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  1. Yep for the contest that would help in raising the prize money, well only if it's allowed or legal though.
  2. Hi Nathan! I would like to suggest a $25 / $15/ $5 prize for 1st to 3rd place, you can hike up the number of minimum posts or charge a joining fee. Looking forward to the May Posting Contest.
  3. Upselling is usually done on the counter after ordering and sometimes while your ordering, that's for fast food restaurants. In sit down restaurants, it's done when one is ordering from a menu, the waiter would wait for you to order and suggest that you order some appetizers or soup or dessert along with the main dish you've ordered.
  4. Couldn't have said it better. It's always best for a business to sell something to a customer than lose a customer who has the money to buy something from the store right? It's better to get some revenue than nothing at all.
  5. That's bargaining, down selling is when the seller offers you another brand which is cheaper or instead of a specialized one, a standard or stock model would be offered which is more appropriate for your budget. When buying a TV you may pick a good brand let's say a Sony but it's to pricey for you so the best thing for a sales personnel to do is to down sell and ask you your budget and suggest that you buy a lesser priced TV like a smaller sized Sony TV or a different brand with the same size but with lesser features and price like a Sanyo or JVC or TCL. Doing this will save the sale and mak
  6. Just to give you an example let's say there's a property developer who has a lot of operational and newly made condominiums and office buildings and you for example owns a CCTV company which sells and supplies CCTV cameras and systems. You would then have to market your products and services to the property development company, usually you need to be accredited as a vendor first and after which you would have to present your proposal and eother it would undergo bidding or it would be a negotiated sale. Either way it takes time and effort but the rewards are well worth it.
  7. Down-sell is a technique in marketing and sales that you have to use when a customer is backing down from a sale because of budget constraints. The seller must conform to the buyers budget by offering a cheaper substitute relative to his preferred choice. So it's like giving a buyer the best option that would fit his budget.
  8. Cross Selling is defined as selling a comparable, or something that complement the chosen or bought product to both new and existing customers. A good example of Cross Selling is when selling super hero action figures, a good cross sell would be to promote a super villain action figure or to sell another super hero figure or a super hero vehicle that complements the super hero action figure chosen. In restaurants a good example in cross selling are Wine Pairings which it is suggested to pair an entree with your choice of wine.
  9. Upselling is the marketing term in which the seller proposes, suggests and or induces the buyer to purchase more products like ad-ons, upgrades and or accessories thereby gaining more profit in selling more items. It's an effective selling technique that could earn a marketer lots of profit if done correctly. A good example is in selling footwear in which one could upsell with socks. Or when selling Jeans, upselling it with belts would be a good strategy. One of the best upsells is in the food industry, if you've bought a burger the counter person would always ask you if you want an
  10. Winnings Received! Thanks Nathan Arigatou gozaimasu
  11. B2B Marketing or Business to Business Marketing is the direct selling of one company's product to another eliminating any middleman in the process. Nowadays B2B Marketing techniques are being used with great success online. What to you are effective online B2B marketing techniques?
  12. Thanks a lot fishbate I do appreciate including the prices I took a look see and it seems the GA-B250M is a new product here and its price is at $95 converted from PHP. While the G4600 processor is cheaper at $60, the corsair vengeance 16 GB is at $200 while the 8 GB is at $160. The HD crucial cost $200 and the Video Card gtx 1050 ti cost a whopping $500. I wouldn't be able to afford it, but thanks for the specs, I think I can find cheaper replacements with the same specifications. Really appreciate the help.
  13. Hi Nathan I think I just won some Pizza Money again!
  14. Offline Traditional Marketing can be a useful tool in generating traffic traffic to your online site. A good article on a major magazine or any literature relative to your niche along with your link could entice people to explore your site. What to you are good offline marketing tactics to drive traffic to your online site?
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