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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Medelyn welcome to this site I am hoping all the best for you and you may learn a lot of things here especially the things that will help you especially the things you need in your study. I am also a member here but not even I want to learn about things regarding programming also some of the members here are having a lot of idea in their mind and do not afraid to ask they will answer you and help you
  2. We can't deny the fact that the best way to advertise something today is thru the social media because this tool is very much wide spread nowadays and most of all are in to the social media it may be thru Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social site, what more if you use a great known and famous social personality. But not that also when you use the social media to advertise it can reach not only the local place you want to advertise it can reach also the other places.
  3. New Gaming Phone

    The internet world especially the mobile gaming world had been disturbed by the Xiaomi release new phone the Black Shark. I would like to get your reaction on this video. Is this one really cool as it is or do you have any other preferred mobile for gaming.
  4. PUBG vs. Rules of Survival

    Thank you for your feedback reply. I haven't tried yet the mobile version of PUBG maybe some other time I will download it and play on it , for now I have been enjoying ROS and I will let you know also regarding my experience playing the PUBG on mobile version. Again Thank you
  5. Xbox One or Playstation 4?

    I would like to ask which of these are your most preferred to play and to have ?
  6. Importance of Internet!

    Thank you for your honest reply, yes we might say that this internet plays a vital role in everyday lives of everyone. Because most of our daily routine we all need is internet to make our jobs or our studies more easy. Thank you regards to your study..
  7. Xbox or PlayStation ?

    I know I have reply on this thread before but when I browse the youtube I have seen a comparison between the two and I hope it gives a brief yet wide information about the difference of Xbox and Play Station . I hope it helps
  8. Importance of Internet!

    Let's talk about technology and we all know that since our world is facing the too much and fastest changing in world of technology, we can consider here our INTERNET. I would like to hear members comment on what are the importance of internet in your life? business? or do you live a single day or a months or even year if you can without the internet? Thank you
  9. PUBG vs. Rules of Survival

    Last time i post a thread comparing the two ,ROS and Counter strike, now allow me to post a new thread between the two major talk of the town online games the Rules of Survival and the PUBG .Which of these two games do you prefer, Anyways I send also here the link where the comparison between the two had been elaborated. But for your own experience which one is better? Thank you
  10. Let's Talk About Candy Crush!

    I would like to ask is there anyone here still got addicted and playing the Candy Crush whehter what edition you are playing and it seems like are you get use to be excited challenging other players? and get ahead in the list of your friends ? what baout getting annoyed because you are stuck in the same level. hehe Looking forward to read all your sharing experiences.
  11. DOTA Vs. LOL

    We all know a lot of game addict or what we called gamer, maybe one of them is our friend, enemy, boyfriend, girlfriend and most of the time ourselves. But since we have a different taste in a gaming world I would like to hear your responses which of these TWO games do you think will be good to play at. Especially for those who really had the experience to play this LOL and DOTA. I am hoping to read your feedback and responses here. Thank you
  12. April Posting Contest

    actually looking forward for this Monthly Contest of this forum and I can say that Count me IN!! and Challenge Accepted!
  13. Serial Posts: The Good and the Bad

    Thank you for this post and me myself had been recently also witness that thing but I am just a member so I thought that was a pointless thing to raised and Yes since every thing has its good and bad effect I think this post is serve as an enlightened for us to aware ourselves on the things and topics or forum threads we like to post. And if I am one of those who post some of those annoying post I am sorry I will try to keep level up and put my best foot forward to reply and make some serious threads and sub forums. Agin thnk you for the reminder. PS. For other member, this one is worth reading!
  14. Paying With Your Phone

    I haven't tried this App yet but I pay using my phone on some stall and it is quite good. I think because of the fast growing innovation in the field of technology that is why this is happening but Yes due to this ,there will be a times you can be robbed too. But I think the best way we could do is to just install or download those store whom we think is liable enough to transact with using our phone. Cause in the end, I think its we who will lost if that's case happen. Or best way is if you have enough cash or other means to pay , just pay it, without sacrificing your personal info or account.
  15. LinkedIn Account

    Yes I am using that site also but unfortunately speaking though it had been made for just professional thing such as looking for jobs and connecting to those people in the same path you want to go on. My first profile had been hacked , but it didn't stop me to use the site because I know how importance having this site maybe not now but for future references because you will see a lot of job openings that may be suitable for you and your path or career growth you wanted to and you will learn a lot of things in what a business community goes and you will also get inspired by some of the stories and post them.