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  1. Hi. Wow. I like Naruto too, but now I'm currently watching for its sequel which is the Boruto series. I love it very much because most Naruto's main character in this sequel has their own family already and I am really glad that Sakura and Sasuke finally became a couple and they have a very cute and cool daughter. And do you know that Hunter x Hunter is my first anime to be watched when I was a kid? It also became my top favorite anime until now, and yes it is just to sad to know that the anime takes really too long to continue. When it happens, most fans call it under Hiatus again. Also, I tu
  2. Well, honestly, I don't frequently go to church every Sunday unless someone invites me especially my friends or relatives but it does not mean that I don't have God at all. Prayer is the most important thing that I should never forget to do everyday. I usually do a solemn prayer on my own and I also read the bible for me to keep my knowledge about God's story and teachings. Yes, I know going to church is also very important for religion activity but I think it won't make you a bad and nonreligious person if you can't go celebrate God's grace at church.
  3. Well, our kind of offline habit is going out together with my other siblings just to have fun and relax. We usually go to malls, bookstores, or park. Attending a cosplay event is also me and my little sister's habit. We also like to go to GAMING event held in the malls, especially me and my older brother are fond of MOBA games like DOTA2, LoL, Mobile Legends, etc. Biking is also our habit during weekends, that is for us to have a body exercise while having fun. You know, we need to balance our lifestyle when you are an office worker to keep us healthy.
  4. Well, the superpower that I wish to have is being able to fly. If I can do it, it will be very useful to me like if I'll be going to 30th floor or even just from the 10th floor of the building and unfortunately the elevator is working so slow or malfunctioning and I really need to go up immediately so I need to take the stairs, right? Using my ability to fly, I can just lift my self up following the route of the stairs and I'm sure I'll be in my destination without having a hard time to breathe because of the exhaustion from walking. Also, if you can't reach a certain thing up there and you ne
  5. mitan143

    Deep Web

    Thanks bro for sharing your dark web experience. You actually give a clear idea for what actually a dark web is. I hope everyone who read this will choose a right decision. It may cost your life so think twice.
  6. mitan143

    Deep Web

    What I know about deep web is that it is a kind of place where we don't usually see in real life. I believe there are a lot of crime doings in there and a lot of disgusting images and videos too. It is a scary place to dive in. It is just like an underground world. There are some facts, they say, there too, a lot of confidential files to be exact. I also heard that what we can search on search engines is only 1-5% of the actual information and links that we can search in the deep web. Actually, I have a lot of things to see there for confirmation but it feels like that I don't want to go in ev
  7. I don't have any fb page/s to run as of the moment, but if it is true then it is a good idea for me. Facebook should close down those accounts that aren't active anymore for a long time. It also lessen the number of dummy accounts circulated in facebook community. You know, there are pages which have a lot of likes and followers but there are only 25-50% for active likers, commentators, and shares for the post. It seems not nice to see for me and I will feel bad for it because of the likers for my page aren't real accounts and active. Yes, thousands or millions of likes will attract people to
  8. Animal robots seems pretty useful to humans, yes. But I'm sure it wouldn't satisfy the owner as much as he does in his real pet. I think people will only appreciate it at first but eventually people will miss the real thing because it holds an emotion over a robot that purely made out of computer programs. Honestly, I'm against to AI robots for it simply because they might replace the role of human beings, but it is also helpful to some of our works and it would be also beneficial to some businessmen. I wish AI robots will not take over the people in job in the near future. There should be a b
  9. This is exactly why I like Japan. Their technology is beyond the expectation. At the first glance, you will never believe that it is actually a robot but if it is just human-made then so be it. Technology nowadays are very powerful and amazing, this creation is one example. She's really cute though, and this robot's skin is just very amazing for it became like real human's. I think this might be their first step to replace human's job and well that is kind of alarming to me.
  10. Omg. I find it really funny. It is very accurate on me. I can't stop laughing on this, really. I feel like it was being me sometimes looking like an idiot. It also feels like you're in the middle of nowhere. Thanks. This made my day today.
  11. Exactly me before math exams, especially if the professor is really strict so I should pass his exam no matter what.
  12. Woah, so that is what you are talking about. I watched the video until the end and honestly I did not understand the theory well but whatever the explanation is, their invention is really cool and amazing.
  13. All I can say is... modern technologies nowadays are getting higher and higher to its possibility. We can now rolled our devices or appliances up and down. I'm excited to see what is next to be introducing to us. Anyway, the video is very amazing and I think they will surely made some of it to sell in the market. I think they will give a chance some people to own a rollable television in their own home and have an experience what it feels like while using it.
  14. Really? That is nice to know then. I guess it is very interesting because you seem to like it very much, but I think I should just have to search it instead. Thank you for letting me know this as well.
  15. I have been interested in the idea of holograms since it gets well-known. Invented holograms today are pretty cool and amazing because I always thought that it would never happen in reality. One field that really interests me is holographic augmented reality.
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