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  1. I have voted for YouTube because it is my favorite, there I have a channel where most of my videos are about playing CS:GO and Minecraft, besides is it easier to surf and find any video you want, the possibility to make money is high and popularity is high as well.
  2. League of Legends is a great game, I play it from time to time when I finish my Steam list of games. Passing levels is not hard and is really fun to play it.
  3. I recommend you BenQ PD3200U monitor if you can afford to buy it, it has 4K resolution, a large screen, and a nice design, is a bit expensive than the others but if you have money I think it worth the cost and struggle.
  4. To be honest I am using both but Playstation is my favorite from these two. Lately, I am playing video games on my PC because it is easier for me and my friends are playing with me every time.
  5. I haven't bought the new God of War, I am waiting for a discount, voucher or anything that would make me get a lower cost. I will sure buy it because I love this game!
  6. I do plan to change my actual car with another one, the fact is that my car is a great car with a low fuel cost but is too small for my family and we need a bigger car. Still, I would not work for that car, in two lives I could not have £ 135000, that sum of money is too big for me, besides I don't think it worth it.
  7. Well if I am not good at something I find someone else who is and I pay for its work no matter in what domain this is. We must admit that we are not good to do everything in this world, we all have our meaning and specialization and when the time comes and we cannot do something to find someone who does, no one works for free so, we must pay for it.
  8. Every time I am posting a video, news or pictures that do not belong to me I provide a link to my source. It is illegal to post something that was copied and claim to be yours.
  9. I agree with you, Tech Support is the worse. I had some problems with Adsense in the past and I needed support from Google and I have received it after six weeks, and my problem wasn't resolved that time it took another week as my Adsense account to be active again.
  10. wallet


    I have read all of your posts about this sites and it seems that most of them offer earnings of hundreds or even more, this is not possible. I work online since 2007 and now I earn over 700 dollars a month only from a few sites but I achieved this after years of work. No one will pay hundreds of dollars for watching videos or doing simple tasks.
  11. I am ashamed to say that this is my first time when I see this device. You had guts to try this at home, I would never try this by myself, I admit that I don't create any music at all, all I like is to listen to music.
  12. I am a beginner so in my case, I would choose the free hosting. Maybe later when my website would make a profit I would change on the paid hosting. I know that a paid hosting is better and offer more features but at the moment I cannot afford to pay for it.
  13. From your choices, I have played the tribal wars, I like to play video games and my favorite is Counter Strike. I play browser games only when I get bored and I have nothing to do.
  14. Wow, that robot was very small, I thought is bigger than that. Honestly, if I would be really sick and this robot would heal me I would not have anything against for using it. Surviving is the most important thing for a human, there are people who would support bad things only to live one more day.
  15. If I would have a superpower I wish I could fly, this would make me feel free and special. Flying is not such a superpower, I am selfish and I think most of me and not on helping others.
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