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  1. Malware Removal Tools

    Adaware and Bitdefender has both free editions and are as good as Malwarebytes in tracking down and destroying malware. Also Windows 10 has a built-in anti malware program it's called Windows Defender and it has Antimalware Service Executable that is running and perpetually scanning your CPU for malware.
  2. Windows XP was my most favorite Windows operating system, it was release in 2001 and is still being used today, unsupported that is, since Microsoft stopped it's technical support in 2014. But it still remains my most favorite Operating System. What's your most favorite Windows OS Version?
  3. It's a very effective tool in marketing because of the sheer numbers of people using social media nowadays its become a good marketing platform. In YouTube for example, you could create your own channel by uploading interesting videos of your business or products and whenever someone subscribed from your channel then they will get notified on your next video upload. So the more number of subscriptions the higher the chances of selling your product or getting conversions.
  4. Perfect - and then not so much

    If it becomes pixelated then maybe the dimensions of your saved image is small. Try recreating the image with the needed dimensions and you'll get a good image and not a blurry pixelated one.
  5. Free and powerful graphics programs

    There's a recent addition to the he Adobe family and it's called Adobe Spark, it's a really good program it also has downloadable app in appstore and playstore. Adobe Spark is free and you can use it to create free infographics. It's very easy to use with its easy input templates and walkthroughs.
  6. Graphic Design Resources//Advice

    If you want to learn Infographics I would recommend Adobe Spark it's free you can download it or just go to the site and use it. Adobe Spark is very easy to learn and it's fun, if you start a project, you'll surely finish it because it has a walkthrough and everything is designed to be simple, drag and drop, easy to import images, and there's a lot of templates that you can configure. You have to try it.
  7. What's great about windows 10 is it has Direct X12, it's a huge plus for the gamers out there. Also a cool feature is the solution screen, you can even split it into 4 by snapping it. Also it has ATP or Advance Threat Protection it's windows antimalware program. What do you like most in Windows 10?
  8. It's a hot nowadays, which is more effective in terms of quality traffic and conversions, SEO/SEM including PPC or Social Media? I vote Social Media, because it can be free, results are faster than both using SEO and SEM, I can personally do target marketing to funnel quality traffic manuslly.
  9. If you have a site what is the increase of conversions after doing SEM or SEO? What is the percentage of the traffic and conversions coming from it against the total traffic and conversions of the site???
  10. It's targeted traffic because I used target marketing techniques and funneling to drive traffic to my site, and I didn't rely in Google or any search engine to get it, both target marketing and funnelling are part of marketing along with advertising. One question what do you think is the percentage of traffic and conversions coming from SEO or SEM?
  11. I'm just curious can someone tell me how effective SEO and SEM are by stating the percentage of traffic coming from it in relation to the total conversions ???
  12. I'm also not a fan of paid traffic because to me the traffic doesn't even convert because it's not targeted traffic. It's just numbers and if your going to that direction then that's like cold calling in sales that's a bit outdated. That's why target marketing and market funneling were invented in the first place.
  13. Mining Rig Components

    A lot of people nowadays are into mining Cryptocurrencies, some do it on their PC's and Laptops while others use their Smartphones and Tablets just to earn a decent number of Satoshis, which for the uninitiated is what the smallest unit of Bitcoin is called, it was named after the Japanese who invented the Block Chain Technology. But it was proven that using this devices are not cost efficient, you'll end up spending more, than earning. Eversince the value of Bitcoin trippled last year, creating a boom in the Cryptocurrency market, I was watching closely and patiently. When the price surge by December of 2017 everyone jumped in and invest and now after a few months all traces of gains were suddenly erased when the price of BTC went down hard. The goodnews is, that I firmly believe that there's a big possibility that the price will again rise to new heights by the third and fourth quarter of 2018. Having said that, I'm doing my homework in researching how to build these so called mining rigs. And it dawned upon me that it ain't hard to create one, all I need are GPU's, Graphic Processing Units, Basically high end fast graphic cards which is used in playing high resolution video and computer games. So I need about 4 to 6 of those GPU's, also a good Mainboard and Processor, some RAM, applicable Power Supply, fans, riser, and a case which probably would be customized and I've got me a mining rig.
  14. Facebook Traffic

    Probably but forcing it to someone's feed won't guarantee traffic, while posting it to a group which shares the same interests or is relative to the site / products does have a higher chance of conversions. Target marketing always is more effective than cold canvassing.
  15. Official Desktop Image Thread

    Kakashi Rasengan Kakashi Sharingan / This is my old one.