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  1. How To Pick A Good Domain Name?

    A domain name that is easy to read, easy to remember, sounds professional, and gives hint to the site niche would go a very long way. It is also good for SEO, right? Having the keyword of the niche to your domain name would have a great impact on how visible and trustworthy it would look to search engines and visitors.
  2. Free or Premium Hosting?

    I think any paid hosting service is better than any free hosting service. They are not reliable and your site could get deleted anytime. If you also run Adsense through them, they get a large portion of it because that's your way of paying their "free" service. You'll have more control of your content and revenue on a paid server.
  3. How did you learn HTML/CSS

    I learned the basics from high school. Then some intermediate courses during my University days. My course is mainly focused on software development and IT project management so we have great exposure to web technologies and software development.
  4. Mining Rig Components

    Crypto Mining is a good business if you can make it profitable. There are lots of factors to check before you can see if you can make a business out of mining. You have to make sure you have powerful GPUs to mine with. You need to make your electricity bills as small as possible. And you have to look at BTC and other cryptos' price charts to see if it is bullish or bearish.
  5. Is .COM The Best? How Do You Choose A Good TLD ?

    I would choose .com or .net. It seems like it is the most common TLD right now. Although it's hard to use common names for your websites because it's most likely taken already. I also like these TLDs because I sometimes forgot the whole URL of a website that I'm supposed to visit and I mistakenly type .com but it isn't.
  6. What Do You Like Most In Windows 10?

    I like the Start Menu the most. I missed that when I was still using Windows 8. There's also Cortana but I don't use it that much. I also like the Gaming Mode that they recently added to prioritize your game's processes.
  7. Remember these times?

    I was born that year. It seems fun looking a few years back. I can't relate that much because I don't know people are this enthusiastic about a new operating system's release. It looks like you guys didn't get sleep the day before Windows 95 released to get in line first.

    It cannot be done in HTML no matter what you do. You'll have to use a server-side programming language like PHP. As the comments say above, you need to have both of these technologies working hand in hand to accomplish the task that you've mentioned. And please, as much as possible, we shouldn't type in all caps because other people might assume that you are shouting.
  9. Good and Updated Laravel and CodeIgniter learning resources?

    Thanks a lot, Nathan! I'll go through the free content and try to build a simple system for my family's business. I'll bump this post if I encounter a problem that Google can't help me with.
  10. What frameworks do you use for building websites?

    I also use Bootstrap for the design. I'm currently learning how to build a website's back-end using Laravel. I hope to apply that in my future websites. But as of now, I'm just using Native PHP for the back-end and Bootstrap for front-end design.
  11. Good and Updated Laravel and CodeIgniter learning resources?

    Thanks for all the resources, Mr. Nathan! Will do! I'll focus on Laravel now. I noticed that Laracasts have both free and paid content. Will the free stuff suffice for building basic systems? Or are they just offering the free content to gain some leads and the tutorials that have value are all in the paid section? Thanks again, admin!
  12. MYSQL Is Mysql still free?

    I think it's still free. I'm using MySQL and the MySQL Workbench application to help create and manage my databases. MySQL is also bundled with development tools like WAMP and XAMPP so I think it's safe to say it is still free.
  13. Newbie!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, admin!
  14. LinkedIn Account

    I also have an account on Linkedin. It hasn't helped me yet when I'm using the site itself to find jobs. I only use it to contact old colleagues and co-workers. I also attach my the link to my Linkedin profile on my resume when I send one to an employer.
  15. Hello guys! I know basic PHP and would like to learn the Laravel framework. I thought of learning CodeIgniter also. Can you suggest good video tutorials, books, and written tutorials learn them? I would also like to know which of these two I should learn first because I have no experience using a framework for a server-side scripting language. I also saw that some YouTube tutorials are kind of outdated. Are those still good resources? Thanks!