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  1. Down-selling is quite an important thing to remember because it's a much better option than actually losing the customer and not getting any revenue from them at all. Whilst it's not great to potentially be getting less because the budget of the customer restricts them, it's much better to get that lower amount. It's a great tactic and it's good for both because the business gets income and the customer gets a product that is similar and for a price that they can afford to spend.
  2. A lot of companies do this and I don't really see anything wrong with it. I guess it's not a problem for me because I'm able to easily say no to any of these people that try to sell on add-ons or more items to try and get more money from. I don't have a problem at all saying no to them because I know and understand that they do it to increase their profit or commision. But I guess some people aren't able to do this as comfortably so don't like when people try to upsell to them. It is a pretty good tactic from the business point of view because you can potentially increase your revenue and prof
  3. It depends on what you want to advertise or market really. And it also depends on where you are putting the advertising up. For example, if you're advertising on YouTube then it would have to be a video advertisement because it would look pretty weird to only have an image advertisement on a video. I do think that videos just aren't as effective as advertising sometimes unless you can make it extremely interesting in the first few seconds which can captivate your audience and keep them watching your advertising. When seeing video advertisement on sites like YouTube, most of the time I will not
  4. It's a good idea for some but I don't think you should bother with this if you don't enjoy writing or can't be bothered to write a book yourself. Paying a ghostwriter to do your work isn't going to go well because chances are the book just isn't going to be as good. And the problem is that I think most people just use Amazon Kindle for relaxing books and books with stories, those types of books will require a lot more than just 2000 words. Plus, it's not exactly the easiest thing to do if you want to sell books on the Amazon Kindle store because you need to spend a lot of time on marketing and
  5. Like you said, there are different advantages and disadvantages of these serial posts. Whilst it might be a fun thing to have on your forum, I just don't think they are that great anymore really. It may have been fun a few years ago when forums were full of users and people spent a lot of time on forums, but I just don't see the point of them anymore really. People barely have time anymore and I don't think any of them will want to waste time posting around on these forum game sections of forums. Plus, I think that most admins actually add one so that they can get the forum statistics to incre
  6. It depends on what content management system you are using really. Wordpress has quite a few plugins available that add a forum to your Wordpress site which means you don't have to worry about any integrations since everything works straight out of the box. The only problem with them is that they just aren't as good as the other forum software available like MyBB or even XenForo. In terms of standalone forum software, XenForo is probably your best bet because there is already a plugin that you can use to connect the two which would allow you to have users register on your site and use the same
  7. Whilst they may be a noob, the job of keeping the software and plugins up to date is not at all a recipe for disaster. I'm not sure if you have used Wordpress recently but everything is automated, you can even choose to have everything updated by itself so that you don't even have to do anything at all. Plus, I would actually say that Wordpress is probably a lot more "noob-friendly" than something like Hugo. You can find it here - https://gohugo.io/. I'm not a huge fan of it really, it doesn't look good at all (pretty basic) and the lack of plugins compared to some of the ones that Wo
  8. Programming in HTML is simply not better than PHP because you cannot do everything with it like others have said above. The things you can do with PHP cannot be done with HTML and it's the same the other way around as well (the things you can do with HTML, you cannot just do with PHP by itself). You would need to use both of them to be able to create a website. The HTML programming would be used to create the actual site, the design and the layout (using CSS as well of course). And then the PHP programming would be used to create the functions of the website, for example the login system, the
  9. Right now, online advertisements are probably the best form of advertising because of the fact that so many people browse the internet and spend so much time on the internet. The fact that so many people are now on social media also makes that quite a good option although it's not always easy to get your advertising right on sites like Facebook and Twitter because you need a lot of insight into who your ideal audience / customers are. Without knowing this, you are just going to be showing your advertisement to all the users on the site and that's not going to be effective because: 1) your fund
  10. I think the fact that a lot of things have improved since Windows 7 is what I love about Windows 10. There's just so many things that have been improved, I'm sure compared to Windows 8 as well. My previous laptop had Windows 7 so I never really had any experience of Windows 8 although from what I hear, it wasn't the best. The fact that it had tiles was just awful so I'm glad that I didn't use it, to be honest. I could never have been happy using that interface so I'm glad that they went back to their traditional design for Windows 10. The fact that everything works so well and going through yo
  11. I always like to go for either a .com or a .net domain and which one I choose always depend on whether or not the domain that I want is actually available. I would never really want to go for a domain like .cc, .ch or .xyz because I don't think it's that professional. If a domain that I want is not available on either .com or .net then I would try to modify it a bit to make it available. I wouldn't want an extremely long .com or .net domain though because that creates other problems like problems with your users not being able to remember it, misspelling certain things. If even after modifying
  12. I am looking to sell the following theme which I purchased from ThemeForest. Obviously, I am not looking for the original price as I do understand that you won't be able to get support from them and you won't be able to download updates yourself. Regarding that, they haven't updated it in a while but if they did I would be happy to download the updates and send it if you just send me a message. This theme is for those looking to start their very own directory site using WordPress and is beautiful. You can find out more information here - https://themeforest.net/item/spotguide-high-perform
  13. Ash

    Far Cry 5

    I decided to not pre-order the game because I wanted to wait and see how the gameplay was because I was tired of pre-ordering games based on trailers and what the developers say. I lasted about a day because the moment the game was out, I watched some videos on YouTube and the game just looked amazing. I had to get it so I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon. I'm glad that I did because it is so much fun. I actually haven't even done too much in terms of the story because I'm still just exploring the different areas and having fun with the different characters/vehicles in the game. It's
  14. Whilst it's not always the most effective way of promotion and marketing, it can work quite well if you do it properly. I think the biggest problem for a lot of people is that the emails that they actually send aren't good enough for people to not consider them as time-wasting or as spam. The emails either won't contain content that is interesting enough for the user to actually bother reading the whole thing or it actually ends up in the spam box so the user just doesn't see the email in the first place. Both are quite big problems really, unfortunately, you can't do much (I believe, not too
  15. Ash

    Fixing Bugs

    So depending on what you are using to write your code, sometimes it may be a bit more difficult than usual to find the problem, figure out what's causing it and then fixing your code to ensure it doesn't happen again. Do you find the process of finding and fixing bugs easy? Does your code editor help identify what is causing the problem and give you easy to understand error messages & codes? Python is the programming language that I know quite well and luckily, the Python Editor is very user friendly and actually pinpoints exactly what is causing the error and what piece of code you have t
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