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  1. Whenever I watch these videos about robots it kinda gives me creeps. I don't know why, I guess I'm one of those people who believes that one day robots might dominate our world.
  2. If I would have superpowers it'll be Flying. Selfishly speaking, I would love to travel the world specially during night time where nobody's gonna catch me with superpowers and post me in the web and go viral over night. (haha) I'd visit Paris and Rio de Genero and don't forget DisneyLand (child in me nveer dies, I guess.).
  3. I'm kinda shy to admit that I only attend mass whenever there is an occasion like my birthday, my children's birthday, Christmas, or Holy week. But I still manage to pray everyday and be thankful to God about everything. You see, it's not how often we attend masses that will define if we are going to be saved but on how are relationship is with God and towards others.
  4. Most of my idle times are spent on sleeping. Can't blame myself for most times I work on graveyard shifts so sleeping is a big no no and when I go home sleeping becomes an enemy for I need to look out for my kids. That's why whenever I get a chance I steal some sleep.
  5. kd06

    Wazzup y'all!

    Contest? That's amazing! A very nice community indeed. Thank you.
  6. kd06

    Did you know?

    I guess I'm with the minority too. I really wouldn't bother for I believe that as along as I'm not doing anything wrong and got nothing to hide there's nothing to worry. Look at the bright side, if you went missing and your abductors got interest with your phone, google definitely will have the answer for your whereabouts.
  7. YouTube. Let's face it, YouTube has wider range of subscribers/user, it more popular than Vimeo.
  8. So true. You got it right, it is a publicity stunt, a real human being having impersonated an robot/android, used by Quantic Dream the makers of the game Detroit: Become Human. This sure is an example of good advertisement, having captured millions of curious audience thus making them equally curious of the game as well. The game will be released worldwide this 25th of May.
  9. I just signed up to LinkedIn for like a month now and so far it leads me to connections of the same university attended and of same professions but haven't found employers yet. In my point of view, it's like Facebook but in a more professional aspect. I just hope it remains that way and not be flooded with nonsense and toxic, like what Facebook is turning out to be.
  10. I'd go with videos for it utilizes both hearing and visual at the same time. You just have to make sure that you video ad be ears and eye catchy. The good thing about video advertisement is that reaches out even the laziest person/customer in the market, for most people are to lazy to read-out the details about a certain product, they tend to rely on what video ads say. Plus, with this generation, videos are shareable, making you reach a far more vast range of potential customer. But please do keep in mind that people share because of emotions, so try hitting it using your ad. An example of th
  11. Oh I still remember that! Internet explorer, a browser I use before to be able to log in to Friendster. Then switched to Firefox and eventually to Google Chrome.
  12. Totally agree! I used to play Farmville and It girl, spend most of my time in it. But seeing Facebook now, it really became way too different than the way it was years back. So true about adding people you don't really know just to gain likes and shares. I actually have this neighbor who claims of having 3000+ friends but her post never reaches 20 likes. A bummer if you'll ask me. On the side of what do I do on Facebook, well I use it to get in-touch with high school friends ( we're actually gonna have our reunion on the first of may, 10 years after graduation) and family plus new acqui
  13. Like what they said, anyone can be a YouTuber. But for me never see it as a way to earn, for earning thru Youtube ain't that easy, it requires so much time and effort and don't forget patience as well. We all know that earning subscribers takes time, most vlogs out there are claiming it too that they spent so much time and effort in being an YouTuber before having to touch their first paychecks. So if you really want to be a YouTuber just do things that you really enjoy and upload it, you'll never know when you'll hit the thousand views Adsense requires, so just enjoy it and you'll never feel
  14. I tried mining too, but unfortunately had no luck in it for I signed up at the wrong sites. So far I have settled with free faucets and learning about airdrops too. I am never agree into investing for you'll never know where Bitcoins will be the day.
  15. hello pips! new member here! I am so delighted to be joining this amazing gang here of an equally amazing forum. Looking forward to discuss and share great ideas with you all. See you around!
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