I am always busy with my work in both offline and online because I need to work hard for my family.
  5. Honestly I really don't have any available ideas on some new social media sites that we can used for different purposes as I am still in the process of learning new ideas to make my life more easier and comfortable. I have only a limited knowledge when it comes to some social media sites and it would be nice if I will learned more about it especially now that we are in the modern age of technology.
  6. Yes that is right as vices will only give us temporary happiness but it would surely make our life shorter and sometimes it will put us in a greater danger if our vices cannot be controlled anymore. We should enjoy our life up to the fullest but of course we must do it in a nice and more healthier way as we are the one to suffer form bad things that we will do especially if we will abuse our body. The bottom line here is to keep our body healthy and free from any sickness as much as possible.
  7. I mostly do playing billiards because it is one of my favorite sports that makes me busy during some of my vacant time. I was really a fanatic of that sports even before that I was still young until now that I already grow older. I like to see some of my favorite Filipino icon Billiard players just like Efren Bata Reyes and Jungo Bustamante because they are my idol in this kind of sports.
  8. Yes that is really true since health is really a wealth and we should value it as much as possible because it is very expensive to get sick especially nowadays that everything is increasing in price especially the basic commodities that we need to live in this world. We should really avoid or quit smoking as early as of now to make our life longer and more happier.
  9. I think that we can do a lot of things during holidays because it is a time for everyone to joy themselves from a long hours of work. Giving our self a treat during holidays is really a good idea so that we will still be motivated to do things on our own. It is really boring and very stressful if we will just keep on working without some thing that will make us happy and satisfied at some time.
  10. I think that while color is also great because it symbolizes cleanliness and calmness, I really like to see such color because it gives purity and peace for all the things that we do. I have so many white dress because it looks good for me and really makes me feel better.
  11. I know that most of us have our own favorite color that we really choose overtime or we really enjoy to have during some important occasions. I think my favorite color would be green because it is very calm to eyes and very convenient to have. It gives me a peaceful feeling whenever I am seeing such colors. What would be your favorite color? I am interested to know your precious thoughts about it.
  12. Holidays have different meaning for us since we do have different things that we want to do especially that it is very rare to have such an occasion. I am sure that we are doing something that would make us feel happy or busy during that day. We can do a lot of things from family bonding or even go for a holiday shopping that would suit our best interest. What particular things are you doing during holidays? It is a pleasure to know your thoughts about it.
  13. I think that fishing is a very enjoyable activity that I really love to do during those days that I am not yet busy with my work. I think that it is very rare now that I could go fishing as I am very busy with my offline and online jobs. Maybe if I have a lot of time then I might try again to go fishing especially during weekends.
  14. I am not also a fan of Bob Marley but I do admit that I like selected reggae music because it makes me feels cool and relax. I really like the old reggae because they are very alive and wonderful to hear. I really like the safe and sound by rebeletion and it is one of my all time favorite and if I will be given a chance I would like to see them and greet them in person for such wonderful songs that they are making.
  15. I think for now I can only work part time online as I have an offline full time job that I need to deal with. I am working from a private company that is why sometimes it is very hard to work on my freelancing sites while doing my offline job as my offline job demands more time to do it. Most of the time I am working as part time in my online jobs and it is really worth it since I am earning a good amount of money from it.
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