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    WisTex reacted to tiong8d in Tech Memes and Computer Jokes   
    Here's how you get a Macbook to support Windows.

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    WisTex reacted to tiong8d in Tech Memes and Computer Jokes   
    Witty people

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    WisTex reacted to tiong8d in Tech Memes and Computer Jokes   
    Mozilla to Windows..

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    WisTex reacted to tiong8d in Tech Memes and Computer Jokes   
    When you are about to go home... 

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    WisTex got a reaction from Nathan in Learning Windows Server   
    In my case, I was a partner on a website that was hosting on a Windows server, and since I was most familiar with Linux web hosting, I wound up being the system administrator for the website, even though I had never used Windows servers before.
    Since I already knew most of the hosting-related concepts, it was really just a matter of figuring out how to do things on a new platform. So what I wound up doing is Googling a lot of things as needed. This meant I could do what I needed to do, but there were holes in my knowledge.
    Later, I wound up being a technical writer for a web hosting company that offered both Linux and Windows hosting. I learned a lot there because I had to learn both systems and then write documentation on it. In that case, I had test accounts I could use to try things. In that case, I would try to do something, Google or ask how to do something from co-workers, then complete the steps myself taking screenshots, and then writing down the steps. 
    So, in my case, most of my learning was a result of hands-on trying it out for myself, either experimenting or researching answers as I went along.
    This gives me a functional knowledge of Windows servers that allows me to get things done, but the downside of this is that I wouldn't pass any certifications because of the holes in my knowledge.
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    WisTex got a reaction from Nathan in Social Media Marketing:How to?   
    Well, it depends on if you are talking about paid social media marketing or free social media marketing.
    With paid social media marketing, you can target your audience and if you do it correctly, and have an offer that converts (sells well) and is profitable, then you can make a lot of money. Paid social media marketing is also more consistent and measurable.
    With the free tools they give you, it can be hit or miss, depending on your ability to build a following and create content that converts. You can be successful with the free tools, but most people aren't because there is an art to it and it takes more work than most people are willing to put in consistently. So it's awesome if you do it right, and a time-consuming waste if you don't.
    So, basically, you need to have a good campaign that converts into sales, and you need to choose between spending time or money to market.
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    WisTex got a reaction from Nathan in What to do when people don't like the theme?   
    When people say they don't like something, usually it is something specific that they don't like. You may want to make some queries and see if they don't like it because of functionality or because of personal preferences. 
    For example, if your new theme is hard to read on mobile phones, that is a legitimate issue that you should probably address. If the font is too small and there is no way to increase the size of the font (or users don't know how), then that is something you should address somehow. So their feedback may help you tweak the theme and make it better.
    On the other hand, if the complaints are "I don't like dark themes" or "I hate that font" or "I don't like the background image" then that holds less weight since it is a preference and not a functionality issue. If it is a minority of visitors, you probably could ignore this one, or give them alternatives, like a way to switch to a light theme or choose a different font.
    Of course, if everyone hates your neon lime green forum with blinking text and purple polka-dotted background, you might want to change it to something at least a majority of members like.
    So, it depends on what they are complaining about. You can't please everyone, but you should at least try to please a majority of your users, especially if you want them to come back.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in What to do when people don't like the theme?   
    You can't ever please everyone, so I would say no.
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    WisTex reacted to Amdac in What to do when people don't like the theme?   
    It would really depend if it were one or two members or a good chunk of the community. I'd run a quick poll and base my decision on the results. Clearly if everyone hated the design it would have negative effects on your growth.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in What Does Good Graphics Mean In A Website and How Could It Help Your Site To Rank?   
    I think there is a balance in this area.  Nothing wrong with great images on your site, just make sure their optimized.  For example, don't upload an image at a huge resolution such as 2000px wide when it only needs to be 700px, also don't upload a massive PNG file at 5mb when it would be just fine as a flattened png or jpg file of 400kb.  
    See what I mean?  Now if you need those big resolution and file sizes for some reason then set thumbnail images on the main page, then allow the user to click to the actual large file in a new tab.  
    WordPress does most of this for you if you're using it though.
    I've heard the same that the page load speed can effect search engine rankings.  
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in What Was The Specs Of Your First Ever PC?   
    Mine was a green screen KayPro, looked a lot like your's.
    I remember the early days of the internet on it.  I'd connect via 14.4 modem to the internet.  I'd then navigate to a "website" via an IP address a friend shared with me.  You'd do this at the command line level.  Once connected you do a directory listing.  It would then show you a list of .zip files.  They were all games, you'd have to decide what game you wanted to try based on the .zip file name.  They were not very large, probably a few megabytes or less, but at those download speeds it would take forever  
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    WisTex reacted to fishbate in What Was The Specs Of Your First Ever PC?   
    The only thing i remember about my first pc that it was a Cypress and it looked like a time machine. I think it runs in 533 mhz with a CRT monitor. I remember when i first opened it, the sound card and motherboard was enormous . It also have 32mb video card . Basically it was my practice PC and i learned a lot with it, but unfortunately it didn't last that long.
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    WisTex reacted to Codebuilder in What Was The Specs Of Your First Ever PC?   
    My first PC was a PC AT with a VGA monitor.  Being a kid in high school, I was not particular with the specs of my CPU.  All I know is that I needed one for school so I egged  my dad to buy me one.  What I remember is that I use MS DOS 3.0 to boot up the computer and I used Wordstar 4.0 and Lotus 123 for my reports.  I used a noisy Citizen 200GX to print my documents. Those were the days.
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    WisTex reacted to ChuckTesta in Remember these times?   
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    WisTex got a reaction from Kakashi2020 in What Was The Specs Of Your First Ever PC?   
    Well, I supposed it depends on what you mean by a personal computer.
    My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, which had a whopping 5 KB of RAM and no hard drive. For some reason, my parents didn't bother buying the external tape drive until later, so when I first got it, all I could do was learn the BASIC programming language and write mini-programs, all of which would be deleted as soon as I turned off the computer. There was no monitor. Instead, you connected it to the VHF/UHF connections on the back of your TV. I later received the external tape drive so I actually had some storage.
    My second computer was a Commodore 64, with a whopping 64 KB of RAM. Again, no hard drive, but it had a floppy drive that took the 5.25" disks.
    My third computer, which is what most people would consider a personal computer, was an IBM Personal Computer XT with a 10 GB hard drive, and a floppy drive. It had an Intel 8088 microprocessor running at 4.77 MHz. I don't remember how much RAM it had, but it was somewhere between 64 KB and 256 KB. If I remember right, it had the CGI video card (16 colors) and a color monitor. Might have had EGA, which allowed 16 colors to be shown simultaneously out of a total possible 64 colors.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in March Posting Contest!   
    Looks like about 1 week left and it's still up for grabs.  
    I think next month I'll add in some more prizes such as logo creation, and possibly some themes.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in Tutorial and Guide Requests   
    If you have any tutorial, guide or how to requests post them here and we'll get them added to our list.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in Is .COM The Best? How Do You Choose A Good TLD ?   
    By default everyone always says or thinks "domain.com" because of this to remember or recall information on a website at a later time .com is better in my opinion.  I will say other domain extensions have come a LONG way from early 2000's so maybe my children's generation .com won't be as much of a cornerstone.
    I've read tons of articles and Google claims you're domain extension has no effect on your search engine rankings.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in Tech Memes and Computer Jokes   
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    WisTex reacted to fishbate in Can Raspberry Pi be used as a normal computer?   
    It can be use as a normal computer if your willing to make some adjustments on some compatibility issues. Its actually a computer on i card size form, but of course running it as normal as a desktop or laptop is not that easy. Although running Raspberry PI as it self is actually is easy because the features of a desktop are all in there,  mouse port, key board port, Screen port, etc. One problem you'l probably bump into is compatibility with Network applications and OS to software integration. I am really not an expert or a user of  Raspberry, i just learned about it on a training i attended long ago.
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    WisTex reacted to tetutato in Laptops vs. Desktops   
    Desktops since I'm mainly a gaming and I need as much power as I can get with the ability to upgrade :#
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in Laptops vs. Desktops   
    Well I have both, I need my laptop when traveling or I'm watching TV upstairs and need to check something really quick. But when it comes to coding or working all day I would much rather be on my desktop. A real keyboard and mouse is 100x faster than me trying to use a laptop and the finger pad.
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    WisTex reacted to Nathan in Sub-Domains: How Can It Help Your Site?   
    I don't know that it can help your site, but it definitely can keep things organized.  
    Such as here the main website is: https://www.prodjex.com and the forums here: https://forums.prodjex.com.  I also store some example code I create here: https://examples.prodjex.com and so on.
    My project management system I do the same way:
    Root Domain: https://www.prodjax.com
    Actual Web Application: https://app.prodjax.com
    My personal preference is I really like using sub-domains and prefer them over the trailing folder structure like https://prodjex.com/forums.
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    WisTex got a reaction from Nathan in How to earn on web hosting   
    Unless the owner is selling it because he needs urgent cash or is retiring or some other urgent reason, it's not very smart to sell something for such a low price when it's bringing in cash. While it is certainly true that there are good deals out there, there are also a lot more scams. Just make sure you do your due diligence before purchasing.
    For example, ask:
    Why are they selling? Is there proof that their website is making money? How much does it cost to run the website? Are there any issues with copyright claims? Are there any trademark issues? Are there any other legal issues related to the website? Is the content of the website unique? Will you be able to move the site to your own server?   Does the site need improvements, especially in the area of security? Is there a safe way to transfer the money so that they don't take the money and run, leaving you with nothing? Etc. etc. Buying a profitable website can be very lucrative, but you need to make sure you are really buying a profitable website (as in already profitable, and not "someday might be" profitable). So just be careful and do your research before handing over any money.
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    WisTex got a reaction from Nathan in How to earn on web hosting   
    There are many ways to make money with a website, and deciding what kind of website and how you will monetize it are part of the planning.
    Some very common ways to earn money on a website include:
    Advertising revenue (Google AdSense, selling ads yourself, etc.). Affiliate marketing (getting a commission when someone buys a product or service from someone else). Selling a product or service on your website. But all of these require a website that people want to visit and can find. 
    And, you mentioned something about buying a website for $2000 that makes $700 per month. Be careful with this. Are they telling you that the site currently makes $700 per month, or are they telling you that the website has a potential to make $700 a month? And you have to ask yourself "if the website is making $700 a month, why are they selling it for $2000" because in 3 months they would have earned $2100 for the site. So just be careful if you plan on buying a website. Make sure you are getting what you think you are getting. Sometimes you can get a great deal, but other times you might get scammed. So be careful.
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