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  1. If the site offers them, I leave that option by default. Online data is important to me so any measure that protects it is something that I welcome.
  2. For me I think it would be fun to have the ability to create multiple duplicate clones of oneself like Multiple Man. That way I could achieve a lot of things in less time. I would use my power to learn many things such as martial arts, economics and science. While my duplicates are traveling around the world helping people, the "Prime" entity stays at home catching up on Netflix at playing video games.
  3. I rarely use Cortana on my PC. I feel that it's faster to type a Google Search or launch an application using a mouse. From time to time though, I use Cortana to display the weather and search for definitions of words that I do not know. The article that I found below shows other uses of Cortana: https://lifehacker.com/everything-you-can-ask-cortana-to-do-in-windows-10-1721725525
  4. I hope and dread these kinds of technology. I hope that this "Gum Robot" continues to improve so that it can administer drugs and aid in diagnosis without harming the body. I also fear that maybe one day a rogue nation might steal and weaponize this technology and use it to spread a biotoxin to the population. I've got to lay off from watching too much sci-fi thrillers.
  5. When I migrated to Windows 10 I found it that it behaves more or less like Windows 7 with the interface being slightly different. But when I discovered the "Task View" feature of this latest Windows version, this is the feature that I find I liked the best. The "Task View" feature allows you to organize your windows in different Virtual Desktops. By assigning windows in different Virtual Desktops you can be more focused on tasks that you are doing. For example, you can put windows related to programming tasks in one Virtual Desktop while on you can put your Email and browser in anothe
  6. For me social media has its benefits and disadvantages. With regards to the benefits, social media allows you to communicate with your friends who are in another country. It also can keep you updated with the latest news. Finally, social media can help business improve profits by connecting with their customers. As for the bad side of social media, it can sometimes be a time waster by making you read all the updates of your friends. Another disadvantage is that sharing too much of your life in social media can lead to problems. Furthermore, although social media keeps you connecte
  7. I'm currently learning HTML and CSS by reading books on the Safari Online and watching videos on Pluralsight. I think it's easy to learn the concepts in building a webpage, the hard part is mastering them and applying the lessons learned. I'm curious to learn how does one master building websites, do you just find a website and copy how it was designed then build up from there?
  8. I'm a comic nerd. While disconnected from my computer, I would read through my stacks of Marvel Comics which I'm collecting since I was in college. I love the super heroes of Marvel Comics because they're relatable. Even though they have amazing powers, they have flaws which makes them grounded and interesting. My current reading list includes the Amazing Spider-man, X-men and the Avengers.
  9. "The Last Jedi" gave me a bad aftertaste after watching it but I'm willing to give "Solo" the benefit of the doubt. I'm curious to see how Han Solo was before he was approached by an Old Hermit and a teen moisture farmer from Tattoine. Plus, I would like to know what Lando Carlissian was doing before before going to the sky city and I would like to know what role Daenerys Targayen plays in the story.
  10. I've been using Norton Internet Security since 2009 and I'm happy with the product. Aside from protecting me from Viruses and Malware, the application has features such as: a. Identity Protection via an Identity Safe. b. Performance Utilities such as a File Cleaner and a Startup Manager. c. A link to a password Generator. The only thing that I don't like is that you have to pay an annual fee but you get what you pay for.
  11. I agree that having a project is one of the best ways to learn and apply the lessons you have learned from a programming language. My question is how does one find a project? I'll be finishing my course on HTML and Javascript soon and I want to find a project where I can apply the skills that I have learned from that course. Should I just find a website and copy how it is made? Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. To anyone who is a Windows Server Administrator. I am curious on how did you learn to use Windows Server. Did you buy your own server? Did you learn it on the job? Did you enroll in a course? Let me know your thoughts. I would like to learn how to administer using Windows Server and find a job in the future but I'm hesitant to do so because of the cost and hardware resources needed are high.
  13. My first PC was a PC AT with a VGA monitor. Being a kid in high school, I was not particular with the specs of my CPU. All I know is that I needed one for school so I egged my dad to buy me one. What I remember is that I use MS DOS 3.0 to boot up the computer and I used Wordstar 4.0 and Lotus 123 for my reports. I used a noisy Citizen 200GX to print my documents. Those were the days.
  14. I've been using pluralsight.com for months now. Although you have to pay to subscribe to the sight for a fee, you can have access to hundreds of courses from programming, server maintenance and database administration. While studying a course, you can control the pace of the video, take notes and practice with online exercises. For me, finding a course to learn programming is the easy part. The challenging part is building up an experience on the language that you have recently learned. You need to engage on some project that would allow you apply the skills that you have lear
  15. While I'm not an expert when it comes to manually assembling PCs, I prefer home made PCs than pre-built ones. I love to have the flexibility to choose the parts that I want for my computer. It may take weeks for me to research on the build that I like, but as soon as you see your PC run after it has been assembled, it feels like you have made a masterpiece.
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