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  1. It depends, really. Do you have a black screen and/or won't turn on at all? Or does it beep when your Mac is on? If it just won't turn on and it beeps, it is more than likely it's a RAM issue. Sometimes, it can just as simple as a loose connection, or you can try doing what's called a PRAM reset. Right when you turn on your Mac, press Command+Option+P+R and see if it makes any difference. When you do this, you should hear three beeps, which is completely normal. If it does not make a difference, try removing one of the pieces, I suggest removing them one-by-one to see which one could be causing the problem. Sometimes you can't tell just by physically looking at them, you may have to play around little bit to see which RAM piece is causing the issue. Hope this helps!
  2. eolvr52

    How to Jailbreak iOS

    Keep in mind, jailbreaking your device can lead to damage. It's not extremely likely, but it certainly can happen. I found this link: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-jailbreak-your-iphone/ When you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, please remember to backup! From what i've read from this article, this method makes jailbreaking your device extremely easy, however like I said, no guarantees! Good luck!
  3. eolvr52

    iPhone in Safe Mode?

    Just out of curiosity, what apps/tweaks have you installed from Cydia? Applocker, Activedock, Cydelete, and FullForce are known to cause problems if you have installed those. If so, try getting rid of them and see if that solves your problem
  4. eolvr52

    Mac Owners report here!

    I love mine! I own a Macbook Pro 15" 2009 aluminum unibody. It's not the best for games, but there are still quite a few you can download from the App Store that are a lot of fun and they run great on it. Just not the greatest selection. But it runs very smoothly, it's not the least bit slow, not to mention it syncs with your iPhone. That's the best part. Before my Macbook, I owned a windows computer and it was so slow. It drove me insane. I didn't even have it that long until it started overheating. I gave up and bought my Macbook. But they're very reliable computers. Definitely look into getting one.