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  1. RED Hydrogen One

    I will just buy this one if I need this kind of phone, specially its features but for now I will stick to my current devices. But I can say that this newly invented product is very amazing. It seems like you're experiencing what you have watched to the Iron Man movie or to any movie/series with holograms in real life and I think it feels great too.
  2. Counter Strike Vs. Rules of Survival

    Counter Strike and Rules of Survival are both the same with its type which is a first-person shooter game type, but there are a lot of differences when it comes to game mechanics, rules, animations, graphics, etc. Even if you ask now which one is most enjoyable, probably, most gamers would prefer ROS because it is created and designed using our high end and modern technologies nowadays. They are both interesting but you will find counter strike now to be boring unlike to ROS.
  3. What do you do during your idle time?

    What do I do during my idle time? Well, playing online games is always a trend nowadays so I play online games with my friends. We usually play MOBA games especially Mobile Legends. Playing games is a good way to relieve most of your stress unless you got lose streak and that might be the cause to increase your madness instead of lessening it. So I make sure that I am skilled and know how to play the game we're playing, as well as making sure that my device got a high specs for me to play it without lagging issues.
  4. Importance of Internet!

    We have this thing called Internet of Things in today's generation which means that most of machines can be interconnected with internet now. Also, most of our works and daily activities today need an internet connection. I've noticed that if you are well-educated and very aware in internet, you will be updated and it is easier for you to catch up with the very fast phasing of the modern technology today that plays a big role to our daily lives. Definitely, there's no doubt that the importance of internet isn't questionable anymore because we all know that internet helps us a lot in many ways, but we must also remember that there's risk in using internet and we need to be very responsible while using it.
  5. I think having good graphics or any cool animations on your website will definitely help you rank good in Google, if it is one of the criteria then yes. But, I prefer a simple website that is user-friendly and not totally focused on the front end. It's okay if the website has such an amazing graphics and animations but make sure that it is easy to understand and to use by the users especially for those not so techy people.
  6. Let's Talk About Candy Crush!

    Your loyalty to the game to finish it... is just amazing. I played it also before and the same as you, I got also addicted to play it until I completed levels by levels but by the time comes when I got already tired of playing it and I found new game which is an online one, I immediately abandoned candy crush. I've been playing it for over 2 years now. I guess not all the thing that we might think that is good for us lasts for too long, there are actually better than that. By the way, congratulations on finishing the game.
  7. Best place to learn programming

    I learn about website development about 1 year ago, but I did not take it seriously before and now I have the motivation again to continue learning that's why I join different forums like this. So one of the things got here is the code academy. I'll try it.
  8. Friendster

    During friendster popularity way back few years ago, I was one of the users of the site too. It was really interesting especially when you customized your transition design. As far as I remember before, me and my brother has been competing for our accounts' design and how many friends we will be able to add. Actually, there are a lot of precious memories that I still remembered until now with my friendster account back then, and I really missed it so much but I guess friendster won't be going to compete with today's modern generation of social media sites anymore. But I'm still proud that I am one of those millions of users who have friendster account in the history.
  9. What Was Your First Programming Language?

    I learn about programming when I was in grade 11 and my first programming language is c++. I was amazed that time when I have successfully created a simple program on my own and that's also when I started to get interested at programming. Today, I'm eager to learn Java language, website and mobile application development.