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  1. matthewjohn938


    Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which the content or information presented to the user is different from that presented to search engine crawlers (i.e. spiders or bots) for better indexing. ... You might have understood now that cloaking is an illegal practice and is considered a Black hat SEO.
  2. matthewjohn938

    Social Media Marketing

    Any website or blog need popularity for getting traffic. If the website has good rank and regular visitors then definitely you will huge traffic
  3. What is the best way to create a sticky top navigation bar? Under a smaller navbar, I have a main navbar and I want the main navbar to be sticky when the page scrolls. I have tried (position: fixed), but when it scrolls, it leaves a space where the bar above it is. Could you please suggest me the best way to do this? Thanks
  4. matthewjohn938

    Should I learn both HTML or HTML 5 o just HTML5?

    Learn Basic about HTML and HTML5 and Check this : https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-differences-between-HTML5-and-pre-5-HTML?redirected_qid=115537 You will get the Idea about your query .
  5. matthewjohn938

    html How was your interest on making websites using HTML was built?

    Yes its right,, With HTML a beginner can get basic Idea about web development.
  6. Yeah you are right.. and I working with the proper strategy and making quality content with the focused keywords. Thanks
  7. One of my friend migrated his website from old domain to new domain few months ago. Now he wants to secure the website and want to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. Is it OK to have chain redirection? Does it affect the rankings of the website?
  8. Thanks for the thoughts you shared related to basics and important SEO tips. I appreciate it. Definitely the points you have mentioned is very important and should be followed.
  9. matthewjohn938


    Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. or we can say when a webpage links to any other page. By the way you can Google such basic queries.
  10. matthewjohn938

    New Member Introduction

    Yes it is a biblical - "Matthew"
  11. Thanks For the suggestions... I working with proper strategy with finding the issue for the better results.
  12. I have done On-page SEO for a website (with including Title, mega tags, meta description) and after that I am creating backlinks along with the focused keyword for a long time. For a time there was an increment in the ranking of some keywords, but since last four weeks the ranking has dropped. Could anyone suggest me how Can I identify the issues ?
  13. I am working with SEO techniques and sometime I feel similar as you are saying. But I must say, with SEO conditions we can manage the things online effectively.
  14. matthewjohn938

    Anyone who would like to Welcome a New Guy!

    Welcome!!! Hope we will have great discussions over here.....
  15. There are many keyword research tool available, but I am confused which one is the best. Could anyone suggest me which one is the best for long tail keyword research ? Thanks