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  1. Content should be great of the website for which you are generating backlinks. Sometimes a great and fresh content is sufficient to rank a keyword of low competitions. I have already ranked my website without creating single backlinks but my keyword is long tail and trending keyword. Periodontists The woodlands
  2. You can check keywordtool.io OR keyword.io. Both websites are very good in finding long tail keywords for any website. Dental Implants The Woodlands
  3. Yes CDN is best option to speedup your website. Dental implants The Woodlands
  4. If you are planning to target globally then .com is best option and also it comes into TLD (top level domain).
  5. I have one simple question. It may not have a simple answer. How do you create a PHP database and test it? I am going over tutorials but when I create a test database when the video is showing my admin php the test database shows up in the video. However, when I log into XAMPP database control panel the database created using the tutorial does not show up in my list of databases. They request myphpadmin and it shows up. However, I do not see it in the XAMPP control panel using XAMPP as the local host. So my question is. How do you connect a test database using PHP (Notepad++) to the XAMPP control panel?
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