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  1. When I was in highschool we were taught to encode in notepad but at that time, I did not understand any lessons as I don't have yet interest in this field from those times.
  2. I tried the ESET antivirus but it didn't work at all in my laptop as viruses can't be detected by this anti virus and I find it really useless. My brother also use this malwarebytes.
  3. I feel really satisfied with paypal. This really helps me transact my money in safe hands. I just find it more comfortable to use than others. I don't have any problem with paypal starting when I used those money transactions.
  4. Yes me too. I remember the first game I played in facebook was Cafe World and Pet society and also tetris. I missed these games as these were the first games I played in facebook. There were no videos at that time so it was more on playing. I am trying to locate it in facebook but I think they already erase it. It gives me nostalgic memories from my childhood.
  5. I think you have to be dedicated to that if you really wanted start earning so if you do, you have to let yourself finish and study the field website or web development.
  6. My course was advertising so basically when I just still studying from college I already experience designing which was taught in school but I trained myself to do photoshop and indesign without any help from my professors and colleague. I already know photoshop before it was introduced to us so basically it was all my effort to knew this platform.
  7. Well for me its everything. I still have to know thing about developing my website. I don't have any problem about designing but what's my problem is how I should input all those designs I have. I am still at the basic so basically I don't really know yet the whole thing about web development.
  8. I tried the Codecademy. I think this site is cool as, while reading and studying each steps, you can also perform or execute it right away but it only have 7 days or 1 week trial and afterwards you have to pay for it. They have 6 months payment and its monthly bill would be around $15 dollars I think but it would worth the study I think.
  9. I would choose Youtube than Vimeo. You can almost find anything accurate in Youtube as I tried watching or searching in Vimeo before there are certain videos I haven't really found. Unlike Youtube, even if not all searches can accurately found but it's more likely we use to watch as its more popular and it has a lot of videos for entertainment.
  10. How I wish someone give me something like this or I can afford buying this stuff as I really want it badly. This is really cool especially when you want to draw amazing characters or background. I can use this for freelancing job.
  11. Wow! that's amazing!. I didn't know that there are sites like that until I found this topic of yours. I can use this for my future references and this is such a very helpful website.
  12. I think it's good to have like that but I would suggest that you can use those logo generators as you references as I believe that it is far better if your create your own logo with your own hands but the site above can be your references and you may want to look for another references again such as image and edit it on illustrator or photoshop just to make it more professional way.
  13. As what I have observed, some artist prefer to used illustrator than photoshop since it is good to create a vector images in illustrator and it can't get pixelated rather than the other one. But it is up to you if you prefer photoshop or illustrator but I would suggest that it's better to learn also illustrator as you will see how its creates easier way than that of photoshop.
  14. At first designing isn't really my thing but ever since my real passion is drawing, not designing. But because of my passion, I got interested also in designing since they are so much related to each other. So now, I do both of them and enhancing these skills will want me more to pursue my passion.
  15. I have been using youtube ever since. It is more comfortable to watch in youtube and most of the videos you are looking for are present in youtube except of course to controversial and private videos. I have tried using vimeo before because of one tv show but I will still prefer youtube .
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