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  1. junrose123

    Would you work hard to get a car like this?

    I would love to have a new car something like that in future and it is really good to work hard so that we can buy anything we like. It maybe expensive enough but with a lot of hard work and patience it is not impossible though it would only takes some time to have that plan.
  2. junrose123


    Maybe if I would have a super power then I would wish to have the ability to fly high so that I can travel all around the world without making any expense. I can travel alone without any problem of having a huge funds since I am already free for my expense travel. It is really great to have the ability to fly because you can do a lot of things that an ordinary people can do. I can transpose without hassle or delay in my places of travel.
  3. junrose123

    What do you do during your idle time?

    I also do some charity works during my idle time to give help for people even in just simple ways. I love doing charity works if only I am available to do so but unfortunately I have an offline job that I need to cater so that I can have something to sustain my family's basic need and wants.
  4. junrose123

    PC Games

    Honestly it depends on my mood or interest, sometimes I am playing games through a PC or a mobile phone. PC games are really good because of its big screen that mobile phones doesn't give. I think there are a lot of great PC games in the internet that only needs to be discovered.
  5. junrose123

    Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    I think it is better to buy bitcoins when the price is low so that we can sold it a higher price when the price of it climbs to its peak. I am really enjoying bitcoins right now and I am really interested for it because of some reasons that is why I am planning to give much time on it claiming to some faucets. It would be a good investment in the future.
  6. junrose123

    What do you do during your idle time?

    Sometimes I am listening to a music whenever I have some idle time so that I can feel relax and unwind for my self for some time. It really feels great to hear some love songs music because it really penetrates my heart. I feel like I am more energetic and motivated to do things around me.
  7. junrose123

    What is your favorite beer?

    I also like the San mig light apple which is very popular now in my country because of its unique and delicious taste. It is like you are just drinking a fruit juice because it is very tasty and yummy. The alcohol content of it is just minimal compare to other kind of beer in the market. You will not feel drunk suddenly because of its very low alcohol content.
  8. junrose123

    What Are Your Offline Hobbies?

    I also like playing video games during my idle time because it makes me feel relax through out the day. I like doing it after I finished all my works or task to do. It makes me feel relax and comfortable and it is very good for entertainment purposes.
  9. junrose123

    What’s your favorite Anime?

    For me I do love the detective Conan anime because I really learned a lot from it and it is one of my favorite because on the different scenario on the anime are sometimes happening into the real life situations. I was really amaze of the story of the anime, it was really helpful for me to solve mysteries regarding on the killing incident that is happening now in our society. I also like the fact that it was a learning experience for me because I learned many ideas that I am not expecting to learned. I really recommend this anime series to most of the people in my age.
  10. junrose123

    Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    I feel amaze with the sudden increase of the price of bitcoins, last month it was very low but suddenly this month it rise up again. This attitude of the bitcoins really makes me feel wonder if I should make an investment from it or just let it go and find another option to make an investment. Maybe I should take a look again on the chart of its price for the few weeks that elapse to see if it can rise more its price.
  11. junrose123

    Do you go to church frequently?

    In the christian community going to church every Sunday has been a tradition already but sadly I was not able to make it to church regularly compare when I was still a student. It is very rare now that I could go to church that is why I am just praying every night for him before I sleep for giving me another day live and for making me a great person everyday. Thanks to god that after all the hardship that I encountered in my life still he is always their to guide me and to protect me from any harm or danger.
  12. junrose123

    What do you do during your idle time?

    Sometimes I am doing some mobile gaming especially if I was already bored doing some of my online sites then I just take a break for a while to give time for my self to enjoy even in just a few minutes. Playing mobile games was one of my source of entertainment during idle time when I have no internet connection or If I am on travel for a seminar or meeting. It feels great to do some gaming while having fun for just a moment.
  13. junrose123

    Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    Bitcoins are really a good source of just an extra income only because we cannot predict exactly what might happen in every single day. I think trading is the best idea for me because we will really gained from it, buying if the price is low and selling them if the price is high is a good strategy to be use in trading. I have already earned before at trading and I am happy to have a good earnings from it, we just need a high capital so that the return also would be high.
  14. junrose123

    What do you do during your idle time?

    I sometimes watch funny videos and inspiring ones just to give time for my self to sit back and relax during my idle time to lessen the stress for doing the work for a longer period of time. It is a great source of joy for me when I am watching funny videos because it realty makes me feel happy even in just simple ways. Doing some of my online sites is one of my best priority during my idle time because it gives me the chance to earn something that I can be used for future expenses or needs aside from the earnings from my offline work and I usually save my online earnings just to have a savings in the future.
  15. junrose123

    What do you do during your idle time?

    Freelancing job is a great thing to do during idle time because you will really earn from it. I am also listening to some music or watching movies in the web during my spare time so that I will not also feel bored doing some of my online sites. It feels great to earn during your idle time even though it is just small amount of money. The time that you wasted will be worth it instantly and you will feel motivated as well.