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  1. my printer just isn't working at all it has ink in and its plugged into everythin just not connecting with my computer?
  2. speakers are on. computer isn't muted and everything is plugged in? duno whta it is?
  3. everytime i catch the wire in the back of my tower it just stops but when i restart my computer its fine? any ideas
  4. screen is messed up can anyone help me?
  5. malk

    Fave Film! :)

    hot fuzz int on there though hahaha so vote again haha
  6. malk

    Fave Film! :)

    Vote and comment!!!
  7. vote and comment on what you prefer and would want
  8. vote and comment let me see what you have to say
  9. fifa 11- pro cod black-ops- pro fallout new vegas - pro fallout 3 - pro battlefield 2
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