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  1. New Gaming Phone

    Xiaomi and the never ending supply of good smartphones tho. The phone looks really cool and I love how it doesn't look so heavy and weird compared to the other gaming phones out in the market. Well, it's Xiaomi tho, I won't be surprised anymore because according to some articles, they are selling very well right now. Although, I'm still not in favor of their cameras especially with the Redmi line. Hope this phone would be as affordable as the other smartphones they've released in my country.
  2. What was Your Favorite Windows OS Version?

    My most favorite is the Windows 8 OS. It was released in 2012 and I can still remember how fascinated I was with it when I first saw it in our boss' laptop which was the Sony VAIO. A lot of people, especially during its release, did not really love Windows 8 and they complained about how it was a little bit complicated compared to its predecessors. However, for me it was the most interesting OS that the Microsoft Windows had released even until today. It might be a little complicated because the start button is no longer available and you have to point the cursor to the right to see the search bar and the other functionalities, but for me it made the entire experience more fun and exciting because I get to learn it slowly and I had to really practice which I didn't do with the previous versions of Windows OS. Windows 8 is also very colorful and I like how they showed more importance to the windows key which from my own experience, i did not really used it that much on the other versions.
  3. Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    That's right. They should be patient and wait so that their investments won't go to waste. I feel sad for those people tho, especially with those who have invested their hard-earned money. Hopefully, by the 4th quarter of this year bitcoin's/crypto's price will rise again. However, I hope that if it does really rise the investors should withdraw their money and never invest again because it's too risky.
  4. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    Wait what? A roll-able tv? Technology nowadays tho, very unpredictable. How I wish to have this kind of TV in our house. If it'll be expensive in the US then it will be much more expensive in my country. Knowing how dollars double up when exchanged to pesos, I might need to work my ass, no my whole body and my extended limbs (as if I have) to own this kind of TV.
  5. Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    Woah. What a shocking change in just a span of one month. I actually didn't know about it because I only knew about crypto being inconsistent. Well, it's really true that cryptos are just for risk takers and people with a lot of money to spend because they can rely on their other funds.
  6. Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    My thoughts as well @ion. I'm not really that knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies but I know how it's inconsistent. For me it's still better to just sell, or buy and sell or even invest a little to trusted companies and stocks because it's already proven to be effective and profitable. However, I also want to consider those people who've earned with cryptocurrencies and I guess it would still take time for crypto to be more consistent and highly profitable. If I would want my money to grow everywhere, I guess I'll probably invest a little on crypto because I believe that there's no harm in trying.
  7. What do you do during your idle time?

    I always watch videos randomly on YouTube during my free time. Although I'm also freelancing, I actually have a specific schedule for my freelance job. During my free time I make myself learn by watching videos from Discovery Channel and other YouTube channels that offer the same contents about scientific ideas and documentaries about the world. However, I also feel bored sometimes so I accompany it with K-Pop and other types of music videos which I definitely love because I really love music, it heals me all the time.
  8. Do you go to church frequently?

    It's good to hear that you still pray to God even if you don't go to church regularly @ junrose123. I actually know a lot of people who doesn't pray anymore and worse doesn't go to church. As for me, I visit the church regularly because I'm still a student and I'm hoping to be as consistent after I finish my studies.
  9. Importance of Internet!

    As a college student, Internet is very important for me because it's the only thing besides the library that I can find information with that are needed for my studies. However, even though it's really important for my studies, I can say that I can live without the internet because during my childhood days, I wasn't able to connect to the world wide web but was able to learn something. Unfortunately, I could only learn slowly unlike with how I am learning using the Internet because it gives me direct information.
  10. Friendster

    I also hope that Friendster would take advantage of that situation. However, with the current situation of the company handling Friendster, I don't think they'll come back soon. Their problem actually rooted internally or their management to be specific. If only they didn't change their CEO, I guess they're still competing with Facebook right now.
  11. Friendster

    Exactly my thoughts right now. I actually used Friendster from 2007-2009 and left it behind after discovering Facebook. I love it because it was very unique especially with themes and the music add-on. I really loved all of its features that when I started using Facebook, I kind of tried to look for the same things such as the customizable theme and profile and kept coming back to Friendster for quite a while. However, it changed in to a gaming website instead of a social media site, and that's why I entirely focused on using Facebook.
  12. Superpowers

    I also want to be invisible but I don't have the same reasons. I want to become invisible because I don't wanna be seen by people. As a person who kind of stand out a lot (I guess in a bad way), I want to at least experience a day where no one can see me and notice me. It might be odd, but yes I want to be invisible because I hate attention.
  13. I still remember how fast (well, I guess for those years' standard) Internet Explorer was, however everything's different now. Though I still have Internet Explorer browser for my Windows 8 Laptop because of it being a built-in software, I don't use it anymore. I'm an avid user of Google Chrome now and I guess I won't be able to use Internet Explorer again because I actually used Edge (it's updated version in Win 10) and it's pretty much slower compared to Chrome, still, and that's disappointing.
  14. What is Your Favorite Browser?

    I actually remember using Firefox first before Chrome. It was my browser after Windows 7 came out. The first PC I actually used was a DELL PC and then we decided to buy an HP PC with windows 7 on it. I guess my country's kind of outdated when it comes to PCs and browsers lol. Didn't know Internet Explorer existed even before my birth year .
  15. What is Your Favorite Browser?

    That nostalgia when I read Internet Explorer T T. How I miss those days where Internet Explorer was the only available browser because, of course 2008, 'twas still Windows XP. I can still remember how laggy and simple Internet Explorer was before, however I was quite contented back then maybe because I was still young. Now, I'm an avid user of Google Chrome. It's also simple and minimalist but it's not laggy unlike Internet Explorer which sadly, as of this date is still laggy and slow.