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  1. If your answer to this question is YES, then go for it. Make sure you have enough time to manage the forum everyday.
  2. It's look nice and attractive for the visitors. I think you should check the load time (it's taking more).
  3. Firstly you should understand that many digital marketers look to provide value to their audience by using different online marketing strategies. Traditional advertisers are typically just looking to increase sales with their ad spots, not to provide value.
  4. But we should wait till 2020. I like the theme based James Bond-style books and movies.
  5. Everyone get different results from different locations. try it on Google from your own place.
  6. Thanks for sharing.. You made the discussion interesting.
  7. These are in trends nowadays, and another one is earn from sponsorship.
  8. Congratulations for your work. Is the Asymmetrical layouts latest trend in Graphic designing?
  9. If I got your point right , then following are some Megento extension for eCommerce store helpful for you : MageMob App Builder SEO Hub TaxJar Sales Tax Automator Tawk.to Live Chat Apptrian Social Integrator MageMob Admin
  10. I agree with you that forum is only for great discussion on specified topics. But if some is replying on a topic and there is a signature available on that profile , that is helpful to understand the knowledge and experience of the person who is replying for the query.
  11. IC Project - Complete project management tool Celoxis - The All-in-One Project Management Software
  12. To solve website speed problem : Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Move your website to a better host Optimize the size of images on your website Reduce the number of plugins Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files Use website caching Implement Gzip Compression Database optimization in CMS and for Image Optimization try these : Name your images descriptively and in plain language. Optimize your alt attributes carefully. Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely. Reduce the file size of your images. Choose the right file type. Optimize your thumbnails. Use image sitemaps.
  13. I think if you want more popularity in your local area, then go with country domain. or else choose .com for worldwide.
  14. Its great that you have such a great experience in IT field. Hope we will have great discussion on this forum. Thanks
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