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  1. What Do You Like Most In Windows 10?

    I still remember when they first started introducing the Windows 10 and I was very cautious and hesitant. It took a long time before Microsoft made it up to par with Windows 7. I only upgraded when they did that "free upgrade" a while back. I have to say that I love it now. It's better than Windows 7 because it simply runs much smoother on my PC. I haven't had any issues or problems that would be related to the Windows 10. My favorite thing would have to be just the start menu and how it's designed. You can customize it to your likings and preferences. So, depending on which programs or applications you use most frequently you can tailor it so it takes 1-2 clicks to open it up. It's quite smart!
  2. Why separate these two factors? SEO and Social media marketing? They can easily go hand-in-hand and they should be if you ask me. SEO is quite important for the ranking factor and with it comes the traffic but obviously you can also gain exposure through the different social media platforms. I think that almost any big website, brand or company has at least one social media profile. You can share links on it, gain followers and build upon your platform. Which is the most effective depends though. For some, it might be SEO/SEM and for others, it will be SMM. I personally use SEO+SMM because it just gives the best overall results/conversion.
  3. Hello from Europe!

    Hey everybody! I'm from Europe, just finished university and I'm currently trying to expand my knowledge of other languages; particularly C++. I've noticed that you have many great sections so I'm really excited to see all the threads. I know quite a lot about PHP and Javascript so perhaps I'll be able to share that knowledge as well. Looking forward to meeting everybody.