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  1. Down-Sell? It's actually somewhat similar to what sellers do here in the Philippines tho. It's actually called "Tawad" in Tagalog and "Hangyo" in Cebuano where the sellers drop down the price of their products just so that the customers won't back out. If they are the same, well it's very interesting to know that there's an English word for that because it's so hard to translate it to foreigners. Actually, I've heard that this kind of thing originated from China and the Chinese Businessmen before during the 15th century I guess, according to my not-so clear memory of our History class during H
  2. Really? Oh well I'm learning so much things from you tho, thank you @Martinsx. So meaning companies can also establish their own advertising departments and not just hire advertising firms for their advertisements. I didn't know such a thing exist in companies because I'm still a student right now and I also lack research about it. Well, do you know if small companies also have this kind of department? I actually think only big companies can do this because I guess it would cost a lot to have such a team in your company.
  3. I'm currently enabling 2 Factor Authentication for some of my online accounts and some were just enabled by the banking app itself. I actually hate it tho. I don't know, maybe because it takes more time to log-in especially if you're using a phone and you have to switch to another window just to log in to your email, that's very tiring tho. However, they are more secure and that's what I like about them. The idea of having 2 Factor Authentication is a great security feature especially for those who have a lot of online accounts because hackers are getting more and more stronger and better
  4. I agree. It's pointless to buy run-times with just a mediocre video advertisement. Advertising firms are a trend right now and it hasn't been that long since I knew about their existence tho. Funny but during my childhood days, while watching TV I thought that commercials are just made by the companies themselves. Never thought there's a creative team behind it and they are a separate firm.
  5. Yes, I believe so. Offline marketing for Online businesses is actually somewhat a trend in China right now. Most online stores invest in to print ads and they put it in to subways and bus stops for people to see it. They also add a R code for people to easily scan and access their website, app, or even the services they have and it's really fascinating because China's becoming more and more advanced compared to the once considered superior countries before.
  6. Exactly. I remember when I watched a documentary (I guess if I'm not mistaken) about video advertisements and how to create them, a professional on that field said that what makes video advertisements hard to create is the catchy-thingy elements you have TO add in to the advertisement as well as the concept. Those things are actually non-existent in most of the commercials on tv right now and for me it's such a waste of resources knowing how expensive run-times are. If I'll be a businessman, I'd do my best to hire good video advertisement making agencies and to also advertise online.
  7. I agree. However, I think the case has been changed right now. There are a few successful newcomers who have run their channel for just months or a year I guess and started to earn a lot of money after that. However, I do agree that most youtubers have to spend first before they earn something. I guess successful newcomers just got lucky and had the opportunity to earn after a short period of time. I'm actually hoping to be as lucky like those successful newcomers because I am already starting to create my own youtube channel and I'll be uploading videos soon. Hopefully I can earn money
  8. I think that's a better idea than buying an expensive drone with a good camera. I've seen some good Action Cameras that are cheap in Lazada. One of the brands that I am hoping to buy in the future is the Xiaomi Yi Camera because I've heard it has a good quality even if it's price is on the budget section. However, is it really possible to install another cam in to the drone?
  9. I guess it's because they did want the people to experience what's it like to have a PC on your phone. However, they failed with that concept and smartphone consumers didn't like the idea because I guess what's the use with having a PC on your phone but it won't work as fast and as easy as your Desktop/Laptop PC. I also think that one of the reasons why it failed is because they started with a Nokia phone with a very small screen size and for me it made a negative effect because consumers are used in to Windows at bigger sizes which I guess if they did implement on a bigger screen before like
  10. Exactly and I have the same opinion as well. I love windows, but that's only limited with PC's and nothing else. I also hate their mobile interface because it's also limited. The fact that I hate iOS even though it's fast, I would definitely hate Windows OS on smartphones as well because they're both limited especially with their app stores. I actually find iOS easier to use than Windows OS on phones and I don't know why. Maybe they should really simplify it.
  11. @Kakashi2020 700 Php? Wow that's so cheap tho. Almost priced like a toy, it's a good thing you have kids at home at least they can play with it. I actually thought as well that the footage you'll get from that drone won't be usable at all and it's a shame that it can only fly 10 meters. Just wondering, where do you buy your gadgets? I'm actually interested with the $40 drone you're planning to buy tho. It's also affordable in my opinion.
  12. What you're doing is extremely acceptable and also appropriate. If you'll live in my country, people will really love you because most of the people in my country do not credit sources especially with photos and articles. Some people in my country download photos from sites and use it for anything and they don't ask for the owner's permission. Also with music, we don't buy any license for our music, we just download randomly from downloading sites and I know it's illegal so I somehow go to Spotify and buy a premium subscription so that my music is licensed.
  13. Exactly @Martinsx. As an enthusiast in video editing and short film making I also think that making good video advertisements are very hard. Films have promotional videos and I do some whenever I make a short film, and that's really hard to make. Just thinking abut a good concept and an eye-catching line that would support the video, it's really hard.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking after I saw the title. I also don't think there's a best marketing strategy that would apply to every consumers especially that there's a different age group for every consumer and each product comes with a target age group. You can't sell adult products to teens and children and vice versa. And so, for me it's best to understand your product and the target audience you are aiming to sell with. The things you've mentioned and the strategies you've listed are the best ones for the age groups you've mentioned tho.
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