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  1. Right now, online advertisements are probably the best form of advertising because of the fact that so many people browse the internet and spend so much time on the internet. The fact that so many people are now on social media also makes that quite a good option although it's not always easy to get your advertising right on sites like Facebook and Twitter because you need a lot of insight into who your ideal audience / customers are. Without knowing this, you are just going to be showing your advertisement to all the users on the site and that's not going to be effective because: 1) your funds will deplete extremely quickly 2) your ad will most likely be shown to users that aren't interested in your business, service or product.
  2. What Do You Like Most In Windows 10?

    I think the fact that a lot of things have improved since Windows 7 is what I love about Windows 10. There's just so many things that have been improved, I'm sure compared to Windows 8 as well. My previous laptop had Windows 7 so I never really had any experience of Windows 8 although from what I hear, it wasn't the best. The fact that it had tiles was just awful so I'm glad that I didn't use it, to be honest. I could never have been happy using that interface so I'm glad that they went back to their traditional design for Windows 10. The fact that everything works so well and going through your computer is fast makes Windows 10 perfect.
  3. I always like to go for either a .com or a .net domain and which one I choose always depend on whether or not the domain that I want is actually available. I would never really want to go for a domain like .cc, .ch or .xyz because I don't think it's that professional. If a domain that I want is not available on either .com or .net then I would try to modify it a bit to make it available. I wouldn't want an extremely long .com or .net domain though because that creates other problems like problems with your users not being able to remember it, misspelling certain things. If even after modifying my domain, I can't get a .com or .net then I will try to come up with another name that is available for me to get.
  4. I am looking to sell the following theme which I purchased from ThemeForest. Obviously, I am not looking for the original price as I do understand that you won't be able to get support from them and you won't be able to download updates yourself. Regarding that, they haven't updated it in a while but if they did I would be happy to download the updates and send it if you just send me a message. This theme is for those looking to start their very own directory site using WordPress and is beautiful. You can find out more information here - https://themeforest.net/item/spotguide-high-performance-directory-wordpress-theme/14275061 (Please remember that if you were to purchase it from there, it would be around $55-60 since ThemeForest add VAT/fees). Feel free to hit me up with an offer, don't worry about offending me lol
  5. Far Cry 5

    I decided to not pre-order the game because I wanted to wait and see how the gameplay was because I was tired of pre-ordering games based on trailers and what the developers say. I lasted about a day because the moment the game was out, I watched some videos on YouTube and the game just looked amazing. I had to get it so I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon. I'm glad that I did because it is so much fun. I actually haven't even done too much in terms of the story because I'm still just exploring the different areas and having fun with the different characters/vehicles in the game. It's absolutely beautiful as well which makes it so much fun to play.
  6. Whilst it's not always the most effective way of promotion and marketing, it can work quite well if you do it properly. I think the biggest problem for a lot of people is that the emails that they actually send aren't good enough for people to not consider them as time-wasting or as spam. The emails either won't contain content that is interesting enough for the user to actually bother reading the whole thing or it actually ends up in the spam box so the user just doesn't see the email in the first place. Both are quite big problems really, unfortunately, you can't do much (I believe, not too sure) about the later problem where it ends up in the spam box. However, you can do a lot more to make your emails much more interesting.
  7. Fixing Bugs

    So depending on what you are using to write your code, sometimes it may be a bit more difficult than usual to find the problem, figure out what's causing it and then fixing your code to ensure it doesn't happen again. Do you find the process of finding and fixing bugs easy? Does your code editor help identify what is causing the problem and give you easy to understand error messages & codes? Python is the programming language that I know quite well and luckily, the Python Editor is very user friendly and actually pinpoints exactly what is causing the error and what piece of code you have to change/edit. However, it's not always this straight forward. For example, when using Python & Flask to build a site, there are certain error messages that you will need to know what is causing it because they will not give any proper indication of what is wrong.
  8. How to earn on web hosting

    To be fair, if a site is making $700 a month then it seems a bit suspicious that they would want to sell it really. Either the costs of running the business are way too high and thus they are not making a proper profit or there is something suspicious going on with the website that they want to get rid of it. They could easily make that $2000 in a few months if they are making $700 a month so it seems weird that they would want to get rid of it really. Plus, like you said, statistics can be faked so I would definitely be careful if the original poster wants to go ahead and buy the web host for $2000.
  9. Deploying your project

    This is more relevant to those that program and build websites. Once you start your work, do you have your site up and running somewhere or do you only have it working on localhost so that no one can accidentally come across your site and start using it? When I was building my gaming social network, I only ever had it on my local laptop which meant that no one could come across it. Eventually, I decided to deploy it onto a server so that I could make sure everything was running well on an actual domain and host but made sure to close the site so no one else could gain access to it. Does anyone else do this as well?
  10. I only got a Reddit account recently actually, maybe around 5-6 months ago, whereas I've had a Facebook account for years now. I would happily choose Reddit over Facebook because, for me, Facebook is no longer great at all and is well past it. I just can't see them recovering at all especially after all of this privacy issues that they have been surrounded by. I'm sure a lot of people will continue to use Facebook but a lot of people have stopped using their Facebook accounts, with many actually deactivating their accounts because they aren't interested in using the social network anymore. I think the biggest problem for them is that teenagers left and started using other social networks like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.
  11. Testing

    We all know that with programming, testing can be extremely important and something that you need to do especially if you have developed a fully custom software. But testing is also something that a lot of developers don't like to do because of how long it can take and how much effort it can take as well! Of course, even though it is a pain, testing can be a great thing to do because you could potentially come across some bugs, issues or even a feature that you didn't even think of to add. Have you ever built a custom software and done a lot of testing with it? Did you manage to come across any huge problems by doing your testing?
  12. What Was Your First Programming Language?

    Does HTML count as a programming language? I'm not too sure whether it is or not so I'm just not going to say that (although if it is then HTML was actually my first programming language). My first programming language, I believe was Visual Basic. We learned that in high school when I did Computer Science although I don't think we did anything too complex with it in the end other than making a few text-based games. To be fair, I can't even remember anything about Visual Basic anymore. When I went to College, we moved onto Python so everything that I learned about Visual Basic was just forgotten after a while.
  13. Fortnite

    One of the biggest reasons why I am not playing Save the World that much is that I'm still way too confused to properly understand it. Most of what I have done is to just progress through the game and try to earn as much v-bucks as possible which I can then use for the Battle Royale portion of the game. In terms of the Battle Passes, it's quite simple really. Every season, we get tiers, with this season going up to tier 100. But there are two sections, if you go to the game and check the Battle Pass of the section you will see. One of the section is grey and the other gold. As you rise through tiers, you will unlock items that are shown in these sections but you will only get the items in the gold section if you own the Battle Pass. For example, if you buy the Battle Pass and get to Tier 70, you will get the Voyager skin for your character but those that do not own the battle pass won't get it.
  14. Fortnite

    I am loving Fortnite at the moment. Love that users can choose to get the Fortnite Standard Edition as a prize for the April's Posting Contest, although I already have it so it's not great for me :D. I don't mind the Save the World mode, to be honest with you but I do prefer the Battle Royale mode. I am just loving playing it, which is not a huge surprise really since I have been waiting for a battle royale game for the PlayStation 4 for a long time and when I heard that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was only coming to the Xbox One, I was so disappointed. Has anyone got the Battle Pass for Season 3? I'm currently halfway through it and looking forward to using the John Wick skin when I finally finish it.
  15. There are a lot of problems with Google+, which is weird because you would think something developed by a massive company like Google would be much better. Like you said, I'm sure they make their statistics look a lot better than they are. The best thing for them is that it uses the same Google account that most of us already have, so they can easily say for example that I am a member of Google+ when really I don't use it at all. The biggest problem for them was that Facebook and Twitter, and even some of the other smaller social media sites were just too good for them to even compete with. No one was really going to leave those sites and start using Google+ when it basically did the same things as those sites.