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  1. If I would given the chance to have this superpower I rather have the power of CONTROLLING TIME ( whether I can go back to past, prolong the present but don't have the capability to predict the future.) The reasons was not to change anything but to visit the past to look back what are those things that really made me today. sometimes it is somewhat makes me happy recalling the past experiences and happenings in my life, So that by visiting the past I will realize my present more because we all know that whatever we did in the past has a counterpart in the present and in the future. And other
  2. We can say that advertising is one of the most powerful way so that one business will be known by public and publicity is really very effective and have a great impact in business slope of targeting the market for them . So i think when we do the offline marketing as a business tool I think it will depend upon the target market and the way you advertise it. I think in some areas they preferred the online marketing but in some areas they still prefer the offline marketing. They trusted it more than online because they are viewing the real aspect of advertising, and some of the countries are pr
  3. Welcome on board, Hope you enjoy your stay here and learn a lot from the members here and sooner or later we can hear also your insights, comments and questions ins some of the threads here, you can also join in some of the contest here, just feel free again welcome
  4. Due to advance technologies nowadays and since people are thinking more in the future that is why robot nowadays are not an excuse when we think about advance technology. The video may be a robot or not but it just implies one thing, That there is a possibility that in the near future robot will be look like a real human , so natural but except the natural ways and critical thinking how human thinks and acts. And in the other hand let's accept the fact that some humans think like a robot.. I hope i did not offend anyone , this is just base on my experience ,thank you
  5. It is a good thing nowadays that most of the smartphones are improving also the quality of the camera by increasing the megapixel in both sides (back and front) because people nowadays are really into what we called SELFIE. But for me despite this beautiful features I still prefer DSLR when it comes to taking pictures, I t maybe hard and difficult for beginners to control and use the DSLR but once you own one and get to know how to use it , you will see the real value and for me . In DSLR Camera photos are more appreciated and taken with great impact to the viewer other than the phone with has
  6. It depends upon if the images can tell the whole story in just one page image Why not? And if the video made was not more than 3 minutes because some people get bored watching especially if they did not get easily what was really the real implication of the video. So I prefer whether it is video or images, it must be precise, concrete and easy to understand but still the lesson was brilliant and it can be beneficial to all any ages. Thank you I hope it helps
  7. On my own opinion I guess when we say marketing strategy, you get to know your market well, studied the law of supplies and demand and yes we can't deny the fact that all of the marketing strategies mention above are well effective and for me the most effective way for marketing is the social media marketing the use of well known social media applicaiton to spread well the product or anything that you want to endorse seem be the fastest and aside from that most of us are really into it. We sometimes spend most of our vacant hours just browsing what is the latest in social media. So for me once
  8. Yes I agree with you, this phone was really made for a great playing game mode on, since now a lot of games really out there in playstore and app-store to play for free. Ahaha, agree with you, but since modern technology is still continue to proceed and study new developments for the existing hpone and regarding the needs and wants of the markets I guess that is why theses types of phone had been invented and modified. And yes great supervision of the parents must be observed and properly disicplined their children when having this kind of phone. If I am not mistaken the battery life
  9. Yes I agree with you, now since the second season of ROS had been started I think they made a better update now since a lot of complaints were raised from season one specially using the gleaching and cheat. And I agree with you that it is nice to play when you are with your friends whether it was a Squad or Fireteam. Thank you for your reply
  10. Me too, I thought it was a Rzaer product too. And kindly link on the link below for the comparison of the Xiaomi and Razer product. Both are amazing isn't it?
  11. I have clicked and watched the link you have been shared to us, it seems that it will be a great idea for the future usage in the fields of science and technology especially in the fields of medicine,, Since the primarily use of this robot was for medical purposes. Let us just hope that when it was inside the body in using for operation hope it functions well too. And I think if that happens successfully. It will be a great help to people especially those who are afraid to undergo under the knife surgery. Nice post and fact to share with. Thank you for this.,
  12. Hello, Medelyn welcome to this site I am hoping all the best for you and you may learn a lot of things here especially the things that will help you especially the things you need in your study. I am also a member here but not even I want to learn about things regarding programming also some of the members here are having a lot of idea in their mind and do not afraid to ask they will answer you and help you
  13. We can't deny the fact that the best way to advertise something today is thru the social media because this tool is very much wide spread nowadays and most of all are in to the social media it may be thru Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social site, what more if you use a great known and famous social personality. But not that also when you use the social media to advertise it can reach not only the local place you want to advertise it can reach also the other places.
  14. The internet world especially the mobile gaming world had been disturbed by the Xiaomi release new phone the Black Shark. I would like to get your reaction on this video. Is this one really cool as it is or do you have any other preferred mobile for gaming.
  15. Thank you for your feedback reply. I haven't tried yet the mobile version of PUBG maybe some other time I will download it and play on it , for now I have been enjoying ROS and I will let you know also regarding my experience playing the PUBG on mobile version. Again Thank you
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