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  1. If you are only going to use it to code, almost any laptop that is being sold today can cater to your needs. Applications used for coding, especially for starting programmers aren't really that demanding. Even a laptop or PC with an Intel i3 or lower can still do a fine job. At least 4GB RAM should be good for basic applications and other computer tasks.
  2. I'll also suggest an ASUS monitor. Although this suggestion might be biased because I am an ASUS fanboy and almost all of my peripherals and gadgets are manufactured by them. I see that ASUS monitors are vibrant compared to other monitor brands. I would suggest you buy a model with a high refresh rate. You will enjoy it and it is worth every penny.
  3. Hello Webmasters! I think we all started as beginners when it comes to SEO and building website rankings. At first, we thought just creating, publishing the website, and writing content would be enough. So how and where did you learn to do SEO? Were those things you learn back then still effective today? Or did Google or other search engines change their criteria and rendered those techniques useless? Thanks!
  4. I think it is a tie between Google's VA and Siri. These two looks like they are the most mature in this field since they've been developing their VAs for a long time now. They have the most active users and this will give them more data to know what they still need to improve and add to their service.
  5. I am currently using Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is compatible with any Windows Antivirus. It also detects malware and Antivirus applications do not have the capability to detect them. I have a fairly high-end machine and I think having both won't bog down the performance of my PC.
  6. Oh yeah, I read an email they sent me about that too. It seems there will be a change in their fees. I hope this wouldn't affect freelancers that much online. Since websites or clients online could deduct the fees for their payment.
  7. I've only been using Paypal for less than a year and I haven't had any bad experience with them yet. They seem to be very trustworthy because of their long-running services. They have slightly high transaction and withdrawal fees but I guess it's manageable since the convenience they bring to the table is impressive. Oh, I have a problem setting up 2-factor authentication with my Paypal account. I don't know if they are restricting other countries from using it or not because the guides I've searched seem to have a different user interface.
  8. Since I'm just starting out, I'll go for shared hosting. It is more cost efficient for the beginner setup that I'm trying to build I don't need faster services because I don't have that much traffic yet. If in the future my websites prove to be profitable, I could upgrade to a better hosting service.
  9. Hello everyone! Do you enable 2-factor authentication on your accounts? These past years, websites and organizations are encouraging people to enable 2-factor authentications on their accounts, especially on social media sites, to prevent other people from stealing your identity. This is also very important for your email and banking accounts because people can easily steal your all your cash if they know or somehow get a hold of your password and you don't have 2-factor authentication enabled. What are your thoughts about 2-factor authentication? Do you use it on all of your online
  10. I have it disabled on my computer. I tried it out for a while when I just installed Windows 10. After that, I see no need of it in my daily computer usage. I found out that I can accomplish these tasks faster without using Cortana.
  11. This will be more improved in the future. I can't wait to see what advanced AI and better robots design could deliver in the future. We may be unable to distinguish if we are talking to a real human and a robot if we reach that point.
  12. It's okay and not really that toxic in the lower levels. As you play ranked games you will soon see the toxicity of the players, especially in ranked games. It is a fun and enjoyable game if you are only planning to play it casually.
  13. Aside from the nonexistent technical support for their services, Google Images' change that displays the whole search results in a single page is another thing for me to hate. I like it better when it was there was pagination. It is dreadful when you have a very slow internet connection because you have to wait for every single one of them to load.
  14. Hello everyone! Can you recommend your favorite desktop Linux distro? I want to try something new. I am a Windows guy and would like to transition to a Linux based desktop OS. Are there any good ones that are easy for people that are transitioning from Windows? Thanks!
  15. W3Schools is a great website for beginners. You should also try TheNewBoston's website or youtube channel. That's where I personally learn web technologies. While learning these materials, you should practice writing them on your PC too. This will help retain the new knowledge.
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