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  1. Sometimes, down selling helps gain more especially on items that have spent way too long on the shelf and have no chance to be bought with their regular price.
  2. Yeah, it's more effective when these additional items are presented to the buyer after they have already ordered/ purchased the main item, since they are more likely to think that purchasing additional add-ons would improve the product that they have bought, like in case of upsizing food items.
  3. It's very small, you won't really feel it inside your body. You don't feel your blood circulating or you're food traveling through your digestive system.
  4. This is really cool, and with all these spectacles you can do with drones, I'm not surprised if this is one of those things which will have its own international competitions in the future, similar to pyromusical competitions.
  5. I've been using Paypal for a while and I love the service and its convenience to do everything online and even transferring it to my own bank account. It's the best platform out there because almost all online transactions can be done through PayPal regardless of site. I will be keeping an eye on their fee changes, however, and hopefully, it doesn't ruin the system as much as before.
  6. Personally, I don't feel the need to use Cortana on a laptop because it's much faster if you do the typing yourself than rely on the accuracy of Cortana. Handheld devices, however, can benefit from the use of these virtual assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, or Google.
  7. Playstation 4, because I prefer the exclusive games available only on the console. If you're planning on buying only one of them, I suggest to decide based on the exclusive games for each, since there are some titles that you may have an interest in but are not available on one of them. If you're only looking to play games which are available in both consoles, then either will do since both are great consoles.
  8. I can't live without the Internet. It would totally ruin my work, my gaming, and my entertainment since I usually just watch shows on Netflix. It would definitely take a while for me to adjust without Internet, and I won't be the same after.
  9. While it's generally the other way around, offline marketing can still work for online businesses, mostly through building connections with others. People still value putting a face on the brand, so speaking to your target customers can help them get involved with your business so that you're not just another website on the net. Look for organizations or groups where you can speak to your target audience and encourage them to check out your site, your motivations for the business, your goals, etc.
  10. Wow, that TV is beautiful. I rarely watch TV anymore since I usually just watch Netflix on my other devices, but I would seriously consider purchasing this just for how it looks.
  11. Animals won't be replaced by AI the way machines can replace humans. Machines can do the work that humans do in the factory for example and in other jobs, while I can't imagine anyone who would prefer having a pet robot over a pet dog. The animal-like robots do not fill the same niche as animals.
  12. Yeah, and I'm not really bothered since Google has been transparent about it and I have nothing to hide anyway, as long as the company has been honest from the very start about their privacy policy.
  13. Will definitely buy the new God of War. I love the series and the game mechanics, plus the mini puzzles in some stages even when I sometimes get stuck on a level because of them lol.
  14. I'm not sure how beginner-friendly the game is right now, I think the tutorials are enough to give you the basics but lack the depth to help you really improve on the game. Practice is still the best way to learn the game when it comes to MOBAs especially LoL with the consistently expanding champion pool, since you pretty much have to know all the abilities of the champions in order to have a decent gaming experience. Right now it's much easier to level up and gain new champions for beginners with the loot system (there are 10 free-to-play champions in rotation every week, and you need to be l
  15. Windows 10 is my favorite, but this may just be the recency bias speaking. I loved both Windows 7 and XP equally, and I can't remember enough (I was still quite young then) to remember how they compare to Windows 10 right now in terms of quality (for their time).
  16. Yeah, it's a great way of advertising through a viral video. I can't believe a lot of people got fooled, though.
  17. It's not a robot, but it's a good impersonation of a robot/android by a real human. The skin and eyes give it away, and the way it was shot does not reveal more of its other features to hide the fact that it's a real human. From what I know, it's an advertisement for the upcoming game Detroit: Become Human (you can see it playing in the background with the title card above).
  18. Great collection, I often waste time viewing all sorts of memes, they're pretty entertaining.
  19. That's pretty cool. We had an experiment before in school where we tried to use various sound frequencies to dry pieces of wet cloth.
  20. Maybe it's a case of people misremembering things, like combining Jif and Skippy, as older memories from childhood can be unreliable at times, especially for older generations. You hear less about these scenarios from people today because they can easily search the Internet for answers.
  21. I think it's cool and very helpful to view your insides without being invasive right away. Just curious why you don't want it haha, it looks really small to cause any discomfort and the alternative is much more uncomfortable. It also doesn't really invade your privacy since there's nothing really worth hiding in your stomach.
  22. I love trolling my real-life friends online or when we play in video games, but I don't do it to people I don't know who might not understand why I'm acting in a troll way.
  23. I used to play the game but I just got bored with it with the higher levels especially due to the limited lives mechanic per day. I aalso don't really recognize the strategy in the game and usually just mindlessly swap the candies around.
  24. I only have experience playing Travian. Really enjoyable but really requires you to invest your time in the game which I can no longer do anymore nowadays, but I have a lot of memories with it when I was younger.
  25. I haven't had any problems with ROS anymore recently and it has improved in my opinion, but I still prefer PUBG because my friends are there and it's so much better playing with a squad in one room.
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